Save Mobile Handset Industry: Plead Traders Across Pakistan

In a decent effort to get their message to the decision makers, traders from across Pakistan have requested the authorities to withdraw newly imposed taxes on mobile phone handsets to save the industry.


In an advert published today in various newspapers, Karachi Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Lahore Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Karachi Electronics Dealers Association, Anjuman-e-Tajiran Hall Road Lahore, All Hyderabad Mobile Phone Association and Anjuman-e-Tajran Mobile Phone Rawalpindi gathered today to collectively request the President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso and Mr. Ansar Javed, Chairman FBR for the withdrawal of new tax that is imposed on import of every mobile phone that has triggered the prices to go up by Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3,000 per mobile phone in the market.

It maybe recalled that earlier this month FBR had issued a directive according to which Rs. 1,000 on each smartphone and Rs. 500 on each feature/basic phone will be collected by the government under the head of sales tax.

Traders mentioned that this newly imposed tax will substantially increase the illegal trading of handset to equally harm the industry and national exchequer. Moreover, they said that this new tax will impact the overall sales of mobile phones due to increased prices and traders will face tough economic situation which may lead to downsizing of staff and unemployment.

Traders urged the government to withdraw the tax to save the sector which had contributed much to the national economy.

Here is the advert that is published in the papers:


Via PakZindbad


  • Its still too low. Tax should be imposed on cost of mobile. i.e. ATLEAST 10%-20% of cost… High end handset should have tax upto 35-40% (50,000+)…as HIGH END MOBILE is luxury item not necessity.!!

  • i agree if u can afford, 50k mobile then 10% tax on mobile should not be an issue, these traders are only worried about them being part of tax net,

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