Mobile Phone Sales Drop Significantly After Imposition of New Tax

Mobile Phones, PakistanSale of new mobile phones dropped by almost 30 percent after imposition of Rs. 500 tax on feature phones and Rs. 1,000 on smartphones, reported Dawn news citing Azad Lalani, Director Teletec, a mobile phone distributor in the country.

Mobile phone traders have protested against the decision and requested the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan to take back the decision, which has increased the prices of cell phones by Rs. 2,000 to 3,000 on average.

Azad Lalani, while speaking with, said that 80 to 85 percent mobile buyers go for low-end phones ranging from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 3,000, however, with increased prices this major chunk of buyers are now reluctant to spend on mobile phones. “After the imposition of Rs500 tax, many people are unable to purchase the phones”, maintained Mr. Lalani.

United Mobile, on other hands, said that their sales plunged by more than 50 percent after the imposition of new tax on mobile phones. Manager Sales, Mr. Noman Zakriya, was quoted as saying that people belonging to low-income are unable to accept the new price hike and hence not making any purchases.

Business Community and mobile phone traders are fearing that this price hike will encourage illegal trade of mobile phones resulting in no revenues for the government and legitimate traders.

  • ratung

    i was about o buy a phone for 65000 now that it is 66000 i am not goin to buy it cuz thr is so much tax u know

    • Quaid e Azam

      It is interesting to read that you can afford to buy a phone for 65k and not able to afford 1k extra that is imposed as tax.

      • raza

        Its interesting that you did not notice the sarcasm.

      • Quaid e Azam please…

  • mnazeeruk

    No New Tax Has Been Imposed But We Will Collect Rs. 1,000 on Every Cell Phone: FBR.?

  • Umair

    i was going to buy Qmobile A10 But the price kept on Increasing it was first at the price of 16K
    I was short in cash so i saved a month and Finally managed to get 16k and then the Price increased again to 17k
    and decided to go for it and then this effin tax came and now price reached to 18k which is totally not worthy for a phone which was available previously at 16k

    • A

      better to avoid buying smart phones at this time.

  • mnazeeruk

    Rs. 1,000 Tax Imposed On Import of Every Cell Phone in Pakistan>>>???????
    What,s all about this news …is nothing truth in pakistan.. may be sure it,s bad luck of all dear countrymen .. sorry to say that seems no thoughts for,
    ECONOMIC GROWTH PLUS for the citizens better feature of entire nationals