Poll: Do You Want YouTube Ban to be Lifted?


YouTube ban has lead Pakistan into middle of nowhere. Website was banned in Pakistan in September 2012 due to a blasphemous video that YouTube decided not to block in Pakistan, despite the fact that the same video (and its copies) were blocked by Google in various countries including India, Egypt, Syria, Singapore, Russia and others.

After 20 months of YouTube ban, the situation is still the same as it was on day one.

For the records, YouTube was banned in Pakistan on the orders of Supreme Court. Supreme Court, in its order on September 17th, 2012, had directed Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to block the access of blasphemous content available on YouTube to the people in Pakistan.

Yes, Raja Parvez Ashraf, then Prime Minister of Pakistan, had ordered the blockade of website through a statement on TV, but it was originally the Supreme Court that had ordered to block blasphemous content available on YouTube.

PTA, which hadn’t the capability of blocking selected videos/content, blocked the entire website instead.

PTA still lacks the capabilities of blocking all the copies of blasphemous videos on YouTube.

Google on the other hands is persistent that it will not block the access of blasphemous videos in Pakistan. Instead, it has proposed a way of showing a warning page before such blasphemous videos, Salman Akhtar told Lahore High Court yesterday.

Salman is appointed by LHC to figure out any possibilities to resolve the situation.

Salman told the court that these proposed full-page warnings or content advisories can aware the user that requested content is objectionable. However, because of the impossibility of creating a fully comprehensive list of all instances of the video, these warning pages cover only those instances that have been flagged by MoIT and PTA and those that have been appropriately marked by Google. There remains the possibility of unflagged instances that would not have this warning page.

Please participate in below poll to help us understand the public sentiment on this complex situation.

Here are possible options:

  • Don’t Open it Ever: We can live with Tune.PK or DailyMotion and there’s no place for the YouTube in Pakistan again.
  • Open YouTube Only if Blasphemous Videos are Fully Blocked in Pakistan: If Google agrees to block all blasphemous videos in Pakistan, like they did in Singapore.
  • Open YouTube With Warning Pages on Objectionable Videos: Unban YouTube if a warning page is displayed before objectionable videos, like they did in Bangladesh
  • Open YouTube Without Any Restrictions: That is without filtering anything

Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

    • yeah mean S.T.F.U, and a big capital F.U, its people like you who are illiterate and mindless idiots that Pakistan does not progress. You M.F BC LPC etc etc.


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            • Okay. Lets forget the cursing and abusing. Lets have a constructive argument right here. Tell me one good reason why this ban should persist?

              • did i say that the youtube should be ban ? i didnt even said anything about youtube im just telling you that ur using bad language just to talk to other everyone has their own opinion it doesnt give you rights to be rude and use bad words to them

                • Anyone has the right to use whatever language they want. Who are you to stop anybody’s mouth. Will you even say that people should stop thinking certain thoughts. And how come it is ascertained that an abusing person is an illiterate person.

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                  • Dear Friends, Abusing someone is haram and is forbidden by Allah. We all are brothers and if our brother express some thoughts that are indifferent with our own then we can teach him in better way. Stay blessed and happy always.

        • I myself don’t like that kind of useless bad language in arguments but if you take offense to it online then commenting on articles/videos is not for you.

          • lol are u out of mind who use bad language where did u find me using bad language would u like to tell me

            • @ProPakistani
              Please don’t promote abusive comments. You should tighten your comment scrutiny policy.

      • This is the biggest problem with comments on ProPakistani that most of the time they are not about the topic, but just “ek doosre ki tangen khenchte hain log” and admin still approves them to be published.

    • Jahil paindu insan tu mat dekh…humay sakoon se jeene de…computer bhi use karna chor de idiot

  • I think putting a warning label on objectionable videos should suffice the need for a ban. Its completely relevant and not to mention practical and honestly google wouldnt care if we werent so extreme in the first place. Lets not forget before independance how muslims neglected to educate themselves from british conquerers; as a result we lack the fundamental analytical thinking compared to India. Youtube is an extremely important way to share anything related to everything and we are missing on crucial knowledge. Lets not repeat history instead learn from it.

  • YouTube & Google have already deployed the Prior Warning page on all its “Objectionable Content”… So its kinda “in yo Face Pak dodgy government” scene right now..

    • The number of crazy people just keeps growing and growing..let me take a wild guess at the max number: 180 million :P in other words PAKISTANI QUAM

          • and you live in the unfortunate realistic world that you created for your self. Stop blaming your own misfortunes on others.

        • If you want to move out of Pakistan ‘just’ because of websites getting blocked, you would be far better off buying a good VPN tunnel for $5 a month :P

          • VPN sites are getting blocked, too.

            What is next, government orders banks/Visa to not permit purchase of VPN subscriptions?

        • so ur life is in some website where u can live lol get a life man even still if u want to move on out of paki then move on man no 1 will stop u lol

      • it is my democratic right, to have free and open access to any information whatsoever. do not care about blasphemous content. a car can be used to drive it to the mosque and same car can be used to kill someone and to run over.

        so it really depends what you use it for. ones loss is another treasure. OPEN IT NOW.

  • who the hell don’t want youtube to be around.. i mean dude.. do you even youtube? XD

  • I dont understand that Why the people of Pakistan dont understand the simple fact that Youtube has been ordered to be blocked by the Supreme Court of PAKISTAN, it can not be opened by any other body/legislature authority/ government nor by any other authority that exists in Pakistan. any matter that goes to Supreme Court of Pakistan, is beyond any other powers in Pakistan (except few powers like National Pardon and that too can only be issued when detailed order has been passed by the Supreme Court)

    • burn this sort of supreme court then. its my democratic right to have open free access to youtube.

