Pakistan’s First Science and Technology Web TV Channel Launched

TechTVPakistan’s first science and educational web TV channel — with a special focus on education – has be launched in Pakistan.

TechTV.PK is launched by collaboration between Pakistan Science Club (PSC) and Technology Times (a Weekly tech Magazine) and is said to be available with full drive soon.

TechTV will cover all kinds of educational, scientific and technological events from the country. Moreover, there will be special online courses available for the guidance of students.

These free education program will offer online trainings in web application development, project management DIY (Do It Yourself Projects) and various other topics from science and technology domains.

TechTV – in a statement – said that main objective is to promote Science and Technology in the country. Statement said that project will encourage students for scientific research to enhance interest in tech, mathematics and related subjects.

Project is likely to assist students with extra-circular education in addition to formal academic content to ultimately inspire the students to peruse careers in science.

  • Owaeis

    I’m so fed up with all this ‘Pakistan’s First’ nonsense. If you heard of something first, it doesn’t mean it’s the first one.

    ProPakistani is a sensible tech blog and this attitude doesn’t suit it.

  • shabbir ahmed

    good step

  • The name is copied from the USA TV channel TechTV acquired by UK’s G4, hence then renamed to G4TechTV. Most of the old presenters now work at the Twit podcasting network found at: