Survey Reveals Video Calling/Chatting Top Priority for 3G/4G Usage


A recent survey conducted by ProPakistani has revealed the priorities of Pakistan’s mobile users, once the 3G/4G services will be made available in the country.

The survey asked users as to which services they will use with 3G/4G; while giving them different options to choose from.

As of today (18th April 2014), a total of 7,489 users participated in the survey out of which the highest votes, 1,810 (24.17%), were given to Video Calling/Chatting. With a high number of Pakistani’s either working or studying abroad, it seems natural that a lot of our users are looking to avail 3G/4G service to connect with their loved ones.

Even otherwise, due to very social nature of our nation, Video Calling/Chatting is likely to remain the top usage on next-gen services.

1,581 (21.11%) voters said they will use the service for surfing the web, while 1,496 (19.98%) users voted for video streaming. We wonder if the number of votes for video streaming would have been higher if YouTube (the most popular platform for video streaming) was not blocked in Pakistan.

Even though there are proxies available for using YouTube, and other video streaming platforms are available, we still believe that a ban on YouTube played a role in placing video streaming on the number third spot in our survey.

It was refreshing to see that 1,222 (16.32%) voters said they will be using the service for educational purposes.

Considering the amount of social media activity amongst Pakistan’s smartphone users, it is a surprising revelation to see that more users voted that they will use these services for educational purposes as compared to updating social media websites, which received 1,205 (16.09%) votes.

Interestingly, albeit not surprisingly, 174 (2.34%) users suggested that they will not consider using the 3G service even after its availability in Pakistan.

The auction process has already begun, and we are just a few days away from the auction date, the 23rd of April 2014.

Pakistan’s telecom industry is ushering into a new era, lets hope that the country’s telecom sector can continue to prosper; and we as mobile users receive the ultimate benefits of this growth.

  • Let PTA start this auction then we will see how our country prospers and stand by the sides of developed countries I.A.

  • I hope response is too much positive…Even social media is too active to discuss the benefits we will attain.Welcome to 3G in Pak….Thx PTA & Cellular companies…

  • Still the big question is still hidden……!How much these teleco’s companies charge for giving 3G and 4G (Terms and Condition ,Tax and fair usage Policy) dangerous factors

  • The survey is not scientific, so can’t say much about it’s authenticity.

    But two items are worth mentioning:

    First, video calling is on everyone’s mind, but the service failed miserably wherever it was launched. And the reason is very simple: people like to stay anonymous and don’t like to be seen. Secondly, it is “unnatural” to hold the phone against one’s face and speak via speaker or headset. If you talk to local operators, their product departments are not counting on video calling as a moneymaker.

    Secondly, while video streaming sounds logical, it is also bandwidth intensive. It appears that initial Rs. 500 data bucket will be capped at 2GB, so it is extremely conceivable that the Rs. 270 ARPU population will spend heavily on data for the first couple of billing cycles, but revert to WiFi hotspots for such applications, minimizing data usage & ARPU.

    • Awam only use viber ,whatsapp ,f.b ,……!May b they come some intrusting promotion like IDEA (Indian company) “NO ulllu Banaiying” to catch users

  • Sadam Waqas bhai countries dont prosper on foreign investments the natives have to get up and do something in order to progress. 3G will not make our country developed , even afghanistan has 3G.

    • sir jahan koi activity na ho rahi atleast you have to go for FDI. Malaysia is the biggest example of FDI based development…

    • Couple years ago, a friend at work showed voice usage on Skype on normal GPRS/EDGE, it worked. I am a Mobilink customer so I struggle with voice usage on normal GSM! :D

  • What is the next step after this auction ? Do we need to buy new sim or will it work with the one we have ? and one more question when will 3g and 4g start working ?

  • they will take 2 years to auction period to end meanwhile propakistani will keep on making stories on auctions

  • The technique was not correct which used for voting, because multiple selections was allowed. How you can expect that this is true?. This survey is good, but not 100% accepted.

  • Pakistanis are mostly excited about 3G just because of one reason .
    entertainment…entertainment and entertainment. (fb,chat,twitter,video call)

    • It is good to criticise constructively and I completely agree with you, but when doing that, a proper manner would be to include yourself in the statement, i.e. start with “we Pakistanis are” instead of addressing the entire Pakistani population as a whole and placing yourself outside at a higher ground.

  • Mr. AAmir its your responsibility to write about bad effects of 3G and how to avoid those bad effects them.

    For example.

    After 3G porn will easily accessible to majority.

    There will be more of MMS scandal leakage on internet like its happening in India.
    and lastly it will have a deep effect on our family system

    • also video of violence, bomb’s blast scene, dead bodies, human organs and much cruel things which goes viral n faster through 3G…

      seriously we must think about it

  • Best thing about 3G services is wherever you go, your internet travels with you, currently one such affordable offer was from PTCL, but its known fact that PTCL have till now the pathetic support for their products and they always under perform as compared to whats claimed.

    Hoping these 3G and 4G services by telecom operators are more affordable and have higher data rates/bandwidth quotas, otherwise they would be useless.

  • There’s a serious probability that 3G/4G will be ridiculously overpriced for the first few years at least. For me, it’s feasible only if BBM Audio (or any other app) replaces normal phone usage with my frequent contacts and shows reduction in my voice usage. From a business user perspective, I think Rs. 1,000 per month for a 20GB cap connection is economical, anything over that will be considered expensive.

    PS: Telco employees, kindly feel free to give replies how ungrateful Pakistani consumers are, and compare pricing with US or UK (without mentioning your employer’s sales tax evasion and call setup charges extortion).

  • after the brief of PTA chair man i think now it is too much positive respone for auction

  • After viewing tariff, Graph will be in reverse order. Reason is affordable Broadband and Wimax, Evo and Evo rev B.

  • Agar aik video file 2G per download ho poore din mein aur kharcha Rs 200 aye to 3G per wohi video file 1 ghantay mein hojayegi aur kharcha Rs 600 ? Agreed ?

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