    • Do you think anyone can take responsibility of opening you tube while Blasphemy content is still there, it is same ” A bail mujhay Maar”. 200 lives sacrificed for the Name of Islam and against you tube, But no one youtube proponent can give his live for its opening…

        • yes we live in a land which is full of illiterate and ur the
          Example lol

          • Abdul Ghafoor (aka Abdul Ghafoor Shahzad),
            I think we should very carefully and sincerely consider launching our own MueTube. M=Muslims U=United E=Everywhere. So, MueTube should ideally be initiated by the Muslim Ummah to remind the West as well as YouTube that ALL knowledge in this world, in the Galaxies, Cosmos, Planets, Stars, Constellations, and even in our so-called “advanced SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, MEDICINE, TECHNOLOGY and EVERY THING that touches our mind, body and soul, flows from the WORDS of ALLAH Subhanahu Wa’Taalah in HIS magnificently written THE HOLY QURAN.

            The HOLY QURAN is not just for Muslims, but an entire CODE OF ETHICS, FORMULA FOR LIVING, ANSWER
            TO ANY QUESTION, SOLUTION TO ANY PROBLEM, and the very ESSENCE of ALL KNOWLEDGE which the modern world in the NORTH, WEST, EAST or SOUTH hemispheres SIMPLY CANNOT MATCH. While the WEST is busy in deciphering the MESSAGE and the WISDOM of ALLAH Subhanahu Wa’Taalah to RESEARCH and APPLY the fruits of KNOWLEDGE gained from The Holy Quran, we as MUSLIMS do not even understand what we recite about The Holy Quran in our daily Salaats.

            INJUSTICES COMMITTED by both Muslims and Non-Muslims…we have to RISE to BUILD lost ‘KUTUBKHANAAS”, we have to ONCE AGAIN turn into voracious READERS because “READERS ARE LEADERS”

            REMEMBER, when ALLAH Subhanahu Wa’Taalah commanded our Beloved Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH),
            ALLAH Subhanahu Wa’Taalah asked our Beloved Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to read the FIRST word which was ‘IQRA’ (meaning: READ)

            Are WE as MUSLIMS really READING? If we had, we would have BEEN WORLD LEADERS TODAY in EVERY FIELD. There would have been NO YouTube in the FIRST place.

            So my dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters, please in the NAME of ALLAH Subhanahau Wa’Taaalah, and
            for HIS sake start READING. Being human beings and “Ashraful Maqhlooqaath’, amongst ALL creations of ALLAH

            I hope I have been of SERVICE to ALL my dear MUSLIM Brothers and Sisters.

            With Dua for ALL,
            ABDUL GHAFOOR (Servant of ALLAH Subhanahu Wa’Taalah). Please send me your
            FEEDBACK on my COMMENT on this topic to my E-Mail Address: [email protected]

      • They opened Facebook, twitter, other sites. Despite agreement with our government, there is still blasphemy on some of those sites.

      • It is very unfortunate that our ppl gave their lives like fools. There are a lot of ways to act effectively without giving your lives.

  • Don’t want to watch objectionable videos? Then don’t click the link. The moment we Pakistanis stop being judge, jury, executioner is the time when we shall start progressing. Teach your dependents what is wrong and what is right so that they can decide for themselves later in life instead of depending on some dimwit illiterate molvi or politician to “guide” them.

  • Koi Muslim Wesay Be Ye Video Nahi Dekhay Ga, To Pakistan Main Block Ho Na Ho Kya Farak Parta Ha. Wesay Maine 2nd Ko Choose Kiya Ha!!

  • Wesay Fully Block The Blasphemous Wali Obtion Asey He Ha Jesay Koi Banda America Ja Ke Kahay Yahan Shariya Law Lagao..

  • It should be open with ban of blasphemous content. People still access them via vpn services so whats the benefit of blocking??

  • There are 90 people who voted for the first option. All of you want to take Pakistan to the stone ages right with your idiotic mindset. F.U

    • Hahaha…Youtube band honay se pakistan stone age mein chala jaey ga.Q? Youtube open hogi to bijli or gas banay gi?
      Tezaabi chawlein.

      • Putting your words together differently: Opening youtube will not send us to stone age either, and blocking youtube will not get electricity or gas either.

        i.e. Your comment = meaningless.

  • Fun fact for the 90 voters of the first option: You can get the “blasphemous” material / video from countless other sites. Cant you idiots realize the govt. just needed an excuse to ban the only free media on earth. Besides NONE of the muslim countries have banned you tube, yeah go figure!

    • yeah but they Fully Blocked the Blasphemous Videos in their country its our gov not trying to do anything at all and free media lol there is ton of video website that u can do the same as u can do with youtube yeah u might not find some video on other

      • No, you moron, if you cannot read carefully READ TWICE. Other Muslim countries CAN ACCESS THAT VIDEO ON YOUTUBE. All they get is a message before the video which is interstitial warning.

        It is 100% NOT BLOCKED for other Muslims. And yet for two years they have enjoyed all the other benefits of Youtube and we have enjoyed nothing. Do you really think there were not riots and protests in other countries when the video came out? There were.

        • hahaha Mr, Smart Shahid People Knows Who is Moron

          Your Nothing More Then A moron :D

          • and you know what i never feel to answer you at all so even if you going to barking more you wont get a Bone

            and plz dont ask me anymore to Throw you A Bone!

          • Sorry, but I can read and you cannot. I am not spreading lies about who is blocked and not blocked. You are.

  • There should be referendum in Pakistan, Choose one of them Muhammad P.B.U.H or you tube.

