MoIT Takes PCB and EDG to NAB for Not Delivering Projects

MoIT Takes PCB and EDG to NAB for Not Delivering Projects

The Ministry of Information Technology, on directions of Anusha Rehman, Minister of State for IT, has ordered to refer the internal audit reports showing gross financial, administrative and procedural irregularities of thirteen PSDP IT Projects, executed by Pakistan Computer Bureau (PCB) and Electronic Government Directorates (EGD), to NAB, we have confirmed.

Most of the projects started during the period in between 2004-2006 with a deadline for completion of projects of of 2-3 years. However, despite a lapse of more than 7 years, the projects desired deliverables were not achieved with in the defined timelines.

Ministry of IT has revealed that It has become a yearly trend of PCB/EGD to seek extension of these projects on one pretext or other.

The projects include

  • Provision of E-Services at CDA, Islamabad,
  • M/o Information Technology – Health NET Telemedicine Project for Rural/Remote Areas in Punjab (Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi)
  • HMIS and Networking facilities at Children Hospital, PIMS, Islamabad
  • E-Enablement of Establishment Division
  • Federal Government Data Centre and Intranet
  • E-Services at Chief/Deputy Commissioner’s Office
  • E-Services of Islamabad Police
  • E-Office at MoIT
  • E-Office Replication at Federal Ministries/Divisions
  • E-Services at FIA
  • E-Services at Ministry of Health
  • E-Services at Ministry of Interior
  • E-Services at Ministry of Population

The Minister way back in September, 2013 ordered to conduct a Special Audit of all the projects of MoIT attached departments/entities to ensure the transparency, efficiency in their business processes and in-time delivery of the project deliverables.

The reports of special audit to be conducted by AGP are still awaited.

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  • Interestingly, the list excludes (E-Office at MOIT) and E-Office at 46 Ministry’s. Along with FGDC .. this was the biggest white elephant :)

  • Would the learned minister also look into the actual amount allocated to the projects and whether it was enough to actually complete the projects according to scope? Most of these projects were under funded, payments from the Government were delayed or not provided at all. Lets not beat about the bush address the core problems we dont not need any more PR stunts.

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