Google Removes Anti-Islamic Film from YouTube


Google has finally removed the anti-Islamic video from YouTube after a US court ordered the removal of the movie.

The Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) as well as Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has confirmed the removal of movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’ and around 1,000 other links from its website.

The removal of these blasphemous and anti-Islam videos should surely pave the way for reopening of YouTube services in Pakistan. However, it is worth mentioning here that Google has vowed to challenge the ruling of US court.

If the government decides to reopen YouTube in the country it must also devise a policy in case Google wins the case.

It will be a welcome sign to see the opening of YouTube before the expected 3G and 4G auction in the coming months.

Video streaming is a major chunk of data consumption over 3G and 4G around the world; with the auction expected to take place in just a few weeks time now, mobile users will definitely hail the reopening of YouTube services in the country.

YouTube has been banned in Pakistan since September 2012 when an anti-Islamic film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ sparked worldwide protests. On Wednesday this week a US court ordered the removal of the film after a lawsuit by an actress who claimed she was tricked into appearing in the blasphemous film.

The Minister of State for IT Ms. Anusha Rehman, the Secretary IT Akhalque Ahmed Tarar, and Chairman PTA Dr Ismail Shah are all currently abroad. Upon their arrival back to Pakistan we can expect some more development in this story.

  • Bet money Google will win the case and the video will be back up.

    I don’t understand the “happiness” of certain individuals about this news because this is FAR from being a “happy” news. This has now taking a more disturbing turn, and we’ve seen many examples of HOW US courts can sometimes discriminate like hell.

    • update.. Google lost appeal against court decision…
      by the way … how much money you were going to bet… :p

      • That is infact, some good news. “hopeful” to be very least.

        And i’d think twice before “actually” betting any money :p Its haram anyway -.-

  • most of us searching songs and movie in youtube then we r saying will use the youtube for education and education my foot i guess even not 1% people will search about education

    • it doesnt matter for what we search the main reason is the blockage iif some one dont like the content they have choice to just close the link or open another one its as simple as that no need for govt to decide everything for us

    • lol dnt b that guy … every thing has its good and bad side … i use youtube for educational purpose … ur more than invited to check my browser history … the thing is youtube is one of the site that provide vast ammount of video tutorial that are not avalable any where else .. in comparison to songs … not matter if youtube is blocked ppl will find song on other video web sites like dailymotion or lots of indian web sites …. but i can find a video tutorial on how to root my andriod cell phn … i said video … not text … bcz i knw now ur gona arguee that txt tutorials are avalble all over internet … still its matter of choice of how u use it … so if u use it jst for song it doesnt mean evey 1 else in the world also does

    • During my entire life of YouTube, i have NEVER searched a single Song on YouTube ….
      …. Because other more reliable and quality sources were available :p

      Ok jokes apart. But really, i have NEVER used YouTube for this purpose. There are many tutorials, reviews, guides, etc available which help a lot of people in a lot of ways. I learned to Overhaul a bike’e engine from YouTube, learned to repair Mice, Keyboard, learned Photoshop, CorelDraw. Passed my first interview with the help of YouTube … and god knows what else have i learned from there plenty of which i don’t even remember atm.

      Just because a tiny bit of “suckers” use YouTube for a certain purpose, doesn’t mean the rest of the population is crooked as well. So if you, your children, your family or your friends are indulged in this habbit where they (mis)use YouTube then its clearly your own problem, and you should not turn away from its benefits.

      Always remember, BE A FAIR MINDED INDIVIDUAL. You simply DO NOT expect a specific thing to have “Advantages Only”. Heck eggs, which are one of the most nutritious meal can have disadvantages for certain, or if used in excess.

    • Heard of Khanacademy? You prolly dont but millions do and make use of this amazing service. It helped me in my O/A Levels and is still helping me during my under-grad.

    • Asalam u Alykum

      i am a tutorial maker and good number of Pakistani people are following us on youtube. if you don,t know any thing don,t write bout it,

  • After another month there will be another video and they will ban it again so i dont think they should unblock it.

  • It looks like that google, instead of removing the video, have posted a message that shows how much it loves that video and can even fight for it in the court. Pakistanis/Muslims are living without youtube and they can still live without youtube. However, I’m not sure if ProPakistani and some other youtube lovers and addicts can live without it anymore as they are on ventilator since September 2012. It’s pretty much hard for them to survive.

    • its not if they can live with it or not. the question is about freedom of expression why govt have to decide everything for us. we destroyed our country for this and still we hope for them to make decision for us
      if u dont like anything dont watch it just dont run to mummy everytime something bad happens

          • Do you know who were those people who targeted innocent people and burned properties of innocent which was worth millions? We all know that they were not the legitimate protesters and I can even tell to which political party they belonged to but I know that my comment will be edited by the admin.