    • OMG Are you retarded or just pretending to mock the stupidity of Pakistani quam? I mean I dont have any words to express how illogical your suggestion sound.

        • Challooo jee. I cant’ even reply to that. You see, this is exactly why we cant progress anywhere. And its not just about progress. Its also about principles and logic. And if we use this ban as a foundation, then the ENTIRE INTERNET, BANKING SYSTEM, ETC ETC SHOULD BE BANNED. So please, THINK before you get emotional (and that too, for the WRONG REASONS). Idiots!

          • You Should avoid mouth farts, And firstly see it is blocked in china and china is the world number 1 strongest economy, so stop providing us insubstantial comments. We have a complete report of NGOs Bolobhi and bytes, who receive foreign Aids, to make Pakistan bow in front of You tube and some qadianis are also Active to dent Mohammad P.B.U.H lovers so they can promote their devils Ghulam Qadiani lantee agenda…!!

            • My dear PakSolider, let me also add to your knowledge that China has also blocked google and countless other sites. Its a communist state and hence its policies are different. Plus it has provided alternatives to anything informative that has been blocked. Here Its blocked for the wrong reasons and you guys are simply being played at.

    • paksoldier don’t you have a plot of land to buy/sell??? internet is not for you, land prices are your interest.

    • There should be referendum in Pakistan, Choose one of them Muhammad P.B.U.H or paksoldier real estate (pvt) ltd.

  • Are you mad? Its nothing like Youtube. So no thank you for your advise. We want Youtube. Thats IT

  • Simply open it with everything accessible. its my basic right to access all free information available.

  • I don’t care because I can play relevant youtube videos pretty easily from playit.pk :)

  • It seems most of demanding no restrictions or least restrictions are atheists.

    • You have looked into their hearts and found them to be kaffirs? Because you know if someone calls a Muslim a kaffir then one of the two has left Islam.

  • don’t open youtube ever, its my opinion and don’t tell me right or wrong

    • Adding that disclaimer isnt going to stop me from the influx of curses and abuses you are going to get at making such a statement. Its your opinion, fine! It is niether right or wrong. Its just your opinion. However we are talking about the greater good of Pakistan and it lies in opening of Youtube. So you can keep your opinion to your self.

    • Funny, do you even understand your vote?

      By saying “don’t open youtube ever” means you are telling everyone else your opinion and forcing them to live the way you want. You don’t get to do that and also say “don’t tell me right or wrong”. If people can’t tell you, why can you tell them?

      • Shahid sahab dont waste your time and energy here. This qaum will never learn, understand or even have any vision.

        • yea only warid has brain to learn and i know Shahid saleem its very smart person only on propakistani lol

      • Shahid saab, you’re quite a troll-prone guy. Not every nonsense needs to be replied to.

      • If u say open youtube without any restrictions u r not forcing people and if someone says don’t open youtube ever then someone forcing people to live the way he wants.?
        kia yeh khula tazaad nhi hai.

        • Yes because if youtube is open the people who are saying “don’t open youtube” can still choose not to go to the site. it does not hurt them if the site is blocked or not, they don’t have to visit if they don’t want to. no one is putting a gun to their head and saying “go to youtube now!!!”

          Whereas if youtube is closed, the people who want to visit youtube cannot.

          You don’t understand that? Why not?

          • the youtube wont open just bcoz you want youtube to be open lol like u want to open youtube other dont want simple lol

  • khul jaye to kya ker lein gey,.,. filmo k trailers, crcket ya sports videos.,.
    kuch log kahein gey tutorials hein.,., tou tutorial wali party jo 2yrs say ker rahi hey wohi kerti rahay gii

    • you have no idea how much informative material is on Youtube and NO! Most materials are NOT found else where. So please stop deciding what people will and will not watch. And for the love of GOD, please stop making statements you have no clue off. If you didnt use youtube for anything usefull, doesnt mean others didnt or wont! So please, shut it!

  • f youtube f google f anyone who thinks taht just by blocking a thing which is against ur prophet can make it right
    they should hang or be killed for this as so many people have proven to us through history

    • Guys dont mind him.he belongs to heera mandi.he has not got any customer yet.thats why he was up to watch youtube.thats why he is gone mad.

    • I think you need to revisit the history of islam or maybe visit it for the first time. Anyways the point is, islam is a religion of peace, when Makkah was won the bitter enemies of Islam were forgiven, when Salahuddin entered the pious city he forgave…………….. In short islam encourages you to forgive and be the better one of the lot
      So next time you talk about killings i suggest you read the rules of WAR sent down by the Almighty. And if you dont know where to find them then they are in the quran

    • Exactly. Although I wouldnt classify them as molvies, but I would definatly call them jahil and paindu!!

    • These illetrate jahil alamas aur kaley burkhey me jo mard hai these g people r responsible for this.

      • Exactly….. ye jahil danda bradar burkay aur fatway wali lal masjid ki qoam jise har chheez yahoodi sazish lagti hai inhi manhooso ki waja se Pakistan stone age mai hai

        • Lal burkhey me jo allamey apney aap ko mard kaitey hai aur chailo se g ki tukhai karwatey hai jab tak yeh tukhai karwatey rahey gey tab tak pakistan kaisey agey barey ga.

  • i thought this was a youtube poll but its warid and gulab shah thread lol

  • i think the people who voted for open you tube without restriction forgot what kind of videos those were!!i personally feels shame for those and request them to think again upon there voting…

    • Do you have “free will”? Allah gave you free will, but do you feel like you have it?

