Warid to Offer its Customers to Pay Bills Online via Credit Cards


Warid Telecom recently signed an agreement with HBL to implement an online payment solution for Warid’s customers.

Once implemented, the solution will allow Warid’s customers to pay their postpaid bills on Warid’s website, using any debit card or credit card.

The technology back-end of the system will be provided by CyberSource, Visa’s internet acquiring payments system.

HBL, just recently, had announced its arrangement with Visa Inc’s CyberSource with which it will be able to offer online payment solution to retailers in Pakistan.

Faiq Sadiq, Head Payment Services said ‘This is t he first of its kind solution in Pakistan that ensures secure online payments and convenience for customers. This new online payment solution is keeping in line with our commitment to provide convenient banking services to our customers.”

Mr. Suhail Jan, Chief Commercial Officer, Warid Telecom added ‘With this new online payment solution, in addition to the payment becoming easier and more convenient for Warid postpaid customers it will also be done in the most reliable and secure manner.’

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  • This shows intentions that Warid is not out of race for upcoming auction. As they are working and deploying Systems and investment in network non stop. Last year 20 million dollar for only postpaid billing system. New data warehouse software and lot more. 105 4G sites in Lahore what else you want to confirm about this company. This is one of the potential buyer for 3/4G.

    • Please stop beating around the bush. The question is
      1 Does Warid have the money for 3G/4G licence? Or have the ability given its financial condition to raise this amount?

      Answer is a No and No.

      So Warid will be history. End of story. Everybody at Warid get reemployed and live happily ever after. Bye.

  • i don’t know when mobilink will start thinking like this as they don’t have any postpaid payment solution like this

    • @DJ: if it is postpaid than it is only Warid. Best network and having end to end Ericsson. Maybelink only have central II on Ericsson. Warid Rocks.

    • Totally agree with you Ehmar, its 100% photo shoped, if you look at background, other attendees, chairs, table and ears of the person on left hand side.

  • Correction!!!
    Pls correct in first line “Warid Telecom recently signed an agreement with “”HBK”” to implement an online payment solution for Warid’s customers.”
    HBK to HBL (Y) :)

  • I am NOT a warid subscriber but I see this offer as a best thing a Pakistani org can offer. Atleast now other orgs will also be in race to opt-in for such solution. I would love to pay my internet bill just from home each month other than receiving multiple reminders from my ISP and then going miles out of course to pay my bill.

    Plus its really great on Part of HBL that they have took the lead in providing such an API in Pakistani banking industry. They will definitely get tons of new client, lots of online portals will opt-in for sure.

  • Good initiative but sorry i no longer use warid as they got a pathetic corporate sales team. I regretted big time using warid.

  • Does it make any difference if I go on my internet banking account and do the same what Warid is offering? Though a good step but it doesn’t deserve an achievement story for just integrating e-banking API into their website.

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