PTA to Block 10 Paisas Call Setup Charges Imposed by Telcos

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has decided to reverse the imposition of 10 pasias plus tax as call set-up charges by telecom operators.

It maybe recalled that Ufone, Mobilink and Telenor had imposed a call-setup charges of 10 paisas plus tax on each call from this week. These call setup charges are applicable on all charged, bundled and free offers for prepaid customers.

PTA, which wasn’t regulating the cellular pricing since 2005, to let the market operate freely and openly, has now decided to step in.

PTA said that move is aimed at safeguarding customers’ interests and to make sure that industry remains with-in the certain limits. PTA said that authority is preparing a notification against the call setup charges and cellular operators will be notified about the decision accordingly.

Experts say that call setup charges make no sense and they pose as an extra charge for a service that is itself charged. They said that operators should move to more transparent way of charging customers by revising air-time charges instead of imposing meaningless and first of its kind charges, i.e. call setup charges.

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  • Flinstone

    Wah.. Khushi se ankhon mein aanso aa gaye.. Pakistan mein eysa bhi ho skta hai :D

    • Abbas Khan

      Stop cutting onions guys. I can feel water in my eyes too! PTA made me senti all of a sudden. With this and 3G auction! Who knows! May be we’ll have 4G too before 2020!

    • Rao

      “They said that operators should move to more transparent way of charging
      customers by revising air-time charges instead of imposing meaningless
      and first of its kind charges, i.e. call setup charges.”

      khushi k ansu abhi niklay nae thay ki rona a gaya or havaia urh gae :D

    • Kamran Khan

      well said

  • Epakistani

    Warid also joined the band wegan for imposing charges.

  • Azi

    Good step by PTA…

  • Saeed

    Asal main PTA ko darr ta kay yeh mamla Court main chala gaye tu phr wahan par kuch aur bhi kol jata tu foran decision lay kar mamla khatm karadia.

    Warna yeh log itnay achay kaha par hai jo yeh decision lain.

    Wah – Chief Justice Shb tumhare ajmaat ko SALAM kay in kay dil main yeh darr khoof beta kar chalain gay ap.

  • Osman

    eay ho jawe fir ………

  • Inamullah Taj

    @Aamir PTA has also blocked Google Drive for like a week!

    • Danish

      my google drive is running

    • google is doing those blockages themselves, they are sending Pakistani users to youtube domain ta kay Pakistani shor machain aur youtube unblock ho

      apka opensource android operating system bhi google kay qabzay main hay, wahan bhi google nay yahi tamasha chalaya howa

  • M Tariq Shahen

    PTA zinda hai ?

  • Asif Shahzad

    Good decision by PTA. 10 paisa call setup charges are totally unfair and unjustice with Pakistanis such action should be discouraged and accompanied by youth on social media so as to awake the governing authorities of Govt and PTA

  • Umer Daraz

    Amir bhai kya ya katam ker deya gaye hai?

  • Farooq Khan

    GOOD job PTA.

    WARID is also charging12 paisa for each call. Actually these operators are looting us, and still we are sleeping.

    • Ahmad

      Peli waari koi naik km kita ae PTA ne

  • Sajid Ali

    Good decision by PTA

  • Shuakat Ali

    I wonder why “Warid Telecom” isn’t mentioned in this article or the previous? Warid pays well to Propakistani, not to publish any thing wrong against them. Good job.

  • Raja Maja

    PTA should Screw them from Back…………..oh i mean from 2005…………..aap sub kia samjhay………….salute to you ppl.

  • Radium Computers

    but zong is still deducting since 28th Dec, 2013. I just checked my ebill. Is there any way to complain???

  • PTA nahi kar sakti, cellular investors ladlay hain.

  • Danish

    But they (Telcos) are still charging and advertising it openly on media

  • Κ@§ђ!ƒ @ђм@đ ♐

    That’s sounds good :-)

  • snazi

    Telecos did only what the govt has been doing for years.. do we not pay taxes multiple times on n for the same thing already? There’s an abba (dady) tax on each credit load n then there’s kaka (baby) tax again on every call / txt / package, heck we even pay charges and tax on checking our own balance now image if banks starting doing that! ..also not to forget the dada (grand-dad) tax already paid as income tax.