SC Directs for Uninterrupted 3G License Bidding Process


The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed that the process of auctioning 3G and 4G spectrum licenses should continue uninterrupted.

The three-member bench headed by Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja resumed the hearing of a petition filed by Khurram Shehzad Chughtai, an information technology expert, who had sought a court order for the government to complete the process of auctioning 3G spectrum licenses on an urgent basis and in a transparent manner, and to ensure early availability of the services.

The court reiterated that 3G and 4G auctions would take place on April 23 and ordered that the revenue generated from the auction would be held in the Federal Consolidated Fund till the decision on to who the same should be transferred.

During the course of proceedings, Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) Chairman Ismail Shah apprised the court that four cellular companies had expressed interest in the auction and submitted a 15 per cent bid bond which had been deposited in the PTA account.

Attorney General for Pakistan Sulman Aslam Butt informed the court that as per Article 70-A of the Constitution revenue generated through such bidding process belonged to the Federation and must be deposited in the Federal Consolidated Fund.

Later the bench adjourned the hearing till third week of May while directing to the government to speed up the process of bidding.

  • Great news for Telecom sector stakeholders. it will open new arenas of development.Win-Win satiation for both government and Telecom companies…..PTA deserves admiration….

  • good news for people of pakistan that 3g and 4g is launching together and its a positive sign know we will also compete in telecommunication sector with our neighbour countries

  • that the great effort of PTA and Pakistan Government i see in previous blogs the “bids dismal disappoint” all the news are the game of all these companies but auction is on 23 all we see and watch now the total game depend on the spectrum band of comapny has 10mhz from 2100mhz or 5mhz from 2100mhz why we all disappointed from the bids see it will rise to $2b

    • All over Pakistan except AJK and Gilgit Baltistan in first phase… launching these services in Kashmir area will take some time :(

  • good cooperation by the Mobile Telecoms in collaboration with PTA and Minister of IT so it will enhance the growth both in empowerment and economic growth

  • The reports from reuters is totally baseless.. even on base price, 3/4G will fetch more than 1.3B US$

  • close