Nokia Ends Support of Symbian and Meego

Symian Nokia to End Support for Symbian and Meego from Jan 1st, 2014

The day has come for the Symbian – once the most widely used and most popular Mobile OS – to get buried.

Nokia has officially put a stop to Meego and Symbian, with the closure of their app stores. They obviously haven’t been scraped and removed altogether though.

The step comes after it announced a while back that all Symbian and Meego services will be ceased on 1st January 2014.

Users will be able to install apps for an indefinite amount of time while the developers will be able to reap in profits. However, these profits won’t be a lot as sales of the OS have continued to fall with the last phone running on the OS getting released in early 2012. Developers also won’t be able to release updates to their apps.


With this move, Nokia is reiterating its faith on Microsoft’s Windows Phone and its own Asha range. While it hasn’t exactly been benefiting endlessly from them either, things aren’t exactly going nowhere and there certainly is interest.

We don’t know a lot of people who (still) own a Symbian Smartphone but if you’re one of those people, then maybe the time has come to abandon the ship with a huge question mark over its head.