PKNIC Hacker Claims to Have Access to NADRA and FIA Servers

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

Google-Pakistaneb0z, said to be a 21 year hacker from Turkey, who had redirected 284 .PK domains by penetrating into PKNIC servers and poisoning its DNS servers, claims to have gained access to NADRA and FIA servers.

In an interview given to TechCrunch, eb0z revealed that he also has the access to NADRA, the entity which has personal information of every Pakistani, and Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) servers.

It merits mentioning here that NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is responsible for making CNICs, containing personal and private information of every Pakistani citizen. NADRA is also responsible for verifying information for various other sectors, including the cellular industry.

Justifying the reason for hacking PKNIC and redirecting .PK domains of several major global brands, eb0z said:

As you know, Pakistani hackers are claiming to be ‘worlds best hackers’, some of their hackers include zombie_ksa, a script-kiddie, who has hacked Google a few times with the help of a different hacker, I do this to show them they are not only ones hacking big targets on the planet.

eb0z went further to reveal that Pakistani websites aren’t secure, unlike their claim, and SQLi (SQL Injection) is just enough to hack into Pakistani servers.

eb0z is said to have shared the bug with TechCrunch through which he had compromised PKNIC servers.

eb0z is allegedly responsible for current week downtimes of Facebook and Gmail.

  • Usman

    WOW, what can I say??
    I have seen how shitty servers some of our official sites are using. And how stupid their setup is. Sometimes I wonder where their brains are?

    I can do better security than they are doing in my sleep.

  • PCA already alerted and published list of vulnerable websites on its website. What else they can do? Its not their responsibility to secure FIA or NADRA servers, they guys need to grow up and show some responsibility.

  • DJ

    Bilkul sai kia hia baja kay rakh mere hacker bhai NADRA come on guys be responsible accessing servers are so easy fro any one in outside world

  • Saeed

    Now this man claiming for PKNIC so really don’t know who is the actual group that hacked PKNIC.

    Paki hackers kuch tu jawab do ab?

    • Na Maloom

      PKNIC Pakistani Hackers ne hi hack ki thi.. This had a big propoganda behind this

  • Nauman

    He is right. Almost All Paki Servers are Vuln to Attack. All means All.Mind it! I myself REported to Dozens of Hosting Providers.But They dont give a shit to the emails. What eBoz is said, is reality. Eboz itself is Noob, It used to beg 0

  • Zombie_ksA

    neWbie is just gaining attention through some old tricks .

    • Zombie_ksA

      + our Important Government Institution should play a responsilble role ,atleast they should hire people on merit

      • Shahid Saleem

        Would you quit your job to work for the Pakistani government as an ordinary employee?

        No? Then why do you expect others to work for them, even on merit?

        • Ahmed

          lol … Do you have any idea what monsters are sitting on top positions in those institutions? Any sane and capable person in his right mind would never do such a mistake to join those institutions.
          The very foundation was laid by smart people…but why they left these institution is untold stories…

          • I am really shocked to read this news, NADRA must secure access of Databse

            • you must wait until deviance is provided or statement issued by spoke person.

          • Shahid Saleem

            You see? When people talk about good honest people in goverment jobs, they only think about TOP JOBS.

            Who do you think is going to work on the BORING jobs that 99% of the bureaucracy and other government employees have to do? Not you, of course, you just want to be TOP MAN.

            Well if that is the case, just burn the government down we don’t need the expenses to pay for corrupt people right? I mean you certainly look down upon them. Not worthy of your interest, no matter how much hiring is done on merit.

      • there are people with world class experience working in professional environment.
        Bad Acha Badnam Bura…
        why people forget the hacking of international banks loosing millions of dollars even having teams of IT security specialist.. no one cry over them and start shouting on such baseless claims…
        be MATURE guys and do your job good for the good of Pakistan.

  • Kashan Ahmad

    It’s easy to claim anything without evidence. He claims to have hacked NADRA and FIA; Where’s the data from servers as evidence ?. Defacing a public website is one thing, gaining access to a secure data repository is another. He just wants some cheap publicity, lets applause and make him happy, maybe it’ll make his day :)

    • exactly the same thing.. he is 21 year and there are professionals having more than this years of experience and also the equipment by different companies…
      a whole Information Security Department is working at NADRA HQ to identify and control any such security breach.

  • This is really very bad for Pakistani web sites, After PKNIC hacked Google also changed its website url to on Pakistani IP, from this Pakistani websites lost more than 30% of traffic from Pakistan case of local searching keywords. Where are Pakistani hackers, Pakistan Cyber Army and Other Government law and enforcement agencies??
    It really hurt Pakistan’s local market and Pakistan Image.

  • Waqas

    when you appoint “Safarshi” in NADRA and FIA and other IT institutions This will happen,

    • ha claimed and we started shouting.. good job by public.

      NADRA has it’s own built secure network relying on secure Satellite and DSL connections disconnected from internet.

      the only gateway of internet to NADRA is at HQ level which is monitored and kept safe by highly professional system engineers and latest security equipment. National Data warehouse is not a JOKE. there are people working having world class experience..

      there should be some evidence for believing on this statement…

  • Memon

    Lets see if he can hack Zadari’s accounts?

  • wpthemeshq1

    Every thing that attached to internet is vulnerable . Any thing in this word is hackable.Security is just an illusion and pakistani websites security is as weak as our country’s security::))

  • eb0z seriously?
    Names fade .. eb0z will be gone soon and no one will never hear of him again that is how it happens. Dont panic LOL!

  • bas batain karna aata hai abc pata nai tum logon ko

  • where are you PakCyberArmy Guys

    Its Time to PostBack…Wake Up

  • NADRA and FIA should take some serious steps to secure their data.