Warid Crosses 50Mbps Speed Barrier During 4G Tests


Warid, as we reported before, is rigorously working towards launching the public trials for its anticipated 4G LTE services somewhere with-in next few weeks.

During the trials it is believed that Warid crossed 50Mbps speed benchmarks on a cellular network using 4G LTE technology.

Before we comment any further, below is the speed test screen for your eyes:


As apparent from the screen above, Warid successfully achieved 51.01 Mbps download speed while 33.54 Mbps upload speed during the test.

This lab test was reportedly carried out on intranet infrastructure using cellular communication medium, meaning that the client and server machines were available on similar network while communicate was made through cellular channels.

Experts say that real-world implementation of similar infrastructure can yield the customers around 25 to 35Mbps speeds, if implemented and customized properly.

It maybe recalled that Warid has promised its customers a 4G LTE network through its existing cellular license and spectrum.

Warid went public with its 4G LTE plans early last month, which met strong opposition from competing operators who had paid millions of dollars for 3G and 4G licenses. Warid, however, believes that it has a technology neutral license with which it can offer 4G services as well.

PTA, on the other hands, has said that it will grant Warid the go-ahead for launching 4G only after inspecting the quality of service standards.

Warid is confident that it will be able to meet all the requirements and KPIs laid out by PTA to ensure parallel network quality for 4G consumers. Along with, company believes, service qualify for 2G subscribers will remain intact.

Warid has said that it will invest over US 400 million dollars for up-gradation of its network in the country.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I guess its good but with one user testing the entire bandwidth it isn’t much ;)

    • Has any other network achieved such speeds? even when they were tested by a single user?

      • At this stage only Zong can test 4G and I haven’t seen any results from them (publicly).

        Don’t get me wrong I think this is great ! Just saying that testing speeds are normally very different than what end users receive.

  • There’s a big difference between testing under optimal lab conditions and actual performance in the urban wild.

  • There’s a big difference between testing under optimal lab conditions and actual performance in the urban wild.

  • This is a old news :( and old screenshots shared by me on the previous article… No New UPDATES yet :(

    • Yeah!! But Old is gold..!! :D Some people don’t know about this news.

    • Yeah!! But Old is gold..!! :D Some people don’t know about this news.

      • yar Lahore Karachi Islmbad men kab tak aa jae gi commercial warid 4G LTE any idea???

        • According to my opinion, the launch day will be same or near as Zong 4G LTE. Yet, Zong is not ready for 4G LTE. So, wait till the launch of Zong 4G LTE.

          • yes i will wait till that.
            i am going to purchase gaxy S5 but i want to use 4G on it using 2g on it seems like it’s insult.

            • hmm..!! You are right..!! Don’t Worry! You will able to use 4G very soon.

              • Amir tell him about Warid EDGE service and speed, maybe he can use EDGE on S5

                  • I can download 100MB file just an hour. It speed remains 25 to 27 KB/s through the year. If you need screenshots, I can send.

                  • I can download 100MB file just an hour. It speed remains 25 to 27 KB/s through the year. If you need screenshots, I can send.

                    • Skype doesn’t work fine, but Yahoo messenger performance (Voice) is better than Skype in my Warid speed.

                    • Sorry for a late reply..!! This is the screenshot. I am getting 32KB/s in IDM. If you need any further detail or something. I am here for you.

                    • and plZ tell me whether U have used your warid as modem on pc or not and what speed u got on pc??

                    • I am using Warid EDGE via Telenor E153 dongle. I can easily be unlocked, then you will able to use every Sim as you want except Telenor Pre-Paid. But! You can get the same speed in your Andriod. Before buying Warid Sim, please check the same speed in your area. Because speed may be different in different cities.

                    • I can easily be unlocked …how you unlocked ?
                      Its on your android not in your android :D
                      speed may be different in your area..itna bht ha na bhai

                    • Ok! I tell you the method of unlock.
                      First of all, you will need Telenor Huawei E153 model USB Dongle(Other models may or may not be unlocked).Download “Universal_MasterCode” Open It, Go to Huawei Tab and Enter your IMEI number and click calculate. it will give you “Unlock Code” and “Flash Code”. Then “Download HUAWEI MODEM Code Writer” Open it, click “Please Select Com Port” then Click “Detect”, then Click Unlock and here you will write the Flash Code and Unlock Code to unlock. Enjoy!
                      If you need any help, I am here for you!

