New Minister and Secretary Appointed for IT and Telecom Ministry

Dr Sania NishterMinistry of IT and Telecom – which was hugely ignored during last government – has now got its new Minister and Secretary during this care-taking government.

Dr. Sania Nishter, a medicine expert, has been appointed as the new Minister for MoIT while Mr. Shahid Rashid is going to remain the Secretary for the IT ministry.

Dr. Sania Nishtar did her Ph.D. in medicine from Kings College London in 2002. She graduated in medicine from Khyber Medical College Peshawar with 16 gold medals, a college record which remains unbroken till date.

She’s a social worker and operates several health-care projects. Dr. Sania is also known for active driver of Aman ki Asha.

While on other hands the Secretary of MoIT, Mr. Shahid Rashid was Secretary BOI, before that he remained Secretary Textile Industries and CEO of SME.

Mr. Shahid has a graduated from Harvard.

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  • Good competent choice. She is from medicine but I am sure she has the smarts to understand IT issues. Let’s see if she can make a different in 38 days.

    • good competent choice??? It is like choosing a PhD in agriculture being appointed the chief Surgeon in a hospital.

      • better than having a dumb politician running the ministry no ? Her qualifications explain she’s smart so she can run it.

        • plus its an interim government, there job is to just keep things running.Not to bring reforms or changes.

          • The problem is that if we keep things running as they are this country wont survive for long. We need reforms and changes and we need them ASAP. it would have been better if she refused the post.

            • Very very right and to the point. We need someone who is not a useless paperweight like this Doc. We need someone courageous enough to challenge this rotten system. If intentions (Niat) are good, the rest is automatic.
              Otherwise the results will be as disappointing as they are now.

  • she has all her professional training in medicine then how did you become a “media expert”?… and by what token a “media expert” is merited for an IT ministry?

    • It’s supposed to be “medicine expert” :)
      and the choice is bizarre and inexplicable :S

  • Wtf, how come a medical expert made it and telecom minister?? Why no one from it/telecom background was made the minister. Sethi MF is pro Indian so he selected this b….

  • “Dr. Sania is also known for active driver of Aman ki Asha”
    Too sad people chosen as our ministers are all of the same ideological school of thought of Secularism, Liberalism, Pro India-American agendas, No Kashmir, No Two nation Theory. Najam Sethi, his secretary and Dr. Sania are all chips of the same blocks.

    • Yes i totally agree with you we don’t want these losers to lead our country (even though it shows a ray of hope for a progresive Pakistan………. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!) i think we should have more visionary leaders like Mula Umar (Only if we still had our great leader Osama bin Laden amoung us to lead the country)…………………………………… BTW i am just being sarcastic.

      • Progressive?? Seriously ??

        People who have sold their souls to serve western interests, who don’t have a single penny stake in Pakistan, who have cases of treason to their country in past, who don’t even know why Pakistan came into existence in the first place(as the reject the two nation theory) , they are the ones who would make our country progressive… ??

  • How can this be a great initiative when the expert is from the field of medicine rather than from IT purely, this is a sad news. i think a female can be found from the corridors of IT as well if a “female” has to be the candidate for this post, otherwise there are lots of individuals with IT experties and in depth knowledge of local market to head this industry.

  • “which was hugely ignored during last government”

    How come she was hugely ignored? Your article does not describe this. :)

    Being an expert in her field of medicine does not mean that she is eligible for ministry of IT and Telecom. Isn’t it? I think medicine does not have any apparent link with IT & Telecom. If she has some huge expertise of IT & Telecom then your statement is right.

  • Isse liye tu ham taraki k asmaaaan ko chu rehy hain :(

    Iss ka IT se kia link banta hy? Hamesha aise he hota hy, maan pasaaand logooon ko he aise ligaya jata hy :(

    Marit py innhe IT main gate keeper ki job he mil sakti hy :(

  • What the hell???? We have a medical doctor running MoIT? How low this country must go, or do the people in power think that general public is generally stupid??

    Vote and bring the change to status quo

  • sania nishtar is a person of the west who never want Pakistan to be self sufficient, independent and sovereign nation.

    Her husband Ghalib Nishtar is President/Chairman Khushhali Bank and is man of the famous World Bank. Since establishment of Khushhali Bank, Pakistan has never seen Khushhali.

    Her father-in-law Jamil Nishtar was another World Bank person and was Chairman Pakistan Agriculture Developement Bank and during his tenure World Bank reforms in Agriculture Bank were implemented.

    She herself is envoy or some office bearer in UN and run a West Sponsored NGO. Her credentials are not worth praise even in medical field for third world.

    • Do you really think the oans from WB and IMF have no strings? We took their money and now THEY OWN US. Before you complain some more about world bank this and IMF that, stop getting loans from them, pay back the loans you have, then you can kick them out.

      And be sure NOT to vote for people who got us these loans.

  • Am sure she requires an assistant to use word and powerpoint properly …. how can she lead Minister of MoIT !

  • she should had refused for this post .. An IT expert can understand this field in better way, but all want power . well dr enjoy ministry.. as all does .

  • what’s the link between doctorate and it n telecom??? our politicions have no sense at all.

  • The Interim Government has little sense making a medical professional incharge of IT. In a country of 180 Million people they could not find one IT professional to be made Minister of IT?

    I don’t know Sania Nishtar and she ideally suited to Ministry of Health but not suited at all to Ministry of IT

  • wth, how came a medical person is appointed as an it and telecom industry and what she knows about it. I’m a student of software engineering and i can bet i know more than her and i can guarantee she doesnt know what even I.P is ?? how will Pakistan progress when peoples like sania nishter and najam sethi are appointed on posts like CM and it minister

  • 16 gold medal wow great pakistani but baki sab to theek hay par aman ki asha ka parh kar bohat bura laga, pata nahi kab aqal aye gi in naam kay pakistanio ko. Yeh zameer faroosh log aman ki asha jaisi program chala kar hamary sheedon kay laho ki behurmati kar rahy hain.

  • Not sure what type of surgery would she do to the current IT Infrastructure hmmm BAD CHOICEE!!!!!

  • Thanks to Allah,,,, Atleast they have not appointed any fake degree holder or matric fail on this seat :)

  • Bnda kahin na kahin apni jahalat dkha he deta hai! A medical expert being given the post of an IT expert!!! dur dur tk koi talluq he nhn biology aur IT ka!!! YA ALLAH! kya hoga PAKISTAN ka!

  • Bnda kahin na kahin apni jahalat dkha he deta hai! A medical expert being given the post of an IT expert!!! dur dur tk koi talluq he nhn biology aur IT ka!!! YA ALLAH! kya hoga PAKISTAN ka!

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