Ministry of Defence Website Gets Hacked

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

Official website of Ministry of Defence was hacked last night, second time in a row during two days.

Earlier, a night before, had some altered pages indicating that it was infiltrated by some hackers. However, tonight the homepage was defaced to look something like below screen:

Ministry of Defence

Update: Website has been restored now.

Hacker, who called himself Xpired, has left a message by saying that he hasn’t impacted any data on the server. A note pasted on defaced home page said that defacement should not be taken as personal and that webmaster should secure the server to avoid such embarrassing situations.

Earlier this week we reported that a Ministry of Defence website, used for recruitment procedures, was running adsense on its official website. Both the incidents are clearly indicating that some serious work is needed to be done at Ministry of Defence headquarters.

We have repeatedly emphasized the need for added security for government websites, which are contrarily the softest target for hackers.

Thanks Saad Durrani for tipping.

    • why don’t i hack into some website and then leave your contact details in the defaced message? People will think you did the hacking, right???

      • You might be right, you are going into wrong direction.
        I’m saying that from which the I.P they’ve given is just resolving their DNS the same IP as they are resolving to the one I’ve said.

        • There are millions of infected (botnet) computers out there. There is even a market for people who resell/rent infected botnets to criminals.

          Combine the two, and you CANNOT trust the IP address or reverse DNS. There is ZERO GUARANTEE that the IP address used to hack into a site was actually owned or operated by the hacker.

  • Ridiculous!! even Government’s official websites are insecure. Government pays millions to those unprofessional web developers and so called management for security but alas every month any of Government’s official website become victim of several Hackers! :S

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