Ufone 3G Packages Get Leaked Ahead of Launch




Ufone has officially announced its 3G Packages. Check Details Here.


Much anticipated 3G packages from Ufone have made it the internet.

However the confusing part is that there are three version such 3G packages available on the internet at various forums/blogs. All of these versions are claimed to be legitimate ones and interestingly all three versions of Ufone 3G packages hit the market at the same time.

Our hunch is that segments and pricing department might had proposed these three versions to the management, out of which one might get finalized, if it has to. But this is mere speculation.

One of these allegedly Ufone 3G packages, or any other 3G package, will be applicable after the commercial launch of 3G service.


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Let’s have a look at what leaked Ufone’s 3G packages look like:

Version 1:

All 3G packages from Ufone are bundled with three different speeds, and named as U High that offers 256Kbps, U Supersonic that comes with 512 Kbps and U Hyper Sonic which has 1Mbps speeds.

Details of Ufone 3G Packages are:

  • U High Speed 256 KBPS
    • Daily 40 MB Price: Rs. 10
    • Half Day 50 MB Price: RS 5
    • Weekly 250 MB Price: Rs 50
    • Monthly 1 GB Price: RS. 200
    • Monthly 3 GB Price: RS 500
  • U SuperSonic 512 KBPS
    • Weekly 250 MB Price: Rs 75
    • Monthly 1 GB Price: RS 400
    • Monthly 1.5 GB Price: RS 750
  • U HyperSonic 1 MBPS
    • Weekly 250 MB : 100 Rs
    • Monthly 1 GB: RS 500
    • Monthly 1.5 GB: RS 700
    • Monthly 3 GB: RS 1200

Version 2:

According to version 2, U High will offers 64Kbps, U Supersonic will offer 128Kbps of speed and and U Hyper Sonic will bring you 512Kbps speeds.

Details of Ufone 3G Packages are:

  • U High Speed 64 KBPS
    • Daily 40 MB Price: Rs. 10
    • Half Day 50 MB Price: RS 3
    • Weekly 250 MB Price: Rs 25
    • Monthly 1 GB Price: RS. 100
    • Monthly 1.5 GB Price: RS. 150
    • Monthly 3 GB Price: RS 300
  • U SuperSonic 128 KBPS
    • Weekly 250 MB Price: Rs 50
    • Monthly 1 GB Price: RS 150
    • Monthly 1.5 GB Price: RS 200
    • Monthly 3 GB Price: Rs. 350
  • U HyperSonic 512Kbps
    • Weekly 250 MB : Rs. 70
    • Monthly 1 GB: RS 200
    • Monthly 1.5 GB: RS 300
    • Monthly 3 GB: RS 500

Version 3:

According to version 3, U High will offers 512Kbps, U Supersonic will offer 1mbps of speed and and U Hyper Sonic will bring you 2Mbps speeds.

Details of Ufone 3G Packages are:

  • U High Speed 512 KBPS
    • Daily 40 MB Price: Rs. 100
    • Half Day 50 MB Price: RS 120
    • Weekly 250 MB Price: Rs 250
    • Monthly 1 GB Price: RS. 500
    • Monthly 1.5 GB Price: RS. 700
    • Monthly 3 GB Price: RS 1000
  • U SuperSonic 1Mbps
    • Weekly 250 MB Price: Rs 350
    • Monthly 1 GB Price: RS 700
    • Monthly 1.5 GB Price: RS 1000
    • Monthly 3 GB Price: Rs. 1750
  • U HyperSonic 2 MBPS
    • Weekly 250 MB : Rs. 500
    • Monthly 1 GB: RS 750
    • Monthly 1.5 GB: RS 1500
    • Monthly 3 GB: RS 3000

    Do share your feedback on all three versions of Ufone 3G Packages in the comments.

    Check below various screens of alleged Ufone 3G Packages:

    Scr000020 Scr000021 Scr000024

    Scr000025 Scr000026

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      • how is this higher speed? evo wingle is giving me more speed more volume in less price

          • yes i will keep using my evo instead of getting raped by this so called 3G like you :D :D

            • 0nu leke chukkiii chukkiii fir idar udar !! loooser dash !! kisi achi cheez k0 support mat krna, Phannay khan bn kr chawliaaan maarni ati hyn bs !!

              • Hey smartass ye jo 3000 3GB ka charge krengay us say main usb power pack na le loon wingle use krne k liye so even when im outdoors i can still use it but idiots like you will pay 3000 for 3G just to be kewl right ?

