Telenor Signs Alcatel-Lucent for Optimization of Internet Delivery to Phones

telenor-logo-670-x-350Telenor Group has inked a three-year global frame agreement with French-US vendor Alcatel-Lucent under which the ALU will enable the deployment of mobile internet optimisation for the Norwegian telecoms group’s 2G, 3G and 4G networks in Europe and Asia including Pakistan.

According to the agreement, the deal between the two firms, Telenor is expected to roll out an ALU solution which automatically manages the delivery of internet traffic over a mobile network by adapting video streams to the most suitable format according to a customer’s mobile device, location and subscription level.

According to the Alcatel Lucent, the solution reduces the amount of bandwidth needed, enabling the telecom consumers to watch more video content within the same data quota, while it also temporarily stores copies of popular content on local servers to enhance the user experience.

Further, as per the contract, Alcatel-Lucent has said it will provide its professional services expertise including system architecture, design, planning and end-to-end integration and testing to provide a tailored solution for each of Telenor’s markets.

  • Yes…!!! its best news i ever listen it could save our time and we improve our work efficiency with this service thanks TELENOR and all who work for it thanks again

  • How about Telenor actually focus on fixing their network which the screwed up by handing it over to ZTE. I haven’t had a stable call or data connection in months now and I’m mostly in the center of Lahore.

    Telenor is the worst performing network right now, specially their postpaid offering.

  • ZTE and Huawei have destroyed Telecom Infrastructure in Pakistan by providing low quality equipment at lower costs, which has impacted not only network quality but overall telecom market specially for telecom engineers. I hope our operators will now focus on quality instead of lower costs as Mobilink did with Ericsson and now Telenor is following with partnership with ALU!
    Good Move by Telenor!

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