BlackBerry May Sell its Handset Division if it Doesn’t Become Profitable


BlackBerry’s new CEO, John S. Chen, may have given himself a psychological time limit of 2016 to bring his company back into the light, but that does not mean he is totally sure of the success of this plan.

In a recent interview with Reuters, John S. Chen said that his company will quit making phones if they don’t bring in a profit soon.

“If I cannot make money on handsets,” John S. Chen said, “I will not be in the handset business.”

He did say that it was a bit too early to think of such consequences but thinks that only selling 10 million smartphones will bring the company back in the black. It only sold 3.4 million last quarter.

He still thinks that the company’s long-time customers and corporate buyers are still its strong point. Security has also become more crucial to companies since Edward Snowden unmasked the secrets of NSA.

Of BBM, he said that the messaging platform is not meant to compete with strong entities such as Whatsapp and others, but rather is focused on secure communication.

BlackBerry has been in a torrid condition over the past three years. It has been beaten by Microsoft’s Windows Phone to the third place, and currently holds just 2 percent market share in the smartphone market worldwide