                • btw evo is a blessing in disguise now. telcos will be forced to give cheap packages in the near future because of evo.

                • Aap kahan k jahil ho mere bhai ? bs itna bta d0, apni k0nsi ch0ti c duniya mey reh raey 0, 3G her jaga chalega, n prices will not remain the same forever, har village mey b chalega indoors outdoors her jaga, kharab 0ga acha 0ga magar faida 0ga, evo wingle apnay fone mey laga l0 gay ? ..

                  tm ne firna chuki chuki, mene pehlay e b0la haii :D ..

                • Wow! You mean to say you can carry your wingle anywhere just like 3g? Even when you are out and not in your car?
                  Saddam: Bhai apka wall socket use kar sakta hun? Wingle lagani hai. Bhai zara apni gaari khol dein, wingle lagani hai -_-

                  • Waise fazool mei 3gb k 3hazar dene se acha toh evo ka hi option. By the way shayad ap logo ko pta nhi k evo cloud devices charge hote hain , matlab hr waqt socket ki zarurat ni. aur atleast 3.1 mbps ki speed b milegi :p lol

                  • U can even use evo wingle in ur phone by just havin a simple 100 rupee device caleed otg

            • If you use Wateen, it gives you more volume. Try its 1.5 mb package, and pay 3 months at once. You get fourth month free and there is no download limit. No limit at all unlike Witribe which gives you 40 gb download limit on its so called unlimited packages. EVO if its a usb, doesn’t re connect auto, and keeps disconnecting a lot.

        • dnt you know when u using 3G on your smart phone you can use internet any where any time …..
          but if u using wingle u can’t use it on your mobile any where any time for that you have to pluged ur WINGLE USB in ur laptop USB port or PC USB PORT

          • For your information, wingle with (wifi) can be connected with a powerbank and works as a portable wifi hotspot.

            • for your information if u connected wingle with powerbank then you need to hold in your hand because it will not come in to ur pocket and its not possible to carry ur wingle always. you cant compare 3g with wingle.

              • New evo cloud devices have builtin power backup and size of a normal smartphone, so yes u can easily keep it in ur pocket

  • 1 mb rate is quite impressive but data must be offered somewhere between 5Gb or more..

  • Pagal kay baachay hain. Kuttay salay ameer ghreeb ka silsila shoroo ker rahay hain. Sham on them

  • as usual complex pricing, and having 64K or bellow 512K is Bu** Sh**. 1MB price is quite high as compare to data limit, If they didn’t provide good service they can’t beat the EVO devices. because the only thing where evo lak is its coverage other wise PTCL packages are reasonable. like 500/month with 10GB limit and speed is 3.1mbps

      • and evo is different thing u cant carry ur device to every where evo is good only when u r at home or office on the other hand 3G is available on your smart phone when you needed .

        • Pa G, Dsl subscribers k pass ya offer ha k wo 500/m main 10GB donwlad limit k sath evo use kar sakta hain, or evo ko carry karna kon sa muskil ha???? or diffrent b nai ha, sirf device he carry karni perti ha, warna 2no ka kaam internet on the go he ha… ptcl ka sirf 1 masla ha un ke covarage, agr sims main covrage achi hoe net somoth chala to ziyda b pay kya ja skta ha warna koe faeda nai,

          • kya ho gaya yr device carry krnay sa power kahan sa do gay bahi us ko n simple evo milti ha wingle ya cloud ni or simple evo ko laptop ya pc pr he use kr saktay han

          • so how i connect evo to cell phone, whenever i will be outside ??? so laptop needed to carry on with evo :D :D everywhere you going :D

            • If you can’t try out connectify soft. It can make wifi after you are connected..

            • If you have wifi enabled EVO, you may use power bank to connect EVO outside or during load shading. I have checked it and using it.

          • bilkul , main aik arsay say aisa hi kr raha hun, and i can use wingle without pc or laptop anywhere. So , i Don’t need such a costly 3g service. I’ll prefer to wait untill the difference between cost and volume becomes negligible.

            • or your information if u connected wingle with powerbank then you need to hold in your hand because it will not come in to ur pocket and its not possible to carry ur wingle always. you cant compare 3g with wingle.

              • what do you mean it oesnt come in your pocket? i carry it in my pocket everywhere

              • If your power bank is fully charged, it will work more than 12 hours with EVO. It also depends on power bank too.

