World Bank to Assist in Setting up Technology Parks in Pakistan


Minister of State for Information Technology, Ms. Anusha Rahman held a consultative session with the World Bank Country Director Mr. Rachid Benmessaoud, at the Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT), to discuss the mutual collaboration, cooperation and opportunities to strengthen the IT industry in Pakistan.

The Minister of State for IT brieded Mr. Benmessaoudon about the steps that have been taken by the present Government to accelerate the growth of IT and Telecom industry in Pakistan.

Minister stated that Pakistan’s IT industry has seen steady progress despite global recessions and regional setbacks. The government is providing a complete package of incentives to the local IT industry that were formulated after extensive discussions with relevant stakeholders.

Ms. Anusha Rahman said that her objective was to further enhance the share of Pakistan’s IT industry in the global arena, and in this respect, numerous steps have already been taken by the Ministry of Information Technology.

Some of the recent achievements including the accelerated program for e-Governance implementation, Multipurpose Community Tele-centers and entrepreneurship programs for the youth.

The Minister of State for IT emphasized the need for the establishment of the state-of-the-art Technology Parks as being instrumental to promote collaboration, digitization and innovation in both traditional socio-economic sectors and new emerging technologies. She stated that she would welcome collaboration and technical assistance from the World Bank in the establishment of Technology Parks on strategic locations around the country.

The Country Director appreciated the efforts of the Ministry of IT under her leadership and stated that adoption of Information and Communication Technologies is immensely important for the development of any country as has been proven through positive correlation between adoption of ICT and macroeconomic indicators.

The Country Director assured that the World Bank would actively look into providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Information Technology for establishment of the state-of-the-art Technology Parks in Pakistan.

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