Google Starts Showing Pakistani Currency for Apps on Play Store

Play Store

Google has included Pakistan in the list of supported countries for showing local currency for Google Play products.

After this, Google’s Play Store is now showing prices for apps  for users in Pakistan in Pakistani rupees, which will mean that Pakistani users can now make regular app purchases and in-app purchases in local currency.

Move will not only benefit users but will also let the local developers to set the prices for their apps in local currency.

Google – according to its support page – will deduct app prices in local currency for any purchases made in Pakistan regardless of developers’ default Price and Currency.

With local pricing, users will be able to save currency conversation charges. Minimum price for any app on Play Store is set at Rs. 105 and can go up to Rs. 21,000.

Android Users in Pakistan have confirmed ProPakistani that they are already seeing prices for apps on Play Store in Pakistan rupees.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Great! Thumbs up fpr Developers and users of Pakistan!

  • Omair Ahmed

    As a Pakistani I can confirm only few ppls are ready to pay such prices. I am not proud to say that I am also among those whose use free apps…But yes I am among those whose income doesn’t permit to buy apps..!

    • Shahid Saleem

      Really? Your income prevents it? You cannot afford to pay Rs 100-500 for apps? Even if you buy one app a month, I am very skeptical when you say you cannot afford it.

      In today’s Pakistan, Rs 100 is nothing.

      • Javed Khan

        It amazes me that people will sell their body to buy that 50-100k smartphone, but are unwilling to spend 100-500 RS on apps that genuinely benefits them and help the developer who built them :|

        Such hypocrisy. Much Amaze. Wow.

        • Khurram ShahzAd

          May be because spending all that money people have a big pool of free apps which they can use. So if some free app is serving a purpose and serving it well, no one would go for a payed one unless you have too much money to throw off.

          But if there is really an app which is so unique and useful so that in free section similar is not available, plus someone needs that functionality, then yes people would go for it. for sure.

          Plus using a free app does not mean you are not rewarding the developer. Dev would have already monetized the app and he/she get the due share via clicks and/or impressions on ads shown in apps.

      • MMMTheHacker

        What is your problem man?????? Why should someone BUY an app when there are so many FREE alternatives available for it??? You have problem with everyone and everything.

        • Shahid Saleem

          You seem upset. Are you a software pirate?

          Tell me, if there are always good free alternatives to paid apps, then why does piracy exist?


          • your father

            you seem so stupid person in propakistani i just reading ur all comments and cant stop laughing at u i guess no 1 listening to u at home thats y you always trying to be smart when the fact everyone knows that ur mindless person in propakistani

            • Shahid Saleem

              You failed at refuting any of my points. You lose, badly.

              • your father

                hahhahahahahahahahahaha lol i lose i have so pity on u :D

              • Mohammad ShahZaib

                BRO kindly tell me how can i purchase app and deposit money in google play in PKR??? Waiting your reply on [email protected]

                • Shahid Saleem

                  why ask me? i don’t work at google.

                  i use a payment method accepted by google wallet (i.e. a visa credit card)

                  • Mohammad ShahZaib

                    i ask you because you are expert in googling, and supporting google as like you are spokesman of google :)

                    • Shahid Saleem

                      There are over 30,000 Google employees around the world. I think at least 500 must be Muslim, possibly a lot more.

                      Go ask them why they still work at the company you hate, and how they justify it. Maybe you will learn something.

                    • Mohammad ShahZaib

                      You mean you are supporting only 500 Muslims upon 2 Arab Muslims… lolx :)
                      *PLZ GROW UP*

                    • Shahid Saleem

                      actually you are comparing fewer than 200 million muslims in Pakistan (the only country with the site blocked for your favourite reason) with the rest of all Muslims. and of those 200 million in this country majority do not care if it is unblocked.

                      So, you are really a minority viewpoint here.

                  • Muhammad Waqar

                    hi bro i also want to know how can i use my visa or dabit card in google playstore.. whatsapp me plzz +923133622793

          • MMMTheHacker

            lols. Piracy exists today and it’ll in the future. Though I don’t use pirated APPS (on android) but I do use Pirated softwares and I can challenge you that you have atleast one pirated software on your pc. And if you are using Windows then probably you are using 2 pirated softwares.