      If youtube is open (with or without restrictions) what forces you to go to view contents that are against your religion or culture? Key word: “force”

      Nothing. Except your “choice”

      Do you understand that or no?

      You certainly act as if you have no choice in the matter, that if there is evil on youtube, you cannot control yourself from watching it.

      Before asking others to think, ask yourself to use your mind.

      • shahid saleem im pretty sure k ap me will power nahi hai kisi b dbao ko brdasht krne ki… again ask yourself wt u r demanding and its reasons..

        than think y 80%+ people demanding not to open you tube unless or until they agrees with to restrict those blasphemous content at there channel..

        yar hamari bhi koi dignity hai hum bhi kisi pr imaan rakhte hain or hum b jante hain k agar koi hamare mazhab k sath khel raha hai to us ka boycott kese kia jata hai

        • Dear iqbal b4 saying see that ur talking to shahid saleem :P you wont win hes a smart

          • yar katne do jo kat’ti hai gardan ye hamar
            momin kabhi jhukta nahi nakhudaon k aagey

        • First I want to point out that you have answered NONE of my questions. You cannot honestly answer my questions. They go to the heart of your faith. You say imaan, but you are willing to let someone else (government) take care of your imaan, not yourself.

          Actually I want Youtube open so I don’t have to waste time with proxies.

          I use Youtube all the time to watch Udacity courses and Google devloper videos. No, that is not available on other sites.

          What did you use Youtube for when it was open? Why not compare attitudes towards site?

          Also, let me make one thing clear: by blocking youtube, the government has forced many people to find and use proxies that they didn’t before. And what do people who use proxies use them for? Not just youtube…but porno sites.

          So, by blocking Youtube they have publicised way to access porno sites. Whatta catch!

        • Bhai mere is k liye youtube Aab e Hayat hai kuch arsa or na mili to mar jaye ga ye.

          • hahahaha person without dignity… pata nahi loag kyun ghalati pr hone k bawajood behes karte hain ap kya samajhte ho ky aaise hi logon ko parha likha jahil qaraar nahi dia gaya??

            • ap abhi b youtube open kr k downloads and uploads kr sakte ho via proxy to ap ki itlaa k liay abhi b jo log un gustakhana videos k khilaf seesa pilai deewar bane huay hain or lar rahe hain woh apna kaam jaari rakhe huay hain or islamic scholors apna beshak ap check kr sakte hain


              Asal baat ap logon ki samajh me nahi aa rahi k is waqt baat you tube kholne na kholne ki nahi is waqt pakistani awaam ko jo challenge kia gya hai us ki hai ap upper wali report dobara parhen or phir samjhen k woh log pakistan me blasphemous contents block karne pr b tayyar nahi or 3 baar milne k bawajood woh apne isi moaqqif pr datte huay hain or pakistani governament se yehi mutalbaat rakhe huay hain k ap youtube open karen..

              here is the story written and produced by the great Aamir Attaa..

              (YouTube ban has lead Pakistan into middle of nowhere. Website was banned in Pakistan in September 2012 due to a blasphemous video that
              despite the fact that the same video (and its copies) were blocked by Google in various countries including India, Egypt, Syria, Singapore, Russia and others)

              shayed k uter jaey tere dil me meri baat ap please sachai ko samjhen…

              • You are ignorant of facts right in front of your eyes.

                You stupid fool.

                The news is that Youtube TRIED to meet the Minister three times but the Minister refused to meet. Does that Minister action look to you like she is interested in discussing how to block the video? Or that she does not care enough?

                Right now it looks like they tried harder than government of Pakistan. GoP LIED to us for a whole year about filtering solutions.

                You comment on this site using disqus. Do you think 0% of disqus is anti-Islam? You sure about that? I know for a fact it is not. Yet you are not bothered.

                This website is hosted on service in US. Do the other websites hosted by the same service are 0% anti-Islam? Yet again you are not bothered.

            • 1000s of scholars post videos weekly on Youtube. I guess you are better “Muslim” than them or the Muslims that view the videos, right???

              Your brain has a hole in it the size of a bolano.

    • The same kind of videos can be found on google so why not ban google al together would be easier……………

      • Dear brother why dont u undrstands that they r challanging our self respect and strict upon there decision. tell me honestly if they can block the blasphemous content in singapore and other countries then why not here in pakistan?? kya agar main ap k walid ka mazaaq aik news chanel pr uraon or woh news channel lagatar wo video dikhata rahe to kya ap chaho ge k wo channel ap k ghar me chalta rahe??? i think is waqt hame as a nation muttahid hone ki zururat hai you tube ban ya unblock hone se shayed hame koi itna khas faida na ho but hamari dignity ko challange krne walon ko mu toor jawab dena hamari zimmahdari hai.

        • What little you know. They have government agreement with Singapore. We do not have intellectual laws of the kind Singapore has and they asked for them in LHC court but our government did not make the law. Intermediary Liability Protection. Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties. They asked, our government said to us that they are trying to do everything possible, but our government LIED to our faces. You blieved their lies.

          Until our government makes such laws (which many countries worldwide have), Google cannot do what you want.

        • You are also mentally challenged. There is 100% blasphemy in lots of places on the internet that is NOT EVER GOING TO BE BLOCKED BY OUR GOVERNMENT.

  • 345 retards voted to not open it. My faith in Pakistani humanity was already lost.

    • 400+ jahil retards molvi brigade hogaye ab….and still counting!! Facebook to saray use krte hain, draw Muhammad day bhool gaye kia??? Tab bhi har jahil molvi block block bhonk raha tha aur ab saray chare bethe hote hain Facebook par. Hypocrisy at its peak!!

