Firefox Unveils its Launcher for Android

Mozilla Lancher for Android

Firefox has announced a new launcher for Android that is aimed at replacing home-screens for better productivity. Designed with co-operation from EverythingMe (a company based out of Israel) the new launcher is made to enhance efficiency.

The launcher checks your smartphone routine and then offers recommendations regarding the content you are searching for. These recommendations can also be based at any present time of the day.

For example, in the morning, it will automatically inform you with the news and weather updates.

The launcher also features a built-in search bar which offers various recommendations from the web and apps alike. For instance, searching for your favourite artist will give you links to Spotify, Youtube and the music player.


It also categorizes apps in folders for you. For now, Mozilla hasn’t given us a date as to when we should expect it on the Play Store but more updates should follow in the coming weeks.