Everything You Need to Know About Apps [Infographic]

Do you know which app category is growing at the fastest rate? And which mobile platform’s users download least paid apps? If the answer is no, then you need to see this new infographic by Blogmost.

This certainly is one of the more vibrant data analyses we’ve seen in recent times. Yet, it is extremely informative. Scroll down to check it out.


    • Developer didn’t gave it a chance and took down too quickly just after it took off with massive success.

      • It was just a (very successful) marketing stunt.. he got over 145 K retweets on twitter alone. He’s still making money off the in-app ads and Flappy Bird is still being distributed around on many blogs and forums.

        • Yeah you are right but if he would have given a timeline, lets say “I am taking the app down in one week, can’t take it anymore”, he would have better results. As on official stores you can expect best results on third party ones there are more chances of clone or fake APKs be distributed.

          Plus not sure why have he not decided to bring app back on official stores.

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