YouTube Ban Challenged in Peshawar High Court


A lawyer from Peshawar has challenged the ban on YouTube in Peshawar High Court, by maintaining that the ban on the video sharing website should be un-blocked.

Petitioner,Mian Mohibullah Kakakhel, said that its in the larger interest of general public to access the YouTube.

He mentioned that authorities concerned, i.e. PTA and MoIT have failed to block the specific URLs that contain blasphemous content – unlike they claimed at various occasions – and that blocking whole website is not a solution.

Petitioner is of the view that YouTube contains countless useful videos that can not be found on any other resource. He said that nature of videos available on YouTube includes topics such as history, culture and religious importance besides music, sports, movies, news, animal planets, cartoons for kids and sermons of Islamic scholars.

He claimed that YouTube was the only website containing education contents, which encouraged students and citizens to learn technical things like making new software, robots, mechanical engineering, software engineering, how to install a hardware, advance cell phone usage and installation of software. He said that most of the software might not be provided here, or if available, a hefty amount of fee was demanded.

Petitioner said that YouTube ban is violation of basic human rights and their right to access to information that is available Publicly.

PTA through its Chairman and Minister for MoIT were made respondents to the case.

It maybe recalled that YouTube was banned in Pakistan on September 17th, 2012 when blasphemous videos on the website had triggered worldwide protests from Muslims. Pakistani authorities – during the while – tried several time to contact Google and get the access of these videos blocked in Pakistan, but they failed.

  • It’s true, I used to watch a lot of Google Tech videos for example and last night I realized I watch none any more. All because it is inconvenient to use a proxy. It’s one hurdle more, for no good reason.

    September to today, has the ban forced Google to change the contents of Youtube? NO. What’s working is having PTA/the ministry ACTUALLY COMMUNICATE with Google, which is what they could have done in September.

    Idiot bureaucrats and government.

    • Agreed. We have to realize that YouTube is filled with countless educational videos. The channel “khanacademy” is just an example, it has every single math topic covered whether it be geometry, algebra or calculus.

      Sad to say that if I ever get stuck I have to use proxies just to learn something that should be covered by our “basic human rights” and the “right to have access to information and knowledge”

      Just block the damn blasphemous content like we blocked some pages on Wikipedia, how is YouTube any different than Wiki in this case….


      • yar rizwan bhai ab to proxy par b too much slow chalta hai yar… and jin k pas slow connection hai jo high connection ko avail nhe kar skty coz wo costly hai then un becharon ka kia kasor hai yar hm to kisi tarahn kar k adjust kar he laity hain but mostly people do not feel comfortable by using proxies, hotspot shield, spot flux etc etc… please gov its our request to you that please open such a knowledge full site…………………….

  • it is very hard to imagine what pakistanis have lost/missed since the blockage of youtube… imagine its impact on election if youtube is not block during election 2013. we people would be able to see lot about these politicians

    • yes thats the reason never open youtube and Please block facebook too, only then everyone will say Free and Fair elections:P

  • Youtube should be open lots of student and engineers work and educate themselves with the help of lecturers and video, useful for daily life working material,

    It should be open, but the links those contain blasphemous content must be blocked first, what the IT Ministers are doing, its not a good idea to put the whole website down, instead of blocking some links, (To Hell with this GOVT and narrow minded peoples)

      • Propakistani should be blocked in whole pakistan cause some Arslan is insulting my intelligence.

        See …. Whats the problem here? Arslan not Propakistani, Hence Propakistani shouldn’t get banned. So why should Youtube be banned if some stupid insults anything and upload it?

        • OK propakistani can’t be blocked for this… agreed

          but propakistani can delete the comment, if its offending..

          that’s what youtube is not doing……what a cruelty

  • Please unblock youtube and only block the specific content,we need youtube for informational videos but our hell goverment not filter the content block complete website now everyone opens youtube with hotspot shield etc.

  • oh finally i hope they unblock it, life is so boring without you tube after such a long wait, may be we will get to stream videos in great comfort! love you khan bhai! rehman malik, we hate you! you were the most pathetic person Pakistan could ever have!

  • Hell even government universities are still using it to stream lectures. Stop this hypocrisy!

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