Warid Enjoys Top Paying Customers in the Market



Warid, the company with lowest subscription base, enjoys the best paying or highest ARPUed customers in Pakistan’s cellular industry.

As a matter of fact, Warid is generating more revenues than Zong suggesting how strong Warid customer base is when compared to Zong’s apparently dormant subscriptions.

Not to forget, Zong has almost double the subscribers of Warid.

According to a document released by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (IM for 3G/4G Licenses), cellular companies generated $3.2 billion during 2012-13 with an (normalized) industry ARPU of Rs. 220.

Mobilink lead the market with $960 million in revenues during the reported year. Its ARPUs stood at Rs. 225.

Telenor ranked second with $896 million revenues and ARPU of Rs. 242.

Check below table for more details on individual revenues of all telecom operators of Pakistan:


*ARPU is based on yearly revenues and for fiscal year 2012-13

Zong with normalized ARPU of mere Rs. 142 is standing a long way back in the ranking. It is adding subscriptions rapidly, however churn rates seems to be the worst in its case while revenue generating transactions are at lowest possible levels.

Interestingly – like we have said this before – anyone buying Warid will make a wonderful proposition for itself especially when 3G/4G is about to get auctioned. After introduction of 3G/4G, ARPU of such loyal and high paying customers of Warid will only get growing.


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    • May be or may not be..!!! according to my research Warid will get 3G, but it’s not confirm…!!

  • its quality i guess matters to most!i didnt used to get signals for zong on ground floor nad had to run out to catch signals. i changed to warid mnp, and am happy as ever

  • i am using warid since 2009 and never had a single problem, while using zong i am disappointed and switched to another network

  • As using Warid since 2005 and ported in 2007 I never think about to change back to maybelink (mobilink) but I think Warid is not going for new spectrum auction

  • I’m using Warid Prepaid since 2009 and completely satisfied with the services offered. The quality offered is simply the best. But my question is how the quality is best? I mean if they are using some superior instruments on their towers, base stations etc. or is it just good management of its employees?

    • If network quality than surely it is equipment (Like Warid using Ericsson) and after sales service needs good sales and customer service team.

  • I have heard from many people that Warid is doing legit business and they do not deduct balance and put hidden unlike other networks. If you do business with honesty, you will always earn more profit and people’s respect. I will soon be porting my number to Warid, fed up with Zong

      • As per the Information Memorandum – 850 MHz is open only to new entrants. You really should counter-check your facts before regurgitating whatever you hear. It isn’t like the memorandum isn’t available.

  • I would like to this after reading this post that Warid is the best network in Pakistan but peoples are unaware. Warid has least numbers of customers because they dont compromise on quality. Pakistanis want cheap things not the quality.

  • I have been using warid since 2005. It is good but they are Pakistan’s Biggest Na-shukray ! The do not care about customers like us. Now a days, i am trying to switch to Mobilink because of 50 Paisa per 30 sec call rates. I wish Warid teach some lesson to 321 guys who do not care about the customers.

  • I have been using Warid 2G internet since 2 years, its speed always is 25 KB/s, that is awesome. I download 100MB file just an hour. I love you Warid..!! Please! Get 3G..!!!

    • @disqus_ho5Sa2OsOt:disqus: I do not think that Warid is going for this, which is even sad for all of us. This is the best operator and we will now beg for Quality after Warid being sold out. We really enjoyed best network and world class service from Warid

  • as`salam O alaikum , i have read all this and its really surprising for me honestly that Warid is best in RPU and the only best company who is gonna make money but the other hand we been warid franchisee screwed up by our administration , since May 2005 the launch year we are suffering by IT and fiancee department . never gets out intensive properly many more to share but being a part of this company i have to be loyal and wish might these officials be loyal like us , SOrry to say they are losers. i also request to PTA to look after this matter and save us to at-least live ,

  • Network Quality wise i bet no other company even near to Warid Alhamdulillah , Biggest Post Costumers Base in market best signals best connectivity best voice quality i mean over all the best . no doubt call rate are bit higher than Zong Ufone or Telenor but its worthy to pay more for the quality , other these companies are surviving with young Generations Screwed packages , i think these kind of sms and voice packages should be ban to save our young Generation. Beside all the good things with Warid i must say the management should be in loyal and honest hands which unfortunately not at this time.

    • hmm…!!! Our government only want to make money. They are only filling their bank. I agree with you that Late Night SMS,VOICE and Internet Packages should be banned.

  • Been a Warid customer since 2006. Switched to post-paid a few years back and haven’t looked back. One of the major issues with other telcos is the overcharging, and I always ended up with zero credit. The billing of prepaid is simply out of control. Biggest benefit of post-paid is that you atleast have some measure of control over your billing, not to mention that outgoing never stops unless your cross your credit limit.

    I’d be disappointed if Warid didn’t participate in the 3G/4G auction in April. Their services have definitely gotten better with every passing year.

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