Samsung Unveils its First Smart Bulb


Samsung, known for experimenting with tech, has come up with its own competitor to LG and Philip’s intelligent bulbs with its “Smart Bulb”.

The bulb is activated via a smartphone app, which can simultaneously give you command over 64 such LED bulbs.

Connectivity is done via Bluetooth, unlike LG’s bulb which is both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controlled.

There are some interesting tech wiz too. The lightning can be tuned from 2700k (arm white) to 6500k (cool white), and can also be dimmed to just 10% of its capacity, all via the smartphone app. The lifespan of a bulb is around 15,000 hours, or 10 years.

LG Smart Bulb

The announcement comes only days after LG announced its own take on the intelligent bulb. That one comes with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, and is more feature-rich, since it can pulse to a music beat, flash at a phone call and light up to give the illusion to outsiders that you’re at home when you aren’t.

And it costs $32, a substantial sum more than competing LEDs. But then those aren’t Bluetooth-controlled and don’t have the LG (or Samsung) logo.

Samsung hasn’t unveiled the price of the thing right now but it should cost less. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the thing. Are you interested?

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