Whatsapp Goes For a Subscription Model on iOS

whatsappWhatsapp, the popular instant messaging service won’t be charged at USD 1 on app store from now onwards, instead it has become free of charge for the downloading and first 12 months usage.

After first year, iOS users will have to pay a subscription fee of USD 0.99 per year, for rest of the life.

This is inline with Android and other platforms, where Whatsapp was already free for download and for first year usage.

Giving $1 yearly is a pretty good deal for a nice, little app but a lot of people among 250 million or so users of the popular service surely won’t be too happy.

Still, if you find it difficult to pay that amount, you can look at the countless no. of similar services available right now including Viber, Nimbuzz, Google Talk and BBM (if you already have a subscription because that one is also paid) which is coming to Android and iOS soon.

But still, almost none of them is available on as many platforms as Whatsapp which is available on Symbian, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BB10 and Symbian S40 and S60.

Whatsapp recently announced that its 200 million active users send 10 billion text messages every day, while 17 billion messages are received by users.

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    Title need to be fixed ”

    to Goes For

    • koolwalky

      It is perfect, It can be “Whatsapp goes for” or “Whatsapp to go for”

      What you suggested is a mixture of the two and simply speaking, wrong.

      • Khurram ShahzAd

        Nah its not suggestion, it was what title previously was, now its fixed by someone, it previously was “Whatsapp to Goes For a Subscription Model on iOS”. So I just had pointed out whats wrong, had not suggested anything.

  • ahsanpetarian

    admin please discuss about payment methods in apple appstore. as we dont have and credit cards how do we pay for apps in pakisan app store… plz its a request

  • A lot of several other better and beautiful applications are available better than whatsapp, free.

  • Amir

    You can get a UBL Wiz Internet card and pay through it (needs confirmation) as I have used it on many online shopping websites, therefore, it should be working for apple account as well.

    • ahsanpetarian

      so how do i know that wiz card works in apple appstore…

      • Amir

        Well you gotta try it to find out. I’m on Android and it works on my play store. You make sure to get Wiz Internet card and not other variants.

        • ahsanpetarian

          well thanks for ur answers… :)

      • khurram

        wiz card works on apple store, i have already used it.

        • ahsanpetarian

          have u recently purchased any thing via wiz card on app store coz now apple does not allow any purchases through debit card

  • Foqaan Shaikh

    Hmm, what for those who are already using WhatsApp with lifetime activation?

    • zard


  • Informer

    Why people simply don’t go for Yahoo, Skype or MSN? Whats special in it.

    • Hasan

      Are you kiddin’ me?

    • sd

      Yes why dont they go for skype , what is better in whats app