            • Shahid Saleem

              Very easy to answer that question. I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!

              My answer: I don’t use Windows on my personal machines, only Linux. The only paid programmes I have are games from Steam. I have zero pirated softwares.

              I do own a licensed copy of XP Pro which I bought for Rs 8400 in 2002. I don’t have it installed on any system anymore. I just use Linux.

              Ha ha, typical of your hacked smacked brane.

              • Javed Khan

                The level of ignorance on this website is too damn high.

                Can’t really blame them. Brain-washed masses like these are a blight on this country.

    • Ehsan

      There may be HTC One or Samsung S4 in your pocket that is why your pocket does not permit you. :P Strange,,, meray khayal me jab aik cheex muft mil rahi ho to kharidnay ki kia zarorat hai…

  • tungi

    spending on google app store is risky, as compared to apple’s store!i cant risk wasting my money on an app made by someone as a rip off

    • Salman Abbas

      lol Apple fan boy much? We’ve user reviews for a reason.

      • tungi

        nup..a galaxy user who has seen much of google store

    • abobobilly

      You can’t risk wasting your money or can’t risk using your brain?

      How about “explain” to me “HOW” do you think its risky spending on Apps on Play Store. Because by your theory, every app available on Play Store is “made by someone as a rip off”.

      How about being sensible in making arguments instead of being childish?

      • Javed Khan

        Smartphones are made for smart people for a “reason”. The level of stupidity of Apple fanbase is too damn high :)

        • Ammar

          You must really think of yourself as someone incredibly smart just because you rooted your phone or something.

          • Javed Khan

            Haye saara. Jal k kaala kawwa na ban jayee :p

  • Osama Obaid

    What about google’s products (like Nexus) purchase from play store? Do they support Pakistan now?

    • abobobilly

      Google’s other services (like Play Music’s All Access etc) are still not available/Supported in Pakistan so i’d say NO.

    • Javed Khan

      We’re getting there. But I’d say the biggest obstacle in this matter is none other than your Government/ PTA or the mullah brigade.

      • Ammar

        PTA has nothing to do with the Play Store. You get Apple products officially here in Pakistan. It’s just that Google doesn’t give a rats ass about Pakistan.

  • Zia

    Is there any news regarding 3G network m Pakistan whn thy will start ?

  • Israr Khan


  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    Google once again showed its interest for people outside US and Europe. I hope Apple’s App Store to follow this soon.

    • Ammar

      Huh? There already is an App Store for Pakistan region. You can use your local credit card to buy apps. I do it all the time.

      • Shahid Saleem

        And on what devices do you install the apps? On an iPod Touch? That’s the only hardware Apple officially sells that can use the app store.

        When will your beloved Apple sell iPhones and iPads with warranty?

        • Ammar

          Heard of the MacBook?

          • Shahid Saleem

            Oh, I understand Apple-lover logic now. In order to get FREE APP STORE I have to only spend Rs 1,30,000 on an Apple Macbook! HA HA! Free! Only costs Rs 1,30,000!

            You apple lovers should stop talking now. When foot in mouth, don’t mumble. you mumbler!

            I repeat: Apple does NOT sell iPhone or iPad officially in this country. Yes, Apple resellers have them. Even your Mediacentre gives a “local warranty” with them. But if you look on Apple’s OWN sites, they will give you a list of their premier partners and resellers and services centres in Pakistan, but ONLY for Mac and iPod.

            I guess Apple is too dumb to update their own sites.

            • Ammar

              Yeah but Apple sells MacBook officially in Pakistan. And iMac. And Mac Pro. What hardware does Google sell? That’s right. NOTHING.

              And WTF is a ‘free app store’. You high or something?

              • Shahid Saleem

                You must have a hard on for hardware ha ha!

                Once again, back to the same argument. Apple SELLS you hardware and you love them. Google gives you software away for FREE and you hate them. Google gives you services for FREE and you hate them.

                And you know why the difference is important? Because you can use Google software and services on any OS. On any laptop. On any phone. They don’t care. The more the merrier! But with Apple you are stuck with what they will sell you or allow you to see (on their app store).

