PTCL Inaugurates New Fitness Centre for Employees

Syed Mazhar Hussain, CHRO, PTCL inaugurating the renovated fitness centre for employees at the company’s officers club in Islamabad

A new health and fitness centre for employees has been inaugurated by PTCL at its officer’s club in Islamabad.

The fitness centre houses a separate gym facility for female employees, as well an upgraded and renovated gym with latest machines and equipment for male employees.

Syed Mazhar Hussain, CHRO, PTCL said at the occasion, “PTCL believes in equal opportunities for it employees, irrespective of their gender. The company not only provides a conducive learning environment for its employees but also caters to their health and physical care needs.”

Mazhar Hussain stressed that a healthy work environment goes a long way in improving productivity and in future such facilities will also be extended to all regional offices as well.

PTCL Officers’ Club also houses various sports facilities including Badminton, Table Tennis, Squash and Tennis.

  • Equal opportunity and you have a club called, “officers club”? Is that not a term derived from colonial days?

  • I dont think so that such kind of facility will be used by lazzzzy staff of PTCL , They better invest in Customer services

  • Instead of wasting money on this gym, they should have upgraded there system which would have benefited millions of its subscribers in Pakistan. A pure waste of money

  • Which Lucky office has this fitness room i wonder there are thousand of PTCL employee across Pakistan and only one fitness room and PTCL employee average age is 50 to 55 and i think they really need fitness.

  • They need to fix their Internet Speed and it’s endless Problems first. Looks like they have way too Extra money to spend on least important stuff…

  • It’s good though, i guesss not significant enough to be sketched as an independent post. I guess propakistani should avoid poses leading to a doubt on their impartiality.

    • lol Shahid Rasheed sab, paisa milay tu PTA ki new car ka be post ban sakta hay :D

    • propakistani never shared the news that ptcl fired alot of employees in the start of this year , however if there is a minor news that is related to PTCL , they publish it, i strongly think, propakistani gets paid for not publishing such things :D

      PS: I am a ptcl employee so my comment is based on facts, please dont start rubbish comments if you dont know the facts!

      • Right you Mr.Shahid Rasheed as the present colonial management has learnt the art of buy everybody the media along with other pillars of state resulting in suppression of the truth i.e how the employees have been made to quit their jobs by their new masters the renowned slave traders of middle-east through the hired Pakistani Mir Jaffers. So mental fitness clubs are need of the day so that employees could be made to face the black warrants peacefully instead of opting for futile court cases as there is big question mark over the implementations of the court orders issued have been made a mockery of the law of the land.

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