HBL to Offer Online Payments Processing Capabilities to Retailers in Pakistan

Left to Right: Nabeel Ahmad – DGM Debit Cards and Acquiring HBL, Gups Jutla – Head of Business Development Middle East CyberSource, Faiq Sadiq – Head Payment Services HBL, Ihab Ayoub – General Manager Middle East & North Africa, Visa Middle East and Mohanish Anant Agni – Head of Acceptance MENA, Visa Middle East.

HBL has launched Internet Acquiring in partnership with Visa Inc’s CyberSource. This new service will allow e-commerce businesses to accept payments online through Visa and other scheme credit and debit cards.

This — first of its kind service offered in Pakistan – is considered to open payment gates for e-commerce websites that are soaring in magnitude over the years now.

This was jointly announced by Mr. Ihab Ayoub, General Manager – Middle East & North Africa, Visa Middle East and Mr. Faiq Sadiq, Head – Payment Services, HBL at a ceremony held at Visa Middle East office in Dubai, UAE.

Also present at the occasion were senior executives of both organizations.

CyberSource is a payment management company, providing a complete portfolio of services to process online payments, streamline fraud management, and simplify payment security.

Established in 1994, CyberSource was one of the pioneers in online payment and fraud management services for medium and large-sized merchants.

In 2010 CyberSource was acquired by, and now operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of, Visa Inc. Today, over 400,000 businesses worldwide use CyberSource solutions.

Speaking at the occasion Mr. Faiq said, “HBL is proud to partner with Visa to launch its CyberSource solution in Pakistan that will enable the bank to facilitate the growing e-commerce businesses in terms of online acceptance of payment using Visa and other payment scheme cards. HBL currently has the largest ATM network and Visa card base in Pakistan and now intends to become the largest card acquirer. HBL has launched Internet Acquiring with Aga Khan Hospital’s Patient Behbud Society for donation collection and will be bringing on other businesses such as airlines, telecommunication operators and other service providers in 2014.”

“The team at CyberSource is delighted to work with HBL,” said Ihab Ayoub, General Manager- Middle East & North Africa, Visa Middle East. “We believe that accelerating e-commerce payments is an important consumer and merchant need in Pakistan. With HBL and CyberSource joining hands, cardholders will be able to transact online conveniently and securely leading to an enriched payment experience and allowing for ecommerce adoption to significantly flourish in the country.”

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  • I opened a
    HBL account when I was studying in high school. The account opening year was
    sometime before 1970. I left Pakistan in
    1980 and when I was back in Pakistan in 1990, I went to the Habib Bank Ichhra branch
    in Lahore to close the account. Because I
    was not using that account and did not need the hassle.

    One bank
    officer gave me one sincere suggestion and said that, “Sir, you have our
    customer for so many decades. Do not close (if you don’t have to) and stay with
    us even if you use it less”. I was affected by his sincerity and decided to not
    close the account.

    Recently, I
    wanted to start using it more and found that I had lost the check book. For the
    last three months I have been talking with HBL HQ people and the HBL branch
    people to get the checkbook. They have all kind of policies/SOP to quote, which
    keeping adding to multiple letters, NOCs, being present in Lahore (while I work
    in Karachi). All of that has consumed
    lots of time and given lots of stress without helping a customer.

    Alas! How much
    values have changed at HBL. Now people are serving policies instead of improving
    policies to serve genuine customers. I do not remember the name of the bank
    officer who requested me, in 1990s, to not close the account. If I remembered that
    professional, I would tell him, “sorry for disappointing you because now I am
    going to close this HBL account.

  • When such news are shared it would be beneficial to give the detail/mechanism of the service rather than sharing shallow statements by VIPs.

    • well this service wont work they cannot afford the risk of fraudulent payments + their employee are too dumb to facilitate the users !

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  • Dear Sir I want to conect my HBL Debit Card with my Paypal Account but they want verification. I have also verified my HBL Account but problem not handled..
    please suggest me.
    jalil ur Rehman
    Email: [email protected]

  • please suggest my how to conact my paypal account with my hbl debit card. computer need verification of card, which is also verified.

    • Ubl Wiz traveller Card is linked in Paypal.Also Paypal tweet me, He is Coming in 2017 after Partnership with Xoom.State Bank Pakistan disallow Paypal because they cannot provide Instant payments via Bank Transfer.Although Paypal transfer money into India Bank with in 24 Hours.

  • HBL Alert:
    I want to share my personal experience with HBL payment gateway.
    I applied for hbl payment gateway in Nov 2017. Completed all documents in 2 days. Got response from them in January for integration. I stated integration all by myself. Their integration team is very lazy and they won’t help you at all with integration. Anyhow I completed the integration all by myself. They asked me to perform test transactions which I did and in Feb 2018, they told me that my account is almost ready all i have to do is perform live test transactions. I performed test transactions and after waiting for many days i got email reply from HBL on 28th March 2018 that my application for payment gateway has been declined by their Risk department. I waited for frustrating 5 months just to hear that my application is rejected. So my advice to all who are going to apply to HBL for payment gateway is “STAY AWAY FROM THEM”. HBL is one of the most pathetic lazy bank in Pakistan. Imagine the pain and financial loss that I have got during last 5 months just to hear that my application is rejected. They took 5 months to reject my application. They charged me Rs 50000 for application and Rs 45000 for integration which I had to do myself and noone helped me from HBL. I wish time could go back 5 months and I would have applied to MCB E gate or some other bank.
    Now I am applying to MCB , lets see how things turn out. Will update everyone about that.

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