Central Bank of India and Several Other Indian Websites Hacked by Pakistani Hackers

Central Bank of India and Several Other Websites Hacked by Pakistani Hackers

Indian Hackers, today morning, hacked Pakistani websites to mark the anniversary of 26/11 incident.

In response, Pakistani Hackers retaliated without sparing anything and hacked several Indian websites including the official website of Central Bank of India, state-owned and one of the oldest and largest commercial banks of the country.

Here’s the defaced page: https://www.centralbankofindia.co.in/site/

Pakistani and Indian hackers keep on defacing cross-country websites to apparently show patriotism. It won’t be out of place to mention here that websites on both side of borders are largely notorious for lack of security.

Pakistan Cyber Army and MadLeets, claiming the responsibility for defacement, warned Indian hackers to stay away from Pakistani websites. On defaced page, the PCA said that their action is in response to the Pakistani websites hacked by “Indian Cyber Army”.

Here’s the complete message pasted on Central Bank of India:

Oooopsss ! WTF ? Central Bank of India HaCked ?

This attempt is in response to the Pakistani websites hacked by “Indian Cyber Army”.

We told you before too .. We are sleeping but NOT dead ! Remember PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army) !

Back off kids or we will smoke yOur doors off like we did before..

Calling Jihad shit ? What do you know about Jihad ? If you have no idea what Jihad is, I would recommend you ICA retards not to talk crap about it !

Jihad does NOT mean war !

Jihad means “to struggle in the way of Allah”. Watering a plant is a Jihad ! So don’t be fooled by the media

Stop crying over 26/11, go and pray for those who died instead of defacing sites.

Stop complaining about Pakistani websites security, secure you own ass first. Thats what intelligent people do ;D

A message by Pakistan Cyber Army and Team MaDLeeTs

Pakistan Zindabad !


Another Hacking group from Pakistan, “The Hackers’ Army”, has notified ProPakistani about over a dozen defacements. Here’s the list:


Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • What a waste of talent on both sides. I would call them Indian/Pakistani Cyber Fanatics. Nothing else

  • Actually Central Bank of India was Accessed by a Famous Pakistani Bank Hacker XPLOITER aka XP Bhai , He gave Bank’s Access to his friends and juniors to Learn but someone of them leaked access , and Let me make one thing clear to you This website is not Defaced by The Real Pak Cyber Army , but some kids are copying Old Folks Dialogs , Shame on Fakerz , Shame on those stupids who Fake Others , Shame on those who Copy others style and Dialogs.

  • Central bank of india is not actually its central bank. It is the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)- the equivalent of SBP of Pakistan.

  • Qasam se Dill khush karr diya….

    Pakistan Zindabad…
    PCA Zindabad…
    LongLive MadLeets….We are Proud of You..

  • Saleem Shahid RAW Ka Tatoo.. Deekh Deekh.. Ye Be Deekh Aur Bata Apney Sathioon Ko Ka PHP Na Use Karain.. Dil Kush Kardiya Pakistani Hackers Ne!!
    What A Message “Hum Sooey Huway Hain Maray Nahi Hain”.

    • Cheers for all the Pakis

      I think Shahid Saleem is quite well exposed now. He cant even say a single word on it. All he can do is down vote here. When pak web site was hacked he said pakis were sleeping but he could not say the same for his beloved brother indians even when i urged him on the first incident. LOL LOL !!!!!
      Shahid Saleem come out of ur rat hole u if thats what ur real name is ;)

      • Exposed as what? Ha ha you guys are so full of yourselves it’s so funny.

        Really, when comparing me with people who think & act like PeeDroid, it’s funny that you think we’re not the same nationality or religion.

        The sad thing is, we are both the same nationality and religion. And that’s what should sadden you. Alas, thinking with that depth is beyond you!

        kash you had brains, but all you get is pity.

        • Chal Ab Phut Ja Yahan Se.. Shabash..
          Ab Aur Izzat Na Karwa Apni!! Ab Sub Ko Pata Chal Geya Ha!!
          Chal Chal Full time Beeeeegaartoon Ki Taran New Account Bana Le.. RAW Ka Tatoo :P :D :P

              • And PeeDroid posting his comments to this story are somehow on-topic? They certainly don’t seem to merit a comment from you.

                One of us is lowering the quality of the comments on your site. And you think it’s me?

                • ha ha, there are plenty of things that off-topic from the post but are relevent to the comments. Your comment went off-topic to both, that’s just I pointed out.

                • Shahid Saleem, Lets hear a few words from you on topic
                  “Central Bank of India and Several Other Indian Websites Hacked by Pakistani Hackers”

                  For a minute forget what PEEDROID said. Come on Don’t be afraid :) lets hear it , come on :)

                  • The only thing I have to say about that is to repeat what Muhammad said above:

                    What a waste of talent on both sides. I would call them Indian/Pakistani Cyber Fanatics. Nothing else

                    Note the word “both”.

