National Cyber Security Bill Introduced in Senate


National Security Council Bill 2014 – aimed at fighting the crimes committed over internet and through computer systems – was presented in the Senate yesterday.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed tabled the bill named as Cyber Security Council Bill 2014.

The bill seeks the establishment of a 30 member ‘National Cyber Security Council’, defines its functions and powers as to develop and draft policy, guidelines and governance models related to ever emerging Cyber Security threat.

Senator termed cyber security as one of the major non-traditional non-military threat the country is facing and addressed the strong need to monitor legislation and provide advice and recommendations as per international best practices.

“Given the clear and present danger of threat to Pakistan’s national security related to Cyber Warfare, as demonstrated by revelations of intrusion into privacy and spying by overseas intelligence networks, and given the context that cyber warfare is currently being weighed actively in the region where Pakistan is located, it is imperative that Pakistan take institutional steps to combat this threat.” Senator Mushahid expressed its objectives.

The Council, according to the bill, shall have the function of and powers to devise strategic plans as well. The bill emphasized to facilitate communications between the Government and private sector entities, Academia, Civil Society, Cyber Security experts and also develop a ten year and twenty year vision.

Senator Mushahid, during the Senate session, also presented recent report of Senate Defence Committee and informed different initiatives taken; such as: Policy Seminar on Cyber Security, establishment of Cyber Security Task Force and publication of a manual for journalists for awareness.

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  • Mobile is a wireless communication, And there is no way you can stop interception from agencies Like CIA. So Mr. Mushahid What exactly you want is to ban cellular usage in this country. Billions of calls been spied by NSA and they will continue to do.. The only way is to start spying their calls and at-last both agree a truce. No spying at both sides.. But before Making any decision think what beggar can do most..(Resource wastage council)

    • Actually you can prevent NSA, etc from listening to your conversations and SMS. But to do that you have to use tools that also prevent the ISI from listening to you.

      That is the problem, the government wants its security agencies to listen to you and monitor your calls and emails and messages, and that is why it is illegal to do things like use encryption for voice calls.

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