Auction of 3G / 4G Challenged in Supreme Court, Stay not Granted!


It appears that there are people in Pakistan who still want Pakistan to remain without 3G and 4G technologies.

Just hours before the auction, a petition has been filed in the court that seeks a hold on the auction plan. Petitioner believes that auction violates the rules and that it will fetch less money that it actually should.

SC, however, didn’t grant the stay on the auction. Auction is all set to proceed tomorrow as per plans. 

Interestingly the petition comes from a political party called “Watan Party” through its counsel Barrister Zafarullah Khan.

Petition says that targeted revenue was $1.3 billion (approximately Rs126 billion), which is far less than expected due to government’s desire to fill the gap in budget of 2013-14 through foreign exchange.

He said the PTA was going to auction 3G and 4G licences simultaneously and getting far little price as compared to India and Iraq.

Watan Party alleged that many of the companies taking part in the bidding were defaulters on banks liabilities. He said the auction was being held against the rules of PPRA (Public Procurement Regulatory Authority).

The petitioner requested the court to stop the government from ‘illegal’ auction and direct it to start the process afresh strictly in accordance with rules.

It won’t be out of place to mention here that auction of 3G / 4G was being expedited on directions of Supreme Court itself.

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  • This Watan Party and all those (especially sitting in Senate’s standing Committee) are bunch of morons.

    For instance in this petition, the Watan Party forgot to mention that UK had raised EUR 38.3 billions from the auction then why Pakistan can’t generate EUR 80 billion, as we are more than the double the size of UK.

    I am so disappointed by these insane examples of human beings that I literally want a bus to hit them hard and crush them with eternal silence.

    • im so freaking done with these so called politicians, the moment i thought pak will finally have 3g after all this time.. these freaks come out of no where to destroy it all.. again

      • sir they are playing with nation just gather them all and fuck them with bullets n kill all these bastards.. One day will come when they will be getting this attitude from people… Really shit people they are sad to rad that… :(

  • Another attempt at holding Pakistan back. Let’s all raise our voice against all such individual/parties blatantly trying to sabotage a great opportnity for pakistan. If i had a chance i’ll have so called parties “shot”.

  • The only option left for this Auction , that this process should now be carried out by TALIBANs :@ ******* these parties !

  • lets first default all operators who have not paid spectrum auction levies, usf and r&d levies that are their license obligation and you will get lot of revenue. PTA should first do compliance of earlier policy or launch telecom policy then go for 3G.

  • Dear i assure you 3g and 4g auction will take place on its due date. These illiterates and ignorants of the said party will lick the dust. Hope for the best. Inshallaha we’ll see the auction process tomorrow.

  • hahahahahah i think i should hit my self in a wall after seeing this. Ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • GOD Does’nt Help Those who Does not Help Themselves. I really want to meet this so called watan party in private and give them a lil taste of adventure :D

  • Very good decision by the court…O Politicians! Please dn’t halt the country’s progress due to your bad objectives and interests…

  • we hope the supreme court will kick them out without any stay order and we will see the auction tomorrow INSHA ALLAH

  • Good decision. It is the requirement of time. I Cant understand why these people are against the auction.

  • maine aaj se pehle watan party ka naam nahi suna tha :p
    publicity stunt lagta hai mujhe tou ye.

  • I wanna burried them alive with my own hands afterwards hang me if you decide I did wrong!

    True indian agents, nothing else! They do not want pmln getting popularity in youngsters of Pakistan!

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