PKNIC Hacker Claims to Have Access to NADRA and FIA Servers

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

Google-Pakistaneb0z, said to be a 21 year hacker from Turkey, who had redirected 284 .PK domains by penetrating into PKNIC servers and poisoning its DNS servers, claims to have gained access to NADRA and FIA servers.

In an interview given to TechCrunch, eb0z revealed that he also has the access to NADRA, the entity which has personal information of every Pakistani, and Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) servers.

It merits mentioning here that NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is responsible for making CNICs, containing personal and private information of every Pakistani citizen. NADRA is also responsible for verifying information for various other sectors, including the cellular industry.

Justifying the reason for hacking PKNIC and redirecting .PK domains of several major global brands, eb0z said:

As you know, Pakistani hackers are claiming to be ‘worlds best hackers’, some of their hackers include zombie_ksa, a script-kiddie, who has hacked Google a few times with the help of a different hacker, I do this to show them they are not only ones hacking big targets on the planet.

eb0z went further to reveal that Pakistani websites aren’t secure, unlike their claim, and SQLi (SQL Injection) is just enough to hack into Pakistani servers.

eb0z is said to have shared the bug with TechCrunch through which he had compromised PKNIC servers.

eb0z is allegedly responsible for current week downtimes of Facebook and Gmail.