                    • Main abhi canada main ho jab D chowk aao ga to share karo ga

                    • have you read “was”? I am using wifi since 2 years but zong had highest speed at my location 30-35 all the time. Mobilink and ufone were between 10-15

            • buy a ticket of canada too dono bhai mill k goro ka 4G use krain gaye

          • 4G and 4G LTE are the same thing. Americans created this branding confusion. LTE is the basic branch of 4G technologies. However, it remains too see what kind of LTE services are we getting? Secondly, if Warid was neutral, how come they never invested in 3G. Plus, why Warid has removed all 4G LTE banners from its Facebook page?

            • You are right bro.I don’t know, why Warid removed the ads. Warid did not take part in the auction because their number of customers are less as compared to other cellular operators as well as only 50% users use Warid(According to the previous Propakistani article).But I am 100% sure, they will bring 4G LTE at any cost without getting 3G licence.If I am wrong, then why does Propakistani write news about Warid 4G LTE every week or month. Does Propakistani lie? If you say, “Yes” then I cannot say anything about it.

              • The Universal Masster code.. how many devices can it unlock? I mean I have a ptcl 9.3 mbps usb router and an HSPA+ Huawie router and both are locked… the hspa+ router is by STC (saudi telecom company) and I want to unlock both the routers.. can I unlock both with that software?

                • Most of Huweai madam can be unlocked. The Huweai madam which is using PTCL can not support GSM SIM rather they support UIM SIM. Simply PTCL USB dongle and router can not unlocked but Telenor USB DONGLE can easily be unlocked.

  • This is really great. I bet Warid will provide best 4G service but with bit higher rates. Warid is anyway for quality people :-)

    • No! The packages will not be expensive as you think. Becuase we know Zong and Warid both have 4G LTE. The competition between them will be high and prices will gradually go down. We have already observed Ufone and Telenor 3G packages.

  • its all rubbish,

    I just called helpline right now, when I ask when will they officially offer 4G services, they dont even give any idea about tentative period. I guess it will take more than 4 to 6 months to officially annouce. You can see from the screenshot It doesnt show 4G symbol, :(

  • aesi service ka achar dalna hai jo kay for starters bht expensive hoge aur dosra ghanta coverage area hoga iska 20 % LTe baqe areas main 2g

  • aesi service ka achar dalna hai jo kay for starters bht expensive hoge aur dosra ghanta coverage area hoga iska 20 % LTe baqe areas main 2g

    • Brother! Have you observed Telenor and Ufone 3G packages? Of course, Telenor 3G packages are much cheaper than Ufone. We know Zong and Warid both have 4G LTE technology. The competition between them will be high. with the passage of time, the packages prices will gradually go down

  • it will only matters if they’ll provide 100% coverage area in major cities which will take alot of time, almost same time will be taken by Zong , and i bet Zong will provide cheaper LTE prices as compared to Warid LTE

  • what is the use of these speeds, coverage is very very poor by all operators. hopeless

  • I will believe it when I see it with my own eyes. In my opinion, this is just a measure to reduce churn.

    • abhi to testing main hai mery bhai how you fulfilled

  • Incridible…!!! Again! No one can cease Warid 4G LTE..!!! Keep it up Warid..!! It is a game of standard.

  • Incridible…!!! Again! No one can cease Warid 4G LTE..!!! Keep it up Warid..!! It is a game of standard.

  • Believe me 14th August is the commercial launch date, soft launch in end of june or July

  • I don’t give a shit about the speed difference between 3G and LTE (but 2G was totally unusable) all I need is coverage and volume. Not gonna matter if the coverage is within Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad for the first 2 years while companies with 3G cover larger areas.

  • They should give at least 80 – 100 Mbps before launch of the service.

    • It is good speed as compared to other cellular operators that are offering 3G speed(You know Ufone 3G is giving speed upto only 3Mbps LOL!).But why? Because they will give limited packages i.e. 2GB,4GB etc. 50Mbps is equal to 5MB/s (approximately). It is the same transfer speed when we transfer data to our USB 2.0. Even 2GB will take only 400 seconds (6.666 minutes). What will you do with 100Mbps?

