Internet Society (ISOC) Pakistan – Islamabad Chapter Formulated Officially

isocInternet Society is the organization which ‘governs the internet’. For the last couple of years professionals from various fields were working an extra mile to formulate Internet Society (ISOC) Pakistan, Islamabad Chapter.

There were twenty five (25) founding members from different reputed organizations to carry on the process of formulating ISOC Pakistan – Islamabad Chapter by finalizing Bylaws accordingly and then implementing it to carry on with the operational procedures.

Earlier the 16th Meeting of ISOC Pakistan Islamabad Chapter (in-formation) held on 5th June, 2013 at CIT Plaza, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad in which the By-Laws were finalized by founding members and selected office bearers for the chapter.

Open polling through hand count was undertaken for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary General and Treasurer. Talha Habib, CEO – NIMIS was selected as president ISOC Pakistan – Islamabad Chapter. Rest of the members are Mr. Muhammad Yousaf from RISE, Mr. Sohaib Saleem from PISA and Ms. Madeeha Azam respectively.

Internet Society (ISOC) Pakistan Islamabad (PK IBD) Chapter is bringing together members of Internet society to advance and promote the general purpose and guiding principles of ISOC by serving the interests of the global Internet community through a local presence. The Bylaws of ISOC Pakistan Islamabad Chapter are available here.

ISOC Pakistan Islamabad Chapter, undertake a variety of programmes and activities such as:

New and emerging trends of internet and latest happenings around the digital world. ISOC will have Educational events to inform members or the general public about both non-technical and technical Internet related-issues such as security (identity and transactional), broadband access, IPV6, Internet safety, network neutrality, or many others.

More than 60% of population of Pakistan lives in rural areas and without internet. Community programmes are designed to ensure Internet access for economically disadvantaged individuals. ISOC would be establish partnership with other existing actors working in these areas and might address hardware / software distribution and promotion of best practices.

ISOC’s Public policy programmes are developed to raise our voices and inform policy and decision makers about Internet issues such as net neutrality, copyright protection, censorship, or human rights.

Networking is very important factor in professional growth so Networking events which help members connect with those in their area who share their passion for the Internet Society’s mission to bring the benefits of the Internet to everyone.

It’s a very good initiative for professionals to get involved in a society like ISOC where you will get the opportunity to interact and confabulate with other professionals. You can be a Global Member for ISOC and then you can join local chapter to be involved productively. You can apply for ISOC Membership here: