‘Peshawari Chappal’ Makes its Way into the European Market


Pakistan’s traditional footwear, the ‘Peshawari Chappal/Kheri’, has made its way into the European market under the world renowned fashion brand Paul Smith. Sir Paul Smith is a celebrated English menswear designer.

The ‘chappal’ is on sale on Paul Smith’s online store which can be viewed HERE. This ‘chappal’ is being sold for 300 UK pounds or over $500; this is at least 20 to 30 times higher than the price of the high-end ‘Peshawari chappals’ being sold in Pakistan.

In recent days there was an uproar against this placement and branding of the ‘chappal’ as Mr. Smith failed to credit the design to Pakistan or even the specific region from where the design originates. Mr. Smith calls the ‘Peshawai Chappal’ ‘Robert’; the online store, however, is now crediting the design to be inspired by ‘Peshawari chappal’.

This is an indication that Pakistan’s traditional goods are in demand across European countries; this is something our designers and manufactures must look into. Due to technological advancements, our local manufacturers can now reach out to these European markets directly through the Internet.

Internet is a powerful tool; one that is connecting people around the globe through the World Wide Web. In today’s day and age the internet is more than just a tool used to gather information. The internet is now being used to connect with friends, to watch movies, to stream live broadcasts, to share files and even setting up multibillion dollar businesses.

Pakistani entrepreneurs, manufacturer, and designers should also looking to enter various markets around the globe through the use of internet. This method involves minimum risk and is far more cost effective and time efficient than having a physical presence in these markets.

Pakistan’s software and app developers have been able to penetrate the global market to some extent. Other industries in Pakistan should also look to use the internet and Information Technology (IT) based solutions to interact with European and other global markets.

  • Azi

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    Wow what a techy news :)

    • Bilal Iqbal

      selling a chappal through Technology.. that is Techy news… lol

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        Selling chappals is left for Pro Paki’s now ?

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      Great Comment … :-P

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    What happened to ProPakistani??? It used to be a technology resource and now you are selling paul smith chappals. LOL

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    AAmir what Happens to Pro-Pakistani…? Any Technology used by “Pual Smith” in these Chappals…….lollllzzzzzzzzz

  • When there is No TECH update, SELL SHoes :D LOL Amir…

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    From the past few months propakistani is posting rubbish material. Paid posts, press release and irrelevant articles.
    Paul smith chappals created a stir on twitter this week but now this is an old news and it would be stupid to post it on a telecom blog.

  • Ali Sharif

    Ohh.. i thought european shoe maker made a 3G/4G LTE Chappals,
    that why its on ProPakistani… :G(

    • Bilal Iqbal

      HD screen … micro sim… SD cards… sensitive touch.. all in Peshawari Chappal… :p

      • You forgot the PinkRibbon 4.0 Wireless technology :)

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          it also has NFC…
          for controlling children… :p

          • Nasir

            well thats not a latest feature in these chapals, I am seeing this feature working very efficiently since my child hood :( but it may have some upgraded version with more accuracy and some range enhancelments

            • Bilal Iqbal

              this is due to Kit Kat… :)

  • Muhammad Imran Khan

    sue those europian…. patent it….

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    These chappals have built in WiFi…Touch Leather…Foot Pressing Sound and etc etc..
    Specially save u from Drone Attacks :-P

  • Faisal Khan

    Link is not working, it is taking to propakistain page which lead with the correct page url i.e http:///www.paulsmith.co.uk/us-en/shop/mens/shoes/men-s-black-high-shine-leather-robert-sandals.html

  • Farrukh Khan

    Lanat hay peshawari chappal pe bhi goray ka name. atlest kahen to apni originality dekhao pakistanio (including my self)