Telecom Sector Contributed Rs. 132.5 Billion in 2012 To Exchequer As Taxes

Telecom sector of Pakistan contributed Rs. 132.5 billion during 2011-12 to national exchequer as taxes, up from Rs. 117 billion that were contributed last year.

This huge collection of taxes is largely attributed towards heavily burdened cellular consumer, who is charged at as high as 30 percent of his/her total consumptions as taxes.

Usually, throughout all sectors, GST is collected at 16% however, cellular consumers pay 19% GST, which is in addition 10 percent FED.

Telecom Contribution to Exchequer

Telecom Taxes 2012

Telecom is the largest contributor in GST collection from services in the country. GST/FED collected from telecom consumers during 2011-12 stood at Rs. 56.9 billion, up from Rs. 52.7 billion during the same duration last year, showing 8 percent increase in collection.

GST / FED Collected from Telecom Sector


GST_FED_Telecom Sector 2013

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