Zong Achieves 25 Million Customers


Zong yesterday announced that it has achieved the landmark of having 25 million customers on its network.

Zong – part of China Mobile – achieved this mark in just five years of its operations in Pakistan.

Having such high growth rate in customers’ acquisition, however, isn’t helping company’s balance sheets. This is due to the fact that company bears industry’s lowest paying customers on its network with Average Revenue Per User per Month of Rs. 142 only.

Zong says that majority of its customers are young.

Apparently Zong is perusing for customers only and not the revenues generated through them. They are trying to take a leading position in the market before aggressively working on other dimensions of the business model.

Check below the pattern of Zong’s customers’ acquisition over the years:


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  • Look at the cakes and size of the cakes two 2 pound cakes, look at the mentality of this company. How it behaves with it employees.

  • interesting article, might i add that this seems to be a very one sided article. Zong has shown great might to ensure that they have reached this mark and becoming no.3 has created waves in the telecom industry.Amir being recognized as a industry expert doesnt mean you try to create negativity towards a progressive organization

  • @saeed it must be a miracle that they have reached 25 Mill, kindly give credit where credit is due. @testy aap tau bari hii choti soch ke niklay hahaha grow up dude

  • Ufone seems to have lost its way, theyve gone from being number 2 to number 4, Amir maybe you should write about that… also how strongly has breaking even helped them make its mark in the industry?

    • Zong isn’t officially number three yet. Ufone had achieved 25 Mil in Nov 2013. I am supporting the facts, while you are apparently motivated by feelings :-)

  • i forgot to add, Amir you seem to be losing your credibility by become partial towards operators. Good luck with keeping your position as the top telecom reporter.

  • Besides “Lowest Paying Customer” or anything
    Fact remains that its providing Lowest Rates

  • @testy – Please share your contact details so the chinese may order the cake from your bakery next time

  • with
    due respect, size of the cake & number of Chinese in the pic
    (despite of fact milestone is achieved in Pakistan) shows their
    signature style..And yes, congratulations to all who have contributed in

  • @aamir7:disqusI think we should also appreciate the fact that atleast one of the operator is not going for the revenues by over charging us

    • the main reason for low revenue is that people use ZonG as part time or Package SIM.. they use it for SMS or Internet but not as Primary SIM which is used for regular calls like Telenor and Mobilink…

      • most of the revenue generated by Mobilink and Telenor is form their Corprate Customers They are their back bone

        • of coursse.. even our organization is using their corporate offers… where as Zong lacks this level of service and coverage… just a favorite brand for young generation…

  • its means that in these days Zong is the most efficient ,progressive and continuously developing network in the telecommunication world. Zong offers their services at the lowest rate rather than other telecommunication network in Pakistan. our young generation also like this network.

  • Whatever the news is BUT I switched from Ufone to Zong and so far very satisfied with the coverage, tariff etc. I believe I made good decision after suffering distortion, ever rising tariff, poor voice quality and zero internet connectivity on Ufone in Rwp/Isb,
    I fear, they will soon officially lose number 2 ranking lest they improve their services.

  • Congratulations.
    Zong – The best telecom operator in Pakistan. Zong will soon be leading operator of Pakistan InshaAllah.

  • While everyone is bitching about Zong’s quality , i where live has exceptional services , No call drop or whatsoever , hence i may Congratulate to Zong & Wish them best of luck for their bright future and Number 1 telecom operator in Pakistan ,

  • Congratulations.
    Zong – The best telecom operator in Pakistan. Zong will soon be leading operator of Pakistan InshaAllah.

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