      • janab pr yad rakhiay k unhoon ne draw mohammad day sirf isi liay nahi manaya k ye aik mazhab or muslims k sentiments k against thi. unho ne voting ki or is day ko na sirf us waqt roka balke hamesha k liay apni site pr kisi bhi aise content jo ap k ya kisi k b khilaf ho report karne ka option b introduce krwa dia jis se ainda k liay ye sab hrkaten khatam ho gaeen or doosra ye k unho ne kabhi bhi pakistan k khilaf arrogative rawayya nahi rakha..

  • after this discussion or poll will it be opened ??? lolx…..never…..till the time supreme court will not allow it ……..and they will never allow it to be opened :) so simple …..

  • well i think jitny b log yahan behes ker rhy hen wo sub proxy k through youtube use kerty hen.i think ager koi buri chiz upload ki jaey jiss sy kisi ki dil azari ho tu usko block ker dena chahiey.aisa software hai aur ye sub PTA ki zimadari bunti hai k aisy mowad ko block kery jiss sy kisi ki dil azari ho.

    • PTA and technology experts have said there is no technology to block youtube videos. It doesn’t exist. Either block the site or unblock it all.

    • lol seriously…………… so basically u want the entire internet blocked because i m pretty sure everyone hates one thing or the other
      and with the kind of national mindset we have, the muhajjirs will want punjabis blocked the punjabis will be after balochis and so on which eventually would lead to a dark void where information could have flown, breaking barriers ending racism, promoting tourism and so much

      • yar woh baat kahaan ki kar raha hai or ap kahaan ki ye pakhtoon punjabies or balochies kahan se aan tapke.. yar us ka matlab relegious way se hai..

  • dear Mustafa bhai! kindly read it carefully, people of Pakistan still have some patriotism and self respect.. more than 1015 votes out of 1250 are demanding youtube blockage or unblock with conditions.. or ap keh rahe hain k every body needs you tube bhai ap pakistan or islam se bahir hain kya?

    woh begherat loag pakistan se zid lagaey bethe hain k pakistan me mutazaad mawaad wali videos ko block nahi karen ge jis k br aks baqi jaghoon pr block kar di gai hain and you know why they r strict with it because they know that some of the people like you don’t feels shame to bend on their knees… and these kind of thoughts make them feels comfortable.,. please don’t mind and get it personal its only my patriotism and extreme love to my nation , country and religion.

      • pyare bhai just telling you that woh hum logon ko degrade krna chahte hain to kya hume un k agaey apne ghutne take dene chahian?? yar jis ghar me ap ki koi respect na kare us ghar aap jana pasand karo ge bhale dunia wahan ja kr maze or ayyashian karti ho pr kya aap ka dil mane ga wahan jane ka??? plz reply me!

        • Kam se kam aap ny saheeh jaga py reply to kiya ek cheez aap ne seekh li lekin aap ko iss topic pe thori reseach kr leni chahiye aor phir bat krni chahiye . :)
          Have a Nice Day .

    • Look at older polls, many people said same things about Facebook bans in 2010. Many people left Facebook. In fact, everything you say about “hurting” your religion applies to Facebook as well, yet I see you use Facebook. What a hypocrate you turn out to be.

      Just like that lawyer who was petitioning LHC to keep ban on Youtube, and he was caught browsing Youtube in court. Ha ha!

      And yet, they still opened it and we still live in relative peace. People who don’t want to use Youtube are 100% free not to use Youtube.

      • o hello Mr shahid saleem mind your pathetic and abusive wordings how dare to say me a hypocrate dont say any body like this we all are brothers by a religion as well as a nation now you r just beating about the bushes i have a great memory but i am pretty much doubtful about yours now as you remind that Facebook was banned for some religious issues but probably forgetting that they stopped the blasphemous content after voting and they never showed their strict arrogance to only our nation or any religious party.. Mr try to admit your mistakes and better to admits the fact and learn to say right to right.. ok…

        • My mistake? Ha ha!

          There is blasphemy on Facebook right now. It never stopped.

          You use Facebook yet you are worried about our nation for wanting to use Youtube. Both are equally guilty for hosting blasphemy materials. Only difference is, they will “hide” such materials from us if our government asks them.

          If you can use Facebook with ease of mind, then millions of Pakistanis can also use Youtube with same ease of mind.

      • o hello Mr shahid saleem mind your pathetic and abusive wordings how dare to say me a hypocrate dont say any body like this we all are brothers by a religion as well as a nation now you r just beating about the bushes i have a great memory but i am pretty much doubtful about yours now as you remind that Facebook was banned for some religious issues but probably forgetting that they stopped the blasphemous content after voting and they never showed their strict arrogance to only our nation or any religious party.. Mr try to admit your mistakes and better to admits the fact and learn to say right to right.. ok…

        • My mistake apparently was due to confusing you for someone who can think.

  • i am new user of propakistani . the behaviour of the people in the comments is very strange. if a post is against their interest they comments in very strange way. i have noted that most of the people who comment here dont like nokia and qmobile and when blog is about these then it is claimed that bloger is payed for this . most are abouser and ill manered

  • This is totally foolish to ban the website for more than a year. The only question is that what have you got in return of banning Youtube in Pakistan. What Youtube did for you to lift the ban. It doesn’t matter for them. Youtube is a useful website. People who want to see the objectionable things they have thousands of ways to watch. And our leaders have done nothing good internationally to stop these kind of things. Instead of defending our religion we are just hiding ourselves from the platform, which will do nothing even if you ban it permanently.

    • Youtube representative tried to meet our Minister three times but she refused to meet him. In fact LHC summonned our Minister of IT twice but both times she did not bother to attend.

