How Cheap International Calls Can Save You Money On Your Travels

A few years ago the thought of phoning an international telephone number was out of the question, the cost was astronomical so the only way to stay in touch with family and friends abroad was through email and the old fashioned snail mail.

As technology has evolved we have found different ways to stay in touch with people on different continents around the world, there is social media which enables us to upload photographs and update our status, keeping our friends and family informed of our lives.

There is also email where we can stay in touch with a click of the mouse, rather than waiting weeks for our letter to arrive via airmail and then there are cheap international call companies who have evolved with the use of technology and mobile devices.

Who would have thought a long time ago that communication through technology would become so worldwide and at the same time save you a large amount of money, thanks to these evolvements communication is able on all levels.

Competitive Rates

Do you remember when travelling and returning home you would need to head to the pay phone to call an international numbers; gone are those days. Now you can budget your call as when you like, no more being cut off due to a lack of credit.

Pay phones are so outdated with almost everyone in the world owning a smart phone or home landline, which is why there are so many companies that are now offering cheaper international calls which can save you a fortune over a period of time.

Depending on the country you wish to call you can expect to pay anywhere from 1p to 5p per minute to places like Pakistan, which is a fraction of what you would pay if you were to use your service provider. Cheap calls to Pakistan are just some of the services offered by companies like dialtosave who specialise in Instant Talk and Credit Talk services; more flexible options for the consumer these days.

How It Works, the Benefit of Talk Services

The world is more social now and more people embark on travelling for lengthy periods, during this time networks are connected which is a network that will need to communicate when they break off from their travels.

While the internet has provided us with a way to stay in touch with friends and family via social media, it’s still nice to be able to pick up the phone and call them no matter what country they are in and the demand for cheaper international calls is growing.

International travel is becoming more and more affordable through travel deals or cheaper last minute flights and therefore cheaper international phone deals are in demand.

International phone companies are highly competitive, it’s important you are aware of this, so doing some research can find you the best rate. They give you a number to dial depending on the country you wish to call. Your land line service provider doesn’t lose out because you’re still making a call from your phone, once you connect to the number they will ask that you dial the code and number you wish to call, it is billed directly to your phone bill so you don’t have to pay any additional amounts.

The number you are asked to call is billed at the rate per minute of the phone call to the country you are calling, it is all very easy.

Pitfalls of Other Services

VoIP (Voice over IP) has also become a very popular choice when calling family and friends overseas. Skype is the most popular, but it comes with a range of pitfalls. While you are able to call people anywhere in the world completely free, they have to be on the same system as you, so they also have to use Skype.

Another disadvantage is that if they are not at their computer at the time, you can’t get hold of them. This often means sending an email, making a time to meet on Skype so you can chat and then you aren’t even guaranteed a crystal clear line, which is why using your land line is the preferred choice through InstantTalk services

International phone cards are another affordable way you can save money when calling overseas but these can get lost easily which is at a pitfall to the service offered; you will pay more money to obtain another card. Even though you can pick up these cards for free at many supermarkets or the post office, you are still paying for the card itself which gives you a set credit amount.

Think carefully with this option, and still do your homework to ensure that you can’t get a cheaper rate through one of the international call service providers.

This article is written by Jenny Beswick of More information on cheap calls to Pakistan and other destinations are available on their website.

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