Things to Watch Out: Downside of 3G!


By Amyn A. Ghulamali

Everyone has been raving and ranting about the speed they are getting on their 3G enabled phones — even I myself boasted that I had it on my Telenor connection before anyone else — But as we all know things get very old very soon because somehow all the meme’s and speed test screenshots have stopped popping up on social media and the world is somewhat getting back to normal!

As I am an importer of mobiles, an asterisk coder, and work closely with Telco’s, I would like to present you with certain problems that Pakistan has been facing ever since 3 Jee popped up into our lives!

Battery Issues

Ok imagine you have a Suzuki Alto with a roof rack! You slap that with four suit cases on top of four chubby friends inside the poor car on the way to Houston. You don’t stop there and put on the AC and start driving trying to attain top speed in 3rd gear to the airport.

What will happen?  Your car will not give you efficient fuel average. Likewise with 3 Jee when you activate all your services like social media and run many utilities that are plugged into the web, your phone is in constant hyper drive!

Because it is constantly multi-tasking, your battery is going to run out pretty fast!

I know few fellow friends who aren’t using 3 jee – even when its free, unlucky them – just because of these battery issues.

If you think keeping it plugged into the charger will help…. NO WAY?  Your phone must be getting quite warm because your chargers are struggling to meet the heavy drain on the battery!

The only solution to your draining battery is to de-activate most services running in the back ground!

Check below a picture shared on Telenor’s Facebook page:

3G Tips

Identity Theft

People love the feeling of Breeze (Standard Chartered’s mobile platform) and HBL internet banking!  With devices like the Galaxy s5 & Iphone 5s where you have biometric security features people are now realizing that they have severe reconciliation issues with their bank statements and various other details!

You might get to see some unknown deductions from your account, but never had known them because you weren’t inspecting your statements this closely before.

Well, these deductions are usually incurred by apps that you have installed in your smartphone.

Many mobile apps that you download for free ask you to upgrade via downloading other software’s or by sharing the apps. As you give permissions to these web based apps you allow them the rights to cross share your information to many companies and people who monitor consumer behaviour! (How do you think Facebook makes its money?)  it is strongly advised that you do not install apps without reading the installation / setup features.

Personal Security

If you find yourself being stalked by someone (like a wife) then please remove geo tagging and remove and disable features like checking in via four square everywhere you go to the loo!

It is very easy to find out where anyone is these days. It would be indeed very simple to map a pattern of movements if one watches someone’s social media activity over 15 days!

So if you do not want your wife to know about your “special frand” or if you are avoiding the bank because you missed your last seven car payments, my advice to you is to stop having your picture taken at a fancy restaurant or stop taking selfies with people whom you want to be like as well!


High Billing and Costs

Ok so you all went Yay! when 3 Jee was launched!  But you never bothered to read the small print in the advertising!  Everyone who had a post-paid connection automatically suffered constipation, heart murmuring and high blood pressure the minute they got their first bill!

3 JEE is expensive!  How do you think the Telco’s make their money?  You need to see your data plan and once again set all your active applications to limit your data transfer.  I for one blasted through over 10 GB of downloads in a few hours myself!  (That was in another country, just to mention). When I got my bill and after the Panadol and Eno Fruit Salts and Esphagol realized that it was my fault for not reading the small print!

I hope these few issues I highlighted will help you to inwardly digest 3 JEE services! Acha Jee, Ok Jee, Haan Jee!

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