      • Umar you should also say that gov shoul close its hospitals, schools even all the ministries and then parliament because they all working for the states and then you stop following imran khan, nawaz sharif and zardari because they are useless.let the people decide each and everything for their own, dont ask gov to give you 3g or 4g service. let the people would get all the services/products by themself.obviously a govt cant decide that what is good and bad for you..Hazrat Ali R.A and Sahabas RA were dictators because they do same things like that
        i am not supporting govt btw but your arguement was baseless

      • You should be ashamed of yourself. How easy it is for you to show your love for that stupid “freedom of expression” that gives everyone the right to talk/write anything bad about my beloved Prophet. We don’t want that made in US “freedom of speech” stuff here in Pakistan and all the other Islamic countries. And how exactly did this destroyed our country? If you are against the gov then I wonder what are your thoughts about Khilafat?

    • We are not living without youtube, we are just forced to use other means to search it.

      I want youtube back, it’s not my fault I can’t access good stuff because some one pissed in the library.

  • Another story is in the rush. Katy Perry’s New music video of ‘Dark Horse’ is blasphemous at 1:15. A man is shown being burned, whilst wearing a pendant (also burned) forming the word ALLAH. So, another day, another reason to block youtube.

    • h t t p : / / w w w . b b c . c o m / n e w s / e n t e r t a i n m e n t – a r t s – 2 6 3 6 6 2 4 9
      The video has already edited and the pendant is removed.

  • Derah arub musalman meray samet, youtube par aik film nahi banad kera saka……..aur siraf aik larki na Qanoon ka sahara la ker saab ki bolti baan kar di. America ma Qanoon zinda ha…sharam sa mar jana cha-hiya.

    1.5 Billion muslim including myself unable to make Youtube shut down this video, and the actress through US Courts make Google stop it. Hats off to the lady and the US Court system. So Shameful for all of us.

    • Egypt main Hazraoo logo na road pa protest kiya Libya main American Ambassador ko mar diya, karachi, lahore, islamabad main rang barangy molvio na cinema, hotel, restaurant jala diye or 30 35 innocent muslims ko qatal kar diya , 2 saal sa Pakistan main youtube band hai 7 countries main video available he nhi hai. Ab or kya karain??

      • taliban k sath mil kr america chalty hain or waha ja ka google py hamly karty hain.. lol
        I already said that if there would be some legal proceedings against Google over this issue.. it would be removed.. but there was only road march.. i appreciate the love of Muslims and I am one of them but there is always a way to do some thing..

  • The federal government servants are enjoying at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on public expense and taxes so least pushed on any other matters.

    • from which country, govt officials come on private expenses.. what would you do if you would be at their place… they are on official visit.. nothing more…

        • He will follow his own advice. Why can’t you?

          Do you try every drug you hear of? Or do you exercise self control? If you can do that with drugs alcohol why not vidoes?

          • Well thats a PrePredicted Suggeston supposed to be given by you Answer when Talking About America/Israel and AntiMuslims Contents

            • You didn’t answer the question. Why can’t you follow his advice? There is nothing wrong with it.

        • i wasn’t expecting such comments from you… Check my other comments over this issue. My point was that if Muslims community in US would file law suit against Google then it would be very difficult for them to defend their point of view… however it was a general advice for Muslims to avoid from such content over internet specially youtube etc… what’s wrong in it

  • Behold! Lets notice how stubborn Google is. Copyrights are copyrights. We sure can smell something is burning. These jewish pigs definitely have a hatred for Islam. Otherwise, they would not have posted such a hilariously ridiculous notice. I cant recall even a single incident where they did so in past.
    I request all pakistanis (except one retatrd who will soon target this suggestion with his delusional logic) that instead of being cry babies, they should install ad blockers in their browsers. A douche company which uses shady offshore companies to steal a few million dollars from tax net, will definitely be hurt by our reaction.

  • hey all of you listen to be very carefully that this is all bulshit… you know why because 3g and 4g is launching and our so called ministers and politicians just took a step and made this possible to reopen the youtube…… i think most of us just understand my these lines…… its just business strategy nothing else…… got my words…..

    • Our ministers had no say in court decision in the US on a copyright case.

      Our ministers, I remind you have still not opened Youtube even after their main excuse is gone.

      • sir!!! Then what is this???? The Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) as well as Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has confirmed the removal of movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’ and around 1,000 other links from its website.

        • Confirmed the removal does not mean something the PTA did caused the removal. They are just reporting that it is no longer available.

          Our politicians/ministers took no step in its removal.

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