                    • And that wraps it up perfectly enforcing what we originally said.
                      u r so easy man.
                      BTW i get a feeling that last line was not addressed to us :)

                    • Um, no, as Muhammad said, “both” refers to Pakistani hackers and Indian hackers.

                      Please read to understand, not to pass time.

  • Bhiyoo meri mom “Chamki baai” ki new book launch hui ha ” RAW aur uske naney tamashey” app log zaroor purchase kijeya ga :) thanks

    • bhai ap be meri book zaroor kareedna “chamki baai aur raat ka peher” stay blessed aur apni mom ko meri taraf se namaste zaroor kehna :)

  • @Shahid Saleem Dislike Karne Se Kuch Nahi Hoga RAW Ka Tatoo..
    Main To Pehlay Din Se Janta Tha Ke Tu Hindwa Ha.. Teri Sarri Baatain Yad Hain Mujay.. Aaj Sub Ko Pata Lag Geya Ka Har**i Hindus Pakistan Ki Haar Cheez Note Kartey Hain!!
    Ab Ja Sabash Ja Ke Apna Cow Piss Drink Pee..

  • BC Mir Shakeel Ur Rehman, Hamid Mir Balke Sub GEO Walay Miley Huway Hain..
    Ye Geedar “Shahid Saleem” Kya Ha.. Is Taran Ke 100000 RAW Ke Geedar Har Website Pe Milain Ga.. Har Waqt Pakistan Ke Baray Main Burri Baat He Karain Ga!!
    Hindus Aur Kar Be Kya Saktey Hain Ya TV Pe Bhonktey Ha Ya Websites Pe!!

  • Dont Believe Me Just Watch.. Every Account He Owns Is FAKE..
    Click On His Name See His Facebook Account = FAKE. See His Twitter Account = Fake.
    Even In His FAKE Twitter Account He Is Fighting With Someone!!
    My GOD He Is One Hell Of A Psycho!!
    Also Read His Previous Comments, Almost 98% He Is Arguing Or Fight With Some One!!
    Things He Said During A Fight:-
    * Pakistan Lose 1965 War. We All Know That War Was Forced On Us By Indians & We Crushed Indians Badly That They Still Remember It!!
    * Pakistani Text Books Are Wrong “Information In Text Books Are Manipulated & Against India”
    * Kashmir Is Not The Part Of Pakistan “While Kashmiris Says: Kashmir Banay Ga Pakistan. He Says Its Pakistani Goverments Propaganda Slogan!!
    * He Also Said: We Started Fight In Kashmir First, We Send Our Fighter Planes. We Provoked Indians!!
    * He Also Said: Mughals Came To India Just To Occupy, Destroy & Loot Indians!!
    * He Said: Mumbai Attacks Were Planned In Pakistan, Pakistanis Were Involved In The Attack. But We All Know Indian Government Has Already Accepted That It Was Done By Indias Intelligence Agencies To Spread Hate Against Pakistan!!
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    * When Pakistani Website Was Hacked By Indians He Said: Pakistani Admins Were Sleeping. Again When Pakistani Website Was Hacked He Said: Dont Use PHP & Bla Bla Other Sh8t.. But When Indian Sites Were Hack He Stayed Quite.. Later After A Person Forced Him, He Said: India & Pakistani Hackers Are Wasting Their Potential..
    So What Do You Think About This Person “Shahid Saleem??!!
    He Is On RAW’s PayRoll, Spreading Hate Agains Our Gov. & Armed Forces, Changing Our Mind In Thinking That We Are Responsible For All That Bad Happend.. Changing Our Two Nation Theory!!

  • Going to File A Complaint Against @shahidsaleem:disqus For Making False Claims & Spread Hate Against Pakistan, Government Of Pakistan & Pak Armed Forces!!
    Lets See What PTA Do About This!!

  • Strange how you remember 1965 as a “victory” (which even Pakistani military does not) but forget 1971. And Siachin. And Kargil. Strange how you forget that Pakistan sent their own soldiers into Indian Kashmir before 1965 war and then think it was “war forced upon us”. But no matter, your grasp of history is well known.

    Over 40% of Kashmiris on the Pakistan side want independence, not joining Pakistan. Fact.

    Mughals certainly did not come to preach Islam and wipe out Hindus, because if they did, then why are there so many Hindus? They came for loot.

    Just compare How do you get citizenship in Western countries and how you get it in Arab countries. And tell me who is more racist against Muslims.

    Why should I care what Indians run on their websites? So why should I talk when they are hacked? Seems like you should be PeaBrain.

    Muhammad Ali said they were wasting potential (scroll up to the top comment and see). I just agreed.

    Two nation theory died with Bangladesh.

      • Ha ha! The reality (our failure to deal with our racism against our Bengali Muslims) do not match your worldview, so you say that to me.

        You have run out of reasons, my friend, so you resort to profanity. By the time your great-grandchildren are born there will be more Muslims in India than in Pakistan.

  • Order Oreder! tamaam gawahon or saboot mad e nazar rakhtay hue adalat faisla kerti hai k shahid saleem ko umer qaid ki saza di jati hai.Khush ho bhai?

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