Ufone Offers You to Exchange Your 2G Phone with 3G Phone


Ufone has announced a new promotion for its customers, with which they will be able to exchange their existing 2G phones with 3G ready smartphones.

In a communication shared on its official Facebook page, Ufone said that customers can exchange their 2G phones with 3G phones at selected Ufone customer service centres in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.

It merits mentioning here that Mobilink is also offering a similar promotion for its customers.

Ufone said that customers will have to pay the difference amount to avail the offer.


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Currently the service is available at following three service centres of Ufone:

  • Ufone Customer Service Centre, Clifton, Karachi
  • Ufone Customer Service Centre, Gulberg, Lahore
  • Ufone Customer Service Centre, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad

It is still unclear that which 3G phones are available with Ufone under this phone exchange program. It is highly likely that offer will be received tremendously by the customers.

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  • sulman

    Prices will Matter….!

  • Ahmed Habib

    Not a good deal, the 3g phone price will include the 2g price!

    For intance, if your 2g phone is of 3000 worth, ufone 3g phone will be priced 3000 extra. ;)

    • Mustafa

      Dont know about Ufone but Mobilink said that rates are similar to market prices. :)

    • Shah

      that looks correct to me another way of looting the people

  • Abul Hasnaen

    i don’t think every 2G user can afford 3G

  • soban

    Does a 2g phone shows 3g networks in sim/signal status????

    • Muhammad Aamir


    • Jahanzaib BhAtti


  • Originative


    • Sanity

      Lackeys of terrorists are a disgrace to Islam. Do you know Allah gives us knowledge with which we develop technology and then adopt it? Wasnt electricity a new technology of its time? Actually, it was a revolution. Why do you feel so molested when 3g/4g are likely to equip people from remote regions to join mainstream segment of society? Guess what? Your handlers shall use the same technology to communicate with each other. I dont know why you taunted innocent citizens just because they dared to see a tiny glimpse of hope? Please go ahead and become a martyr. We are better off without your version of shariah. btw, for your propaganda, at least buy a paid domain name. I am sure you are not poor. You have plenty of money sourced from criminal activities.

      • Originative

        oo bhai jazbati kyun hoo gaya hai …. bech wali bat parh ager samjh ati hai tooo… header footer ko chor ma na to khud facebook sa chuki hai pic….. rehta nai itna tu hamdard iss mulk ka

      • Much emotion
        Such idiot

    • sikandar


    • malik ali

      mehmood boati shalimar town lahore main 3G kb chaly g

  • Talha Ejaz

    Handset exchange offer tag is misleading as your old 2G handset won’t fetch you anything but you can drop it for recycling purpose :)
    Overall, four “BE dual sim Chinese handset” are on offer ranging from Rs. 7200/- to Rs. 10,000/-. Ufone has partnered with EMS to extend this offer to walk-in subscribers

  • Arj Dust

    Oh come on! One can easily purchase one from the market. Stop fooling people around Ufone.

  • AK Mustehsan

    Aren’t most of today’s phone have 3G standardized?

  • Ace

    Dnt think They gona Exchange my nokia 1600 :D Na Dabba Na Charger Ty Halat MashallaH :D

  • Haider Ali

    ab load-shedding mazeed bardh jay gi kar lo kmaiyan le lo 3g te lut lo 4g

    mobile rakho charging te te bas lge e rho.
    hun te factorian vch v bs 3g te 4g chaldi rehni a

    any how bohat zyada faiday v hain ne per log mis use e krain ge

    Allah pakistanion ko apne hifz o amaan main rakhe aamin g and mubarak 3g and 4g