      Tells you how much they care.

      • o bhai ap aik kam karo ap ko agar pakisan ki policies or majority se itni hi takleef hai to ap ya to saddar ban jao ya dubai shift ho jao ap k liay behtr rahe ga phir jitna chahe marzi youtube se khelte rehna or apne ilm me izafa karo shayed deen se zyada ap ko youtube faida de de

        • When the room is full of garbage thinkers like you, shouldn’t the garbage be cleaned?

          Answer me another question: why are Islamic scholars OUTSIDE PAKISTAN freely preaching on Youtube and gathering converts and making better Muslims out of existing ones? Why are only the ones INSIDE PAKISTAN who are ban ban ban?

          Either we are better Muslims than rest of the world, or we are worse. I look outside my window and I know what I see…

          • In this modren world if somone abuse ur father than dont blame any one just forget and keep going by shaking hands with them. Because ur intrest is more important than ur pride.. or woh kya kahawat hai kisi great buzurg ki..

            Khalqat ki awaaz hi khuda ki awaaz hoti hai.. or ap jese bohut hi zyada samajhdar loag inhi logon ko garbage kehte hain…

            • Reminder yet again: you cannot face FACT of Muslim scholars on Youtube successfully engaging audience for two years so you ignore the issue.


              • hahahaha what a shot mr saleem..
                muslim scholors are doing there job whats new.. they are on fb, yt, tune daily motion and everywhere they are working in the way of ALLAH and ALLAH THE GREAT ALMIGHTY helping them and they ll be successfull even they could nt be able to access all those perticullars,,, but one thig is for sure is our PROPHET MOHAMMAD (peace be upon him) mentioned the memento of hypocrites is much similar to your ego

                • Funny, you praise scholars for preaching on Youtube but you also say Youtube should be avoided because of the anti Islam content. So are the scholars wrong to be on youtube??? No, you just praised them. So how can something be right for scholars but not right for Pakistanis?


  • We can’t even consider to weigh tune.pk against youtube. If you think that, you’ve done nothing useful on the internet. It would take years even decades for tune.pk to get on the list.

  • but mr Waqas tell me one thingif we unblock the youtube than one thing is for sure that they will got a benefit of thousands of dollors by increasing visits on there web site.. or hame kya mile ga. agar khud ko koi faida nahi to un ko faida dena hamari dignity k khilaf hai

    • Bhai you have no sense. in 2013 Google made $59 BILLION. Yes, not million, but BILLION. That means they make $161 MILLION EVERY DAY. $6.7 MILLION DOLLARS EVERY HOUR.

      How much revenue do you think they will make from Pakistan if Youtube is opened??? One year of access from Pakistan is probably not even 0.01% of their revenue, given how few people are Internet users in Pakistan.

      And from watching educational videos on Youtube AND ALSO from performing dawah on Youtube FOR FREE, we get more from Youtube than they will ever get from us.

    • Of course. That is why it was blocked in the first place, to keep more protests from happening.

  • I have a suggestion. Kindly put a filter/ block on your bloody mind, dumb witted imbeciles.

    Seriously, you people give this country a bad name. I’m sick of the vermin that infests this fine country :|

    • Youtube tried to meet our demands halfway, our government didn’t accept.

      • How can you say this ? I heard, despite of court orders they even did’t appear in court. google not even replying to our high authorities which seems to be very very rude.

        • Read dawn article from last week. Title YouTube ban solution is in hand

    • There are more religions in the world than the True One. So if someone is simply offended because we do not respect their religion, our religious videos should be taken down under your rule.

      • Also that company/individual should be fined for doing that..but the fact is the people here in Govt doesn’t seem happy to re-open it.

        • You talk of fines, ha ha.

          We live in Pakistan, it is illegal to make false accusation of blasphemy here but have you ever seen anyone executed for making such false accusations? Instead, people who are accused are either jailed for ever or killed or forced to leave the country but nothing ever happens to false accusers.

  • Are you F***ing kidding me?! People actually voted “Don’t Open Youtube Ever”… They must be one of the God damn religious-hypocrite-extremists who say dont use Western shit, when they themselves use the computer, cars, phones, TVs made by Non-Muslims. Seriously… Whoever voted “Dont Open Youtube Ever”… F*** You…

  • People opposing the ban are using the moust foul language… ah the mindlessness of the mild mannered folk who have banned youtube…lets shut them up with captial letters (so to hide our profanity which really is not hidden)

  • Also its their right to use capital letters… They should say the full words to their parents first… Most likely their parents will not understand what the capital letters stand for…Oh we are the bravest nation on the planet (online ofcourse)

  • salam again, shahid saleem mein ny bola tu ta k yeh mera opinion hai lekn ap jub tk teacher banany ka natk na kr lo ap ko b chan nhi aata, and why you repeat my words, same question ask to propakistani admin why he make youtube ban lifted poll ? why propakistani add don’t open youtube ever option ? and i think you have lose your mind, you don’t know whats in youtube about islam ? why you supporting and other side youtube never listen your words and saying and showing bad material against islam and supporting those people who uploading bad video against islam

    • Thousands of Islamic Scholars from around the world upload sermons, talks, discussiions, tutorials, etc. about Islam to Youtube. Videos uploaded and commented on and liked by Muslim viewers daily.

      Only one “hole” is there: PAKISTAN. Do you know which scholar’s videos are watched by Pakistanis outside Pakistan, in Urdu? NOT ANY SCHOLAR FROM INSIDE PAKISTAN.

      So you tell me what is in Youtube about Islam.

    • ay shahid saleem sab da mama lagya ay so respect him is chawal se mu lagna te kutte nu satt marni ikko e gal ay..

