Mobile Companies to Start Trial 3G Services Just in Days


Telecom operators in Pakistan are going to commence trial 3G services in Pakistan with-in few days, confirmed us a source who had information about the development.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had announced that mobile operators in Pakistan will be granted free trial license for 3G so they may test and fine tune their services before the license auction.

After the announcement, operators had requested PTA for NOC for commencing the trial services. PTA in response had asked FAB to allocate the required spectrum to cellular companies so they may start offering trial 3G services.

FAB has now all the necessary approvals from cabinet division and mobile phone companies are set to launch trial 3G services.

It merits mentioning here that such testing of 3G services are for trial and non-commercial basis, i.e. operators will not offer high-speed 3G broadband services to customers. Instead they will internally hard test the infrastructure and equipment to get prepared the proper launch after the auction that is planned in April 2014.

It maybe recalled that government has announced the auction of three 3G and two 4G licenses in April. IM for the auction is expected today or tomorrow at most, which will reveal an exact date of the auction.

Masses will able to enjoy 3G (and probably 4G too) with-in two weeks after the license auction in April.

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  • I think Mobilink has already started Public 3G trial… atleast I got few hours of good 3G service few days back in Karachi.

  • O yar 2G tou theak chala lo… 3G chalana hai inhon nay… @Telenor, Mobilink, Warid & Zong… Literally 0% connectivity since last week here in ISB. Call Drops & Dial Number is Invalid… WTF !!!…. China Equipment FTW :D

  • i hope and pray that mobilink manages to grab 4G. Then I will not have to change my network to get high speed internet.

    On same time these operators must provide high speed internet without any so called fair usage caps.

    • Hoping for the same.

      Not to bust your bubble but I don’t think mobile networks provide data without strict fair usage caps in any country :(

      • Yes, and in Pakistan things with mobile networks and data restrictions are worst. Current monthly unlimited internet have ridiculous 500MB usage caps. But with 3G/4g things would get better but want them better enough so I can easily get say a 8mbps unlimited with 30GB or 60GB cap. That 8mbps part would definitely be in case my operator grabs 4G instead of 3G.

        But then I guess what I am hoping here is kinna unrealistic if we see our telecom sector. Lets see what happens.

  • gud news im release hogya pta ki site par para hay
    auction 7 april ko hogee
    im main likha tha k minimum 3g speed 2100 mhz main 512 kbps hoge

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