PTA to Hold Mock Auction for 3G / 4G Spectrum Today


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is all set to hold full-scale mock auction for 3G and 4G spectrum today. This practice auction – before the final auction on April 23rd – is aimed at letting the qualified bidders understand the auction process and the technicalities associated with the software that is used for the spectrum auction.

PTA said that the purpose of mock auction is to make sure that qualified bidders participate in final and real auction with comprehensive understanding of the system and the rules.

It maybe recalled that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority will hold final auction for 3G/4G spectrum on April 23rd, 2014.

As discussed before, 3G / 4G spectrum auction will be electronic in nature, i.e. bidders will be bidding online through internet. It is learned that all qualified bidders will bid from their head-offices in Islamabad in the presence of their board of directors and senior administration.

As explained before, 3G / 4G spectrum auction in Pakistan will be a SMRA (Simultaneous multiple-round ascending) auction in which spectrum Lots will be auctioned simultaneously over rounds of bidding.

It merits mentioning here that bidders will be assigned colours with which they will be bidding. Hence bids will come from colours and not with operators’ names. PTA said that this confidentiality is aimed at boosting the competition in the auction.

Each bid will have a time interval or 45 minutes and operators will have to beat previous highest bid with-in the allotted time.

PTA said that minimum bid should be at least 3% higher than the the previous highest bid, however, this rate (or 3%) will be lowered towards the end of auction.

PTA sais that the software used for the auction and all other liaisons is arranged by Value Partners, the consultants hired by the authority for the auction.

It maybe recalled that Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone and Zong had qualified for the auction of the spectrum.

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  • Sadam Waqas Khan

    Hope this mock auction will increase the interest of other operators


    I think the rates will be high initially

  • Ahtasham

    Pts ch said Telco think design packages every aspect even according to application base on dunyanews.

  • Abbas

    i am serious i just ask someone who is in the pricing sector of telecom. he says tht there wud be inly one package when 3g starts and it wud be more than 2500 rs.

  • Abbas

    every one here is comparing it with other countriew just see the prices of those countries in 2005 or 2006 when 3g was launched there. u will get the idea then

  • Abbas

    just see the 2g prices here then compare.

  • Abbas

    even in dubai the prices are higher than this even in saudia it is 2500 per gb

    • Ahmed

      Shutup! Bonga kahin ka

  • Ahmed

    Instead of comparing with india, why do not you compare it with ptcl evo 3g?? Rate will be around 1500 pkr for 30 gb of data with one month validity.

    if the rate will be higher than this, everyone will go for evo because they can afford wifi connectivity than 3g.

  • Rashid Iqbal

    the mock auction is just a practice in this auction they check the mock auction is to make sure that qualified bidders participate in final and real auction with comprehensive understanding of the system and the rules.

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    Anyone who is expecting to get *unlimited* data for Rs.10 or even low is either retard or just pretending.
    P.S. Stop criticizing; it will be expensive, no one can afford, there will be no use of it etc. Nobody is bound to use 3G/4G services!