                This is Stockholm syndrome, right here. You’ll just never see it.

                (FYI, I typed all my comments on a MBP, and I have used Apple for years and years but unlike you…I am not branedead.)

      • Rizwan Yaqoob

        Well, I’ve an iPhone 5s and it doesn’t show local prices (PKR) even after choosing Pakistan as my current location.

  • mjaved1345

    hahahha Pakistani only use Cracked apps

  • Geekpk

    Windows Phone Store already had this feature.

  • Shakeel

    Great post! Can you please change the reference image with a better resolution. Kind if hard to read.

  • Shahid Saleem

    Even despite your optimisim it is a fact that people do not pay for paid apps. Monetization is REALLY BAD on Android, much better on iOS. There is a lot of piracy, even for cheap $1.99 apps.

  • Shahid Saleem

    Um, then why are they pricing apps in Rupees if they don’t care? Why are they holding tech talks in Isb, Lhe, Khi?

    Compared with Apple (who does not still sell iPhones officially in Pakistan), Google is way ahead.

    • Ammar

      Hmm. Let’s see. Would I care more about ‘tech talks’ or actual, physical products? The fact that there are authorised Apple dealers and service centres in Pakistan, with official Apple warranty, beats anything Google has to offer.
      Tell me, where can I purchase any Google hardware in Pakistan with official warranty?

      • Shahid Saleem

        The only consumer hardware Google makes and sells is the Chromecast, THAT’S IT. And seeing that almost all the services on the Chromecast are either not available outside US or banned by our government, then what’s the point of them selling it here, with or without warranty?

        None of Nexus phones or tablets are made by Google. They are all freely available in the local market by the companies that sell them like Brightex (Nexus 4) or Samsung (Nexus, Nexus S).

        And as for why you should care? GOOGLE GIVES YOU THINGS FOR FREE. APPLE CHARGES YOU MONEY. And you compare the two and think Apple does more for you??? Man I don’t even understand your brane damage.

        • Ammar

          It doesn’t matter who they are made by. They belong to Google. Google subsidises their price. Google decides where they want to sell them. If you think ASUS has anything to do with the Nexus 7 after they’ve manufactured it, you’re mistaken.

          And what exactly does Google give me for free?

          BTW before you reply I suggest you keep your stupid personal comments to yourself. You don’t know me, I don’t know you. So quit it with the ‘brain damage’ BS. It’s spelt BRAIN btw, not BRANE.

          • Shahid Saleem

            Wow you are not a typical Apple user. You’re too dumb to be a typical Apple user.

            They do not belong to Google. Google does not subsidize a single Nexus device. Full Stop. If you believe otherwise, it is only that: a belief. Not a verifiable fact.

            Asus provides hardware warranty support. Google provides software support for only Nexus devices, not any other Android devices.

            What does Google give you for free? AOSP. ChromeOS. Gmail. Chrome. Go language. What does Apple give non-Apple users for free?

            You can take snipes at Google for not selling their device here but you are always silent on comparison with Apple’s iPhone. Not. Sold. Here.

            • Ammar

              You really are utterly clueless about how Nexus devices are priced on the Play Store. So let’s just leave it at that.

              BTW; where can I get a Google Chrome Pixel with Google warranty in Pakistan? I want to exchange it with my Retina MacBook Pro.

              • Shahid Saleem

                I thought you meant “google pays asus or lg $XXX for every Nexus 7/4/5 they build to keep the price down”. Because, you know, that’s what a SUBSIDY is. Did you use Apple’s dictionary to look up that word?

                As for the pixel, you got me. I completely forgot that chromebook.

  • Amir Mufc

    so we can buy apps without having international credit cards now?

  • Usman Jatt

    it shows u pakistani rupess when ur using pakistani rom version of android other wise it dosent


    Can anyone tell me how can i purchase app in google play in Pakistani Rupees? How can i deposit PKR in google wallet?

  • Rana Imran

    Just bought Poweramp Full Version Unlocker for PKR105. But when I see its price in Dollar, its $3.99. Is the price/discount only for Pakistan?

  • Azaan Malik

    but my currency show in saudi riyals, even i but my cell from pakistan… How can i change it plz help…