  • I’d like to ask one question from those who are in favor of opening the website or opening it if the material is wiped in Pakistan… That can you let us the statistics that how many of us use this Bullshit website for educational purposes or some other creative purposes? My dear friends this is the preparation to welcome 3/4 G in Pakistan … if this website will not be opened, then how their business will boost? an almost illiterate person can easily remember ‘YouTube’ and will use it for enjoyment and entertainment only!!!
    I’d like to suggest those people, that please then Don’t assert and claim that you’re lovers of the beloved Muhammad p.b.u.h. … Allah will give you much better by abandoning this bullshit, if you would like to think in this direction…

    • I would suggest to you to think.

      When Islam came, our Prophet PBUH was surrounded by non-Muslims (Arab, Jews, Romans, Persians, Ethiopians, etc). Name one group of non-Muslims our Prophet refused to preach to or disallowed trade with.

      Today Youtube which is owned by non-Muslims freely gives any Muslim the ability to upload a video about Islam. Youtube, which is not of Muslim character, still does not stand in your way in spreading Islam. (Same with Facebook, twitter, etc etc)

      So if someone gives you a way to spread Islam FOR FREE, do you cut off your own tongue by banning it?

  • One more question, that if some material is ‘Nauzubillah’ is kept on this website, then do you think that anyone in the west would have let this opened ever??? why you tell that thing which is not applicable to all?

    • I meant… the material about Hazrat Issa p.b.u.h. … (I apologize for not mentioning in my earlier post_

      • Um….you really are innocent. Many MANY anti-christian videos are on Youtube. Many MANY anti-christian posts are on Facebook. Yet they are all open.

      • brother thier idology and broughtup is totally different than ours

        they can sue their parents upon one single slap
        they can fu…k on the road in front of their parents or else because they are shameless people

        but not we are…
        for us its an order not from me any scholor professor lecthrar or shaid saleem its an ORDER OF MY ALMIGHTY ALLAH SUBHANA WATALLA AND OUR PROPHET MOHAMMAD (PEACE BE UPON HIM) that

        your Faith (IMAAN) is not yet accepted unless the love and respect of ALLAH and MOHAMMAD (PEACE BE UPON HIM) is more than any one else in the world even your parents or your own self.

        than what is the objectionable thing is left in all that conversation..

        thats why say toba to your ALLAH and come to the right path aisa na ho k tumhari wajah se koi or bhi is gunah ka murtaqib ho jaey or us k azaab ap ko bhugatna paray.. thats all my brother.

        • Which brings us back to the point YOU STILL KEEP AVOIDING: are the scholars who ARE currently preaching Islam on Youtube two years after the video IDIOTS? Do they not love Our Prophet (PBUH)??? What do you think?

          I think they are doing WHAT THEY CAN to spread Islam, and I think you are supporting a measure to HALT THE SPREAD OF ISLAM.

          And don’t talk to me about respecting the Prophet. Respecting our Prophet means FOLLOWING HIS EXAMPLE. So tell me: NAME ONE ABUSER OF ISLAM THAT OUR PROPHET REFUSED TO SPREAD ISLAM TO.

          There is no one. Every nation is invited to accept Islam.

  • Guys Don’t forget that Youtube deliberately posted the Blasphemous video against our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and still willing to have that video on its forum. Nothing is more important than our Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).

    • Guys, don’t also forget that Youtube deliberately has 100,000+ Islamic lectures to spread and maintain Islam and to praise Allah and His religion and His Prophets. After personal worship, Is nothing more important than spreading Islam in this world?

      • Ohhh Idiotic logic Man, We know your Papa Own youtube, but not ours and if were we have left that type of papa in hell , So don’t provide illogical arguments, One drop of urine make your all neat and clean cloths unpious in Islam and you cant offer prayer in those cloths, in-spite of fact 99.99% is neat and clean. So its haram for us to have that shit tube,, Dont try to impose your gayyyyish enlighten moderation… !!

      • Hahaha. The word “can’t” is funny. Bhai wo itni bari IT company apni hi website pe video post nhi kr sakti kia baat hai tumhari.

  • salam, shahid saleem i think business is not important, only islam is important for Muslims, if you not muslim don’t say me friend. i am not forcing any one if you feel just like so it’s your think.

    • I didn’t bring up the point of business, the other person did. Please read carefully. I only corrected his perception.

      Furthermore, if I give you a way to spread Islam in a cheaper way than ever was possible in the history of Islam (just make a video and upload it for free), will you ban it?

  • FYI people.. all the “OBJECTIONABLE” material is available on the Torrent sites as well.
    Thought Y’all should know about it.
    Pakistan Zindabad. Saudi Islam Paindabad.

  • Open it without restrictions, or block the entire internet because there is no end to objectionable content with you wish to be offended.

  • A Muslim will not see the video at anycost. If he wants to watch it simply he will use a proxy to access. I am using proxies to use Youtube but did not search about it. What they want to prove?

  • Odd analogy. What if I say mosques are the 0.01% pure things in 99.99% filth of the world? What can you say to that?

  • I can’t believe it 456 votes for (Open YouTube Without Any Restrictions).!

    • Why not? All other sites are open without restrictions.

      How much anti-Islam content is on Google Blogspot? Yet it is open without restrictions. What about picture sites like Twitimage, yfrog, imgur, flickr? Also open without restrictions, and also has anti-Islam contents. What about the site everyone hated four years ago, Facebook? Yeps, both without restrictions and with anti-Islam.

      So why do you think Youtube is special?