  • capped packages will not get much attention as the rates offered are more than expensive. 1500/= unlimited download will be eye catching otherwise people prefer the ptcl pkgs who is ready to offer something very impressive very soon

    • I’m not sure if unlimited package will do any good for most of the 3G users. because there’s severe limitation of bandwidth in mobile spectrum and if everyone’s getting unlimited, then legit users will have issues like the EDGE / GPRS era (where every ISP was offering unlimited packages) and you could barely open your inbox or chat. All nations have tight caps put on mobile packages for a reason.

  • Pakistani sick minds companies. Still putting restriction on speed, they will never think out of the box. HATE!

      • bhai mere agar main apnay pesay dey raha hoon to meri marzi hai main kuch b dekhun ap kaun hotay ho

        • Well said .totally agreed . Agar phir bhi browsing hi karni ha to hum edge pe hi browsing na kar len .zaroori 3G lena ha . Sorry for appologists

        • Ajkal normal video camera 1920×1080 resolution ki video banti hai jo k 10minute b nahi hoti or size deko to 300-350mb…
          Ap apny or family k videos/pictures b share kr skty ho apny family members k sath.
          Internet sirf Porns dekny k liye nahi bana, ap es k jaiz faida b ota sakty hai. So please be Positive, Thanks!

    • Who do you have to put “Pakistani” in a derogatory context? And for your information, none of these are Pakistani companies.

        • No need to be hostile, kid. ufone’s owned by PTCL, which in turn is 26% owned with control by Etisalat. And before you jump in joy at the 26%, remember that it’s ownership with operational control.

          • i think PTCL management controlled by Etisalat, they handover everything to them and did not receive the future payments.
            we can say its in reality owned by Etisalat ??

    • ppl of my country aren’t really big spender on volume.. not everyone use too much and not everyone need to.. if there are no caps speed.. ppl who use less volume will run out of it faster.. so its sort of important to have those limits for now.. and we are only starting with 3G so hold on and wait.. this is new to ppl.. let everyone get use to it slowly..

  • kamal ha ufone ny announce ani kia koi package or tum ny lga be dia ajeeb pagal bnaya ha logo ko

  • Waiting for Zong’s Internet Packages. I hope he will make competition in the market and prices will get lower.

    • dekhna kahin lol na ho jaye ap kay sath :P
      4G kay chakkar mein pta chalay wo sub say expensive hon

      • are you dumb or what?offcourse 4G is a superior technology and it is going to be expensive

    • as compared to existing competition zong hardly cares about profit.
      they are capturing the market they dont have to worry about investment they have plenty to spend and as u say so their packages would be cheaper. They keep the competition alive ;)

  • lo ker lo bat, i already said about it evo cloud he thik hai 15oooRs. 30 gb data with 4g speed,
    I think k sirf Facebook user he use karen ge, it’s not made for pc users,

    • yes these packages are just for mobile fb and mobile skype call (audio)

        • fb twitter updating email checking skype video call other browsing needs atleast 5gb or more data per month

          • yaar mein EDGE pay skype video call kerta hun na karo..haan but video one side but still EDGE pay..ufone kay and the other side is also on ufone.
            its clear same as on my DSL but both sides say video then audio khrab ho jati

  • Version 1 and version 3 looks some realistic . Most probably version 1 will be final bcoz ufone have 5Mhz lisence and 256 mean edge .and they have already rivesed edge rate 3Gb in 5000 rs

  • Aamir its a plan to test, the pricing, they surely monitoring the chats to get idea what should they try first….

  • o bhai logo 1mb 3gb data for Rs. 175o, aur ye to hisab lagao k 175o kitne card load krne k baad nikle ga? 24ooRs. ke card load karen ge to after tax dedction 18oo bnta hai, very very expensive ga?

    • bhai ap 1000 walay 2 card ya direct 2000 ka easy load kara lena..problem solved :P

    • Quite right, package should be limited by data buckets, not speed rationing. I wonder if these speeds would also be divided as per “fair share” usage and we end up getting 50KBPS on 1Mbps connection!

