Glow24: A New Package by Glow for Calls, SMS and Mobile Internet

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After a long time, telecom consumers are today offered a new package and it comes from Glow by Warid.

Warid, moments ago, announced the launch of ‘Glow 24’, a daily package which allows its users to enjoy daily 100MB Mobile Internet, 100 free minutes on friends and family numbers and 100 SMS every day.

The package offers mobile internet, voice minutes and SMS against one lump-sum amount of Rs 14.99 in which all taxes are included.

The package is specially designed for the youth with the premise of ‘owning the freedom of time’ so they can stay connected with their friends and family 24/7 without any time fear. The offer comes with the mantra “Mera dil jo kahay ga, wohi waqt bajay ga!”

How to activate:

  • Send Glow24 in an SMS to 7777


  • Daily charges of Rs. 14.99 (inclusive of all taxes)

Manage your FnF:

  • To check your Friends and Family list, SMS List to 2129
  • To add a Friends and Family number, SMS Add<space><number> to 2129
  • To delete a Friends and Family number, SMS Del<space><number> to 2129
  • Each SMS sent to 2129 will be charged at Rs. 2
  • Rs. 7 will be charged for FnF selection
  • 10 Warid numbers can be added in FnF List

Terms and Conditions

  • Glow 24 is applicable on Glow Super Dosti package only
  • This offer can be availed only once a day
  • Daily fee will be deducted automatically in case of sufficient balance
  • Your package will be changed to Glow Super Dosti package as soon as you subscribe to Glow 24
  • Glow 24 will be unsubscribed automatically in case of insufficient balance
  • Unlimited calls are for Warid Friends and Family numbers only
  • Fair usage policy of 100 minutes per day is applicable on on-net FnF calls
  • Fair usage policy of 100 SMS per day is applicable on all local SMS
  • Fair usage policy of 100 MB per day is applicable on Mobile Internet
  • Rs. 1 will be charged on every SMS sent to 7777
  • Rs. 1 will be charged on the first FnF call made in a day
  • To deactivate send G24<space>off to 7777
  • This is a limited time offer
  • Standard call setup charges apply
  • All charges include Government taxes, levies and 19.5% Federal Excise Duty

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Bakwass,, Re.1 charged on daily 1st call and 12 paisa for every call,, u need to spend more than 100 Rs. for adding fnf,,

    warid is dying

    • Hi Guest, what a statement. I do not know why people like you misguide others, its Rs 15 with all taxes and FNF is one time thing and you mentioned wrong price. Sorry to say by i am using Telenor and U both, non of them have such package while there is never a package which came out with tax included in it. I think its a very strong offer and for a student like me who wants unlimited net, a 100MB will really work and that i have 100 MINs an 100 SMS too and all is in a pack of Rs 15.. WoW nice – i dont mins having it while my daily expense for mobile is some Rs 100 with three SIM’s and now i think this package by Warid will make it really simple for me, also the edge speed of Warid is better than both U and Telenor.

      • Just a suggestion for you Jahanzaib, before subscription plz calculate the wholesum amount on daily basis and in case of insufficient balance you have to resubscribe for which you’ll be charged gain…

        • Yes, its a service and i have to pay for it. Its a fair deal. If i dont have credits, i dont expect to use it and the goodest part is that i being student dont need this package for whole month, as its daily so whenever i need i can opt. It will keep me in my budgets because i dont need to keep it as formal package to be on it, in whatever case. The way Telenor, U both are doing. I will say, its a right mix as it gives me freedom to choose what i want and when :) Wake Up FAST NU ISB – what you guys have to say about it… Let both U n Telenor to come up such offer, the same 100 theory Edge/Calls/SMS with daily subscription :)

      • Dear Jahanzaib…telenor 3/3 offer and 7 day offer is much
        more economical ….. good by to Warid…. … in 35 Rs. you will get
        500 Min to all Numbers (not only FnF) and 1000 mins to all mobile
        operators and 50 MB for 7 days…and Edge speed of Telenor is much more most better than any other slow operators

  • Just 100Mb Mobile internet is for Rs.10+tax and in 15Rs inclusive tax we get 100On free minutes and 100 sms aswell..good offer i must say :)

    • @aaqil well its clearly 100MB for 24 hours + 100 Voice Mins and 100 SMS @ Rs 14.99 which has taxes included in it.

      I tried it, its fair and i was just making a calculation that with this interesting package which meets all my needs, my bill for 30 days will be rs 449.7, while i spend over 1500 on recharge every month

      Well, seriously, i will save Rs 1000, just because of this Combo deal.

      I have a date eating Samsung Note and i was able to ate almost 89MB in 24 Hours…while it am 24/7 connected..

      • na bhai 15rs are too much, 450rs monthly

        is say acha mobilink 150rs wala monthly package kara loon net kay liay.

        baki sirf on-net voice calls ki aur sms ke feature achi nahi is package ke

        • @Aaqil Mahmood Bari baat ha agar app ka monthly bill 500 sa be kam ha :)

          kya bura ha agar 3000 Free Free Mins, 3000 MB with 3000 FREE SMS in 450 monthly , do you think its alot ? lol Mobilink, Telenor, U and Zong, non has such offer i think… Being a student i think i will be having best option

  • This package is pathetic .. Warid walay pesay kaat’tay rehtay hain , lekin na free minutes miltay hain , na sms aur na he internet .. kabhi qismat se mil jay tou net bohat he slow aata hai . DONT ever go for this package ,, it sucks!! And by the way, its NOT UNLIMITED, just 110 minutes, 100sms and 100mb net, jisay yeh UNLIMITED keh rahay hain

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