    • I am not your faggy daddy,, that you can do,, if you dare then tell me place where should I appear,,.. Your whole family in xyz direction come together cant dare this…

      • o na kr lale inna ghussa rain de inna jahilan de matthey ki lagna..

  • YouTube se ziada ahem baat ye hai k hamain apna dekhna chahiye k hum ne kia dekhna hai aur kia naheen dekhna… infradi tor pay aur ijtaamai tor pay… aur mujhe naheen lagta k ye ksi ko ni pata hoga k ussay kia dekhna chahiye aur kia naheen dekhna chahiyee,… :)

    • Electricity is not oxygen…we can live without electricity.
      Petrol is not oxygen…we can live without petrol.
      Sugar is not oxygen…we can live without sugar.

      • Shahid, Ap ki har waqt itni jali hui q rehti hy. Kia ghar main koi nae sunta apki jo yahan jali kati sunaty ho :)

        • That’s the beauty of the internet: I don’t need anyone’s permission or acceptance. I can say what is on my mind.

          Sometimes being honest is a bad thing in Pakistani society.

          • So you think only you speak the truth and honest words. nice.
            Height of self-conceited

            • I didn’t say that, but turning that around, what do you speak, lies? Ha ha! Who’s conceited now?

              • “Inhi Logon” are all Muslims, who disagree with you.

                Think about it. If you cannot comprehend the other side’s arguments, you are mentally unfit to make any decisions on their behalf.

          • I am free man born free to live free (Nonsense statement). I want to drive car at speed of 120, why traffic warden stops me… I do not want to stop on signal, why they want me…
            I Do want to have cocaine and liquor why its not allowed…
            I want to f**k in open why its not possible…
            I do not want to be checked on airport.. why they make me to stand in Que…
            I do want to do import export without custom checking,, why they do…
            Baby Because A country has a constitution to run it,,, rules and regulation… We are not in jungle… If I am seeking to much freedom I should make my on one man state and live in it… :P

            • ….what?

              Try to make sense, man. Whether I watch youtube without proxy for Google I/O videos or not, it does not in any way affect the rest of society.

              Try to compare real with real. Driving at 120 in a city is bad for everyone else.

  • The heart of the Muslim world saudi Arabia has not banned YouTube then why should Pakistanis ? Banning YouTube and doing nothing about the video is no solution … That shows te we don’t give a fuck about what’s happening … There are awesome people on YouTube like talkislam etc who openly answer these videos with a vlog and fight for it … We on the othe hand are doing nothing at all.
    Those of you who still vote that YouTube should remain banned … Please kill yourself you people are not brave enough to do something about it and for you YouTube is all about watching songs etc. You do not see the fact how YouTube helped students and the people on IT industry.

    • bhai mere ap abhi b youtube open kr k downloads and uploads kr sakte ho na via proxy to ap ki itlaa k liay abhi b jo log un gustakhana videos k khilaf seesa pilai deewar bane huay hain or lar rahe hain woh apna kaam jaari rakhe huay hain ap check kr sakte hain baat ap logon ki samajh me kyun nahi aati k is waqt baat you tube kholne na kholne ki nahi is waqt pakistani awaam ko jo challenge kia gya hai us ki hai ap upper wali report dobara parhen or phir samjhen k woh log pakistan me blasphemous contents block kr pr b tayyar nahi or 3 baar milne k bawajood woh apne isi moaqqif pr datte huay hain or pakistani governament se yehi mutalbaat rakhe huay hain k ap youtube open karen..

      shayed k uter jaey tere dil me meri baat ap please sachai ko samjhen…

    • ap tou shahid saleem na banain jo bus sach se bachne k liay apne kaan ko chitta hi kehta hai

      • Truth: 1000s of Muslim scholars post on Youtube.
        Truth: you cannot understand why.

  • I will vote for Open YouTube Only if Blasphemous Videos are Fully Blocked in Pakistan. BTW Cant have access to lecture videos and other learning tutorials :
    Good for everyone but only if they ban/block videos against Islam But i will let you notice one thing that Pakistani Media don’t want youtube to be opened because the people no longer going to watch their entertainment program and ratings will fall.

    • Excuse me but if they are blocked or not blocked doesn’t matter to you. It all depends on whether you click on them or not. Government and private industry has already told LHC that there is no way to block all blasphemy.

      Simply don’t click on anti-Muslim content. Problem solved.

  • o really !! na kr yaar shahid saleem’s papa own youtube..


    tabhi to is ko itniiiii takleef hai…

    i bet one day he ll be able to own a tube…

    • I actually do have a youtube channel and I upload to it, that is correct. But I am just an ordinary user.

  • Democracy my friends. More votes for permanent YouTube ban.
    P.S. Same people produced iPhone, Galaxies, Computers, Cars and everything we use wearing an ear-to-ear smile on our face. Ban them too!

  • Geo should be banned in the same manner, what they did is no different to why youtube was banned.

  • Since YOUTUBE is banned in PAKISTAN, we are not availing this
    oppurtunity. Some people use third-party services since their browsing
    speed degrades automatically.

    SO we make Youtube version of Pakistan. Basically its a complete Youtube
    site but filters out the contents that causes chaos and anarchy between
    nations. Please visit and appreciate our effort. We are waiting for
    your response and suggestions.

    Here is the link: http://www.ytpak.com
    Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ytpakistan
    Thank you.

  • hi friends :*
    youtube is opened in pakistan with different links . its localized version for pakistan . through this we can watch all youtube videos without proxy or vpn . link given below .
    link: http://youpak .com

  • If you paid any attention to how youtube works there is already a creator and community flag option if the video gets enough flags or the creator sets a flag the video has a warning.

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