Government of Sindh Begins Online Verification for Bikes


Government of Sindh’s Excise and Taxation Department has begun online verification of two-wheel vehicles registered in Sindh. The online verification of four-wheelers was already in operation since 2012.

In order to gather information about your vehicle you just have to type in the registration number of your car and/or motorbike. Through the use of this service no personal detail is displayed and only the necessary information about the vehicle and the owner’s name is provided.

This vehicle verification website can be accessed HERE.

This system is introduced to assist and enhance the ability of anti-vehicle lifting cells to stop the theft of cars, motorbikes and other vehicles. The online system will also assist in buying and selling of vehicles through proper engine and chassis number check.

Hopefully, this system will also assist the government and security forces in fighting and curbing illegal activities including terrorism.

Through the use of this online verification system you can gather the following information pertaining to the vehicle:

1. Registration No.

2. Registration Date

3. Vehicle Owner Name

4.  Make

5. Tax Payment

6. Model Year

7. Engine No

8. Safe Custody

9. Body Type

10. CPLC

11. Seating Capacity

12. Horse Power

13. Remarks

Propakistani released the story on vehicle verification in 2012 when this system was first introduced by the Government of Sindh. That story with a detailed procedure can be viewed HERE

It is worth mentioning here that the Government of the Punjab also has a similar service which can be accessed HERE.

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    Horse Power : 2013-07-16
    Seating Capacity : 70
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