Ufone Offers Free Unlimited Mobile Internet After First MB

Ufone Offers Free Unlimited Mobile Internet After First MB

Ufone did this before with SMS, when customers were allowed to send 500 SMS a day after first 5 Paid SMS. Now they have done this again with the Mobile Internet.

After first 1 MB of paid usage, customers will be able to enjoy unlimited Mobile Internet during the day without any extra charge. Simple as that.

Offering requires no subscription, no extra charges whatsoever or anything else. Simply consume your first MB of data at a flat rate of Rs. 20 per MB and rest comes free. Offering is available for every Ufone prepaid customer except the Uth subscribers.

This, Rs. 20 per MB for first MB and then free of charge mobile Internet for rest of the day, might look expensive to some. However, the idea is that no-one, even those who don’t subscribe to bundles, will be paying Rs. 20 at most per day for mobile internet. A healthy deal for consumers I would say.

Yes, just in case if you feed Rs. 20 is expensive for Mobile Internet Package, then you sure can subscribe to any other Ufone Mobile Internet bundles.

Terms & Conditions:

  • This offer is not valid for Postpay and Uth Pack customers.
  • The initially consumed 1MB will be charged at Rs. 20
  • Customers who are already subscribed to mobile Internet buckets cannot take advantage of this offer
  • This offer is not valid for time based pay-as-you-go customers
  • This offer is valid from the consumption of the initial 1MB till 12:00 at night
  • Terms and conditions apply

  • arslan

    Fazol asal mai 20 rupes mai internet use krain ye kahna chaye tha. Ufone Plz dont fool people

    • Basher

      agree but i have seen many cases shouting people that my all balance has been consumed just because of internet.. or automatic updates of apps in smartphone, at-least those customers will not suffer over consumption of balance again.

      • Salman Abbas

        Yeah.. I’ve done this countless times >.< Great step by Ufone!

    • ZohaibSN

      Agree with you

    • Shafqaat Hussain

      Jin logo ko Daily Net package krna nhi aata un k liye theek hai k direct hi use kr lain….

  • Ahmed

    Why dont ufone reduce gprs price? Rs 20/MB is very expensive.

    • Ahsan

      Rs. 20/MB is too much

  • Azi

    much expensive

  • Khawer Naseer

    I am not a ufone user but;

    not bad for people who dont want regular packages but sometimes they do need to use data on or via their phones.

    also if someone accidentally starts using data and they dont even notice, the maximum amount they are going to lose will be Rs.20 and not more,,,

    for me… there is no harm in the package or nothing bad in it… you are getting this pretty straight forward,,, start using and after 1mb usage the rest is free no matter how much you use… and that too in just Rs.20…

    and if you dont like it… then there is a variety of fixed volume/term packages also available for your selection.

    • Razi

      Agreed to Khawer

      • └► Ha[X]aN ◄┘

        SPeed He bakwas hai download ki on EDGE par

    • hani

      khawer you said not bad for those who are not using regular package its mean those people are “pay as you go” but offer is not for PAYG customer.
      not for postpaid and not for uth. what does it mean?
      this offer is only for limited customer.

      • irfadeel

        Time Based Pay as you go customers are those who are having package hourly time-based package of ufone internet.

  • Tech Guru

    Very Expensive …
    20×30 = 600 plus tax

    only beneficial for people who start using data via smartphone will be safe that they will only lose 20 rupees plus tax.

    This package is another failure of UFONE.

    • Sprite

      Mashaa Allah, bhai kese tech guru ho aap, uper likha hai k agar aap regular use karty hain to apni passand ka internet package bhi subscribe kr skty hain.. seedhi baat! ;)

    • Baghi

      WTF…. U r a Tech Guru or Tech Noora
      ……….. A Tech Stupid……. hahahahh

    • └► Ha[X]aN ◄┘

      hahahahaha xD

  • Irshad Ali

    U Fone Is Bad Netword

    Zong Nice Network

  • Considering the current mobile internet speeds you won’t be able to consume much even if you use it for 24 hours.

  • M3RCY

    This is all Rubbish !!!!!!!!
    It would b grt offer only if 3G is deployed ..

  • WebSolHub

    “Ufone Mobile Internet bundles” link goes to “Ufone SMS 5 Free” search query… Fix it please.

  • Sultan

    It’s not a bad deal if there’s no associated “fair usage policy” type of nonsense.

  • Monster

    Rs. 35 per week with 500mb data usage is Best :) by Jazz

    • ZohaibSN

      Monthly also good

    • naeemilyas

      suna hay jazz keee internet speed achi nahi, is it true, ?

      • Monster

        pehle thi achi…ab kuch khaas nahi rahi

  • Saeed

    The only advantage, that too a small one, is that users don’t end up consuming their balance at once unknowingly like they did before. Deduction will stop after 20 Rs :’)

  • ZohaibSN

    Bad Offer

  • Najam Ul Haq

    Customers who are already subscribed to mobile Internet buckets cannot take advantage of this offer.
    yeah like they’re dying to get this one….
    Grow up UFone :@

  • └► Ha[X]aN ◄┘

    hahaha.. 5 kb/s sy 8 kb/s tak speed on edge .. hahaha bakwas dekha ufone ki

  • farhan

    how can ufone deduct 20 rupees without discribtion even. its unlawful

  • farhan

    can anybody guide how can i getrid of this 20 ruees unwanted deduction

  • Waqas Ahmed

    salam everyone. anybody could be tell me how van i deactive my this packeg. after 1 mb free unlimited 20 rups par day..plz

  • harishasan

    how to unscribe this offer :/ mere paise khatam ho rahe hain !!!!

  • jahanzaib

    Is it totally unlimited after 1 mb or any limit in data usage??