      • actually in start there should be, because of our market and the abilities of companies to deliver the service.
        same speed means 10 user at one tower suppose get 3 mb speed, than 20 will get 1.5 and it decreases so on, that is why there is the limit. I think they will remove the limit after analyzing the usage and market.
        other issue is that most of the people will consume their download limit and later on say k ye network boht bakwas ha mera sara balance khatam ho gaya :)
        Imagine 1GB bucket consumed in 3 to 4 days and you have to subscribe again

  • according to Information Memorandum (IM) 512 Kbps speed is mandatory i think read on ProPakistani,,
    why they are offering 256 Kbps its not 3G its EDGE.. I think its fake report

  • Amir if its not Fake then Give Us the short code ye jo screenshots apne lagaue hay wo konsa short code hay jisko dial karne k bad Package details show hogaya on screen…Waiting For your answer just aprove it…

  • ZoNG will come late,
    after ZoNG all companies will be called “late”
    “Late Ufone”
    “late Mobilink”
    “late Telenor” :)

  • this option also came via dialing *3# from any nokia or non android phones I do this on samsung don which doesn’t even support GPRS :p

  • Do remember that these are shared lines. So, 512kbps will be actually be shared with multiple users, same as PTCL.

    So a minimum of 2mbps will result in 1.2-1.5mbps in reality. And obviously I will not be browsing using 3g, but mostly be either downloading or having video-call that will exceed the cap size of 1.5gb easily. So paying 3000rs for high speed @ V3 HyperSonic is quite expensive if you ask me.

    • Actually for browsing you won’t notice that much sharing. As long as you get at least 256 you’ll be fine. Images and stuff won’t load as fast but a lot of mobile optimised sites will be fine.

      That’s my theory.

      • the only reason i’ll be getting 3g or even 4g is to utilize is power. Else simple browser can be handled via old edge or gprs too though with slow speed.

        Lets see how good their service will be.

  • No unlimited Bundles even 6Gb is the Max CAP?? Bullshit this is useless if they want to capture mass market they have to target each and every individual. 2Mbps for 3GB for 3000 Must be kidding a Big Fail.. every Telco should see Wimax pricing
    I am just giving and example of qubee pricing

  • seems reasonable, probably ppl were expecting more, but other teleco’s will also offer more or less same packages, only different will b quality of service,

  • it should be 1Mbps not MBPS… surprised to see such a big technical mistake on Pakistani largest tech blog… :( will have no problem paying 2MBPS for 3K per month . since technically 2MBPS is 16Mbps.

  • jesay ye package hain,,, mian to EDGE pay hi rahon ga… Zong EDGE suits me.. it plays streaming, it makes video calls on Skype. in packages ko dekhnay k baad ni lagta k 3G koi khaas improvement laye gi.

  • it means, for 200 mb package, you have to pay 60-70 rs of tax that will be deducted on recharge of that amout

  • what about unlimited package without given unlimited package these packages are good for fb and whatsapp user not for skype video calling internet tv and mobiles games user etc etc………….

  • amir bhai ap k screen shot main rates kuch aur hain aur jo ap nay oper post keayh hain woh kuch aur hain?

  • Pakistan Ka kia ho Ga Kaaaliya…..Kitney Aadmi They:-) OooooOps i meant Kitney Signals They…Yar world has steped over the Moon n we people firstly could not manage to sell Licences with out planned Pre- Deals and now Fighting over Speed Llimit and Prices…We people dont take Poor with Normal person means Who cant affoard to pay more will be Behind than others who can Pay Required Money…Its a Shame Equality is Virtue of Muslim Culture but we R lacking it…To be Honest No sign of hope For Betterment.

    • Brother! It’s just a start, everything expensive in the start but with the passing of time the price will go down.

  • Total fake drama news. First of all pictures are fake and showing edge data bundles. Also ufone is not that stupid or it might be stunt to degrade other CMOs. :-)

  • Version 1: is very impressive
    U High Speed 256 KBPS
    Daily 40 MB Price: Rs. 10
    Half Day 50 MB Price: RS 5
    Weekly 250 MB Price: Rs 50
    Monthly 1 GB Price: RS. 200
    Monthly 3 GB Price: RS 500
    U SuperSonic 512 KBPS
    Weekly 250 MB Price: Rs 75
    Monthly 1 GB Price: RS 400
    Monthly 1.5 GB Price: RS 750
    U HyperSonic 1 MBPS
    Weekly 250 MB : 100 Rs
    Monthly 1 GB: RS 500
    Monthly 1.5 GB: RS 700
    Monthly 3 GB: RS 1200

  • Nice pakage and its affordable

    ufone should go with version 1

    U HyperSonic 1 MBPS
    Weekly 250 MB : 100 Rs
    Monthly 1 GB: RS 500
    Monthly 1.5 GB: RS 700
    Monthly 3 GB: RS 1200

  • close