Pakistan is Finally Preparing to Formulate Cyber Laws in the Country

Pakistan is Finally Preparing to Formulate Cyber Laws in the Country

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, on the directions of Prime Minister of Pakistan, has taken up the long-pending Cyber Crime Bill to finally finalize it with-in days.

A press statement issued by MoiTT has said that State Minister yesterday chaired a meeting regarding Draft Prevention of E-Crimes Bill 2013.

Statement said that all stake holders are being taken on-board for the finalization of the Cyber Crime Bill before tabling it in National Assembly for approval.

Mr. Akhlaq A. Tarrar, Secretary IT, Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA, Mr. Kamran Ali Khattak, Member (Legal), Mr. Yasir Qadir, Member (Telecom) and representatives from FIA and IT Industry were present in the meeting.

A high level committee has been constituted headed by Senior Legislative Advisor to Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights. The other members of the committee includes Member (Legal), MoIT and Director (IT), MoIT, a representative from IT Industry, PTA and FIA respectively. The committee has been assigned the task to review the Draft Bill within one week time period and submit its report to Ministry of IT.

Ministry has said that finalization of draft of cyber crime bill will be completed with-in days.

Pakistan is functioning without any cyber laws. Meaning that one can’t be prosecuted for committing any kind of cyber crimes. FIA (Federal Investigation Authority) has openly said in the past that it can’t investigate any cyber crimes since there is no law in the country to keep check on cyber offenses.

Absence of Cyber Crime Laws have not only resulted into increased cyber crimes but it is also the sole reason for non-establishment of e-commerce and internet payment gateways in the country.

The Electronic Crimes Ordinance initially discussed and deliberated in the last Legislative Assembly which was eventually resulted in the form of Draft Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill, 2013, prepared in consultation with all relevant stakeholders.

Here is the copy of the draft for Cyber Crime Laws, a finalized form of which will tabled in National Assembly soon.

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  • Tech Guru

    why we always react after some disaster …. or sometimes for own personal motive

  • Talha Habib

    Better late than never… @Amir Bhai! Are you sure they are working and taking ahead same draft mentioned above or Akram Shaikh sb is working with his team on something new?

    If they are moving forward with same draft, they are doing great. The draft by Barrister Zahid Jamil is well crafted and he is the person who has firm grip on this subject.

    It would be great if they take Cyber Security Act seriously as well. IMHO, Cyber Security Act is need of the hour.

  • Is this a joke?

    “tabled in National Assembly”… Are you kidding me? How qualified are those parliamentarians to debate this? I bet all they have in mind is more laws and technical measures to go after” illegal” VoIP telephony.

    • Talha Habib

      Well, We can discuss it forever… But for Law to get approved, it have to go through proper channel.

    • ZeeshanShahid

      Yup. Fruits of democracy! Where two wolves and a sheep vote for the dinner menu!

  • RDX1

    This is outrageous… where does in the draft it says that Employers cant see or track employee’s personal data and emails?!! Why does everything at the end of the day comes in favor of an employers?!!

    • Shahid Saleem

      Employers have money and connections.

    • Fawad

      Do you think services like Gmail etc will give even a microscopic ___ about these laws?

    • ZeeshanShahid

      Because trade associations are good, unions are bad.

  • RDX1

    This draft is hardly any Cyber Crime draft… its only an IT Solution Co protection bill !!

  • RDX1

    There should be just 1 law in the country above all laws:

    -No Employer Protection clause shall be passed unless there is an equal clasue for Employee Protection !!-

  • PTA Gone Nuts

    Haven’t read what the proposed bill says but apparently Government thugs don’t need any law to govern them. They do things just at their whim without caring to explain why are they doing it.

    I know this for a fact that PTA is blocking IP addresses belonging to different mobile service providers without even notifying them. The result is a blocked service, about which operators have no clue as to why is it happening. When contacted, you get the rudest response you can possibly imagine to fill in a stupid form that will god know enable them how to capture whatever they are looking for :( Really depressing and annoying! :(

  • Pervaiz

    I think it will take long time as I see not all related members are in the committee. It’s more of telecom committee.

    Draft… Long way to go

  • Peter

    OMG i love this news, i am dying to use paypal on my PC in PAKISTAN. :(

  • Zille huma

    The PTA only holds the record of 6 months … So the complaint of Facebook cyber crime can’t be dealt …