      • Correction: 50Mbps will provide over 6MB/s Data Transfer speeds, and yeah, more than Enough, but Warid will have to offer good enough volume in such speeds, surely 5-10Gb volume is useless in such speeds, an i am sure no one will use high speed LTE just for checking mails etc :D

        • You are wrong!

          one megabit per second (Mbps) equals 1000 Kbps or one million bps.
          one gigabit per second (Gbps) equals 1000 Mbps or one million Kbps or one billion bps.

          Can you explain how 50Mbps equals 6MB/s?

                    • I know about this. if you are getting speed in kbps (you are getting 8733 kbps) then you can get your answer in KB/s by dividing 8, 8733/8=1091 KB/s. My question was not about this Bro!

                    • Jo Aap Ky 100 Mizil Upper Comment Hai, 50Mbps equals 6 MB/s. Kamal Karty Ho! Dil Jalny Ki Baat Karty Ho! Sharm Tum Ko Mgr Nhi Ati……!!!! :P

                    • mere bhai warid ki speed agar 51Mbps hai to it means 6.38 MBps.
                      so 50 Mbps agr 6MBps hai to theek ha bola hai.itna he bnata hai

                    • Na Baba Na! Par Kesy? 51Mbps equals 5MB/s second na..!! kiyn 1000 liya jye ga, 1024 nhi!

                    • Yaar Aamir bhai mujhay wo website bataow jo baqaul aap k yeh kehti hai k 10 Mbps is equal to 1 MB/s? mene to pehli baar suna hai aapse, hume to yehi sikhaya gaya hai kay 8 Mbps bandwith is equal to 1 MB/s, 50 Mbps bandwith may 5 MB/s transfer rate ka matlab to yehi hua k aap kehna chahtay hain 10 Mbps is equal to 1 MB/s transfer rate :s aap apni source of knowledge change karen, jis website se parh kar aapnay yeh bataya, wo galat hai :)

                  • Yeah 8Mbps Bandwidth gives 1 MB data transfer speed or in other words download speeds, 50÷8= 6.25 MB/s, so I hope I don’t have to explain more, you can google it bro, or share a link which describes it in another way :) if you use for Instance PTCL 8Mbps, your download speed will be 1 MB/s

              • wo keh raha hai 8Mbps = 1MBps
                8 megabits per second is equal to 1 Megabyte per second.
                theek keh raha hai

            • Check it out: compnetworking(dot)about(dot)com/od/speedtests/g/kbps-mbps-gbps-network-bit-rates.htm

              In the Internet dictionary, it is 1000 instead of 1024.

            • In binary term yes 1024 is 1K but in terms of transfer

              1000Bytes = 1KB

              Even when a hard disk is 250GB then it does not mean it is 250*1024*1024*1024bytes. It means it is 250*1000*1000*1000Bytes.

              Anyway, when we say that we have 50Mbps connection then that also includes the TCP/IP packet overhead. Roughly for each 8bits there are 2bits overhead. For 50Mbps connection you get 5Mbytes/sec actual data transfer and that 5MB=5*1000*1000 bytes.

      • Sorry I cannot compare 3G with 2G or 3G with 4G and 3G with LTE or even 4G with LTE.
        If comparing means alot, yes Ufone 3G is way better than 2G by telenor or warid.
        Compare the service (i.e 2G, 3G, LTE) not the networks.

  • In pakistan less than 5% users have 3G and 4G Phones. Out of 5% less than 1% users have 4G LTE Phones. so who will use 4G LTE? and 51 MB Download Speed, Useless for a normal user. 4MB is enough for Normal Users.

    • The launch day of 4G LTE, the rate of 4G USB Dongle will increase akin when EVO, Wingle and Nitro were come into being. You know PTCL is earning much more money through these devices as compared to DSL.

      • show us the figures of PTCL earnings from 3G services like EVO :P
        phans gaye na :D

        • Did you read the previous Propakistani article? The article claims that PTCL’s EVO earning is more than anything else. But I don’t know the exact amount of earning because I am not a journalist. Tusi To Pasandy Hi Rehy Karo Dasray Insaanoo No, Usman Ali Sahib:D

    • Out standing thing, i was today thinking to go to Telenor but now i will not.
      I can wait for few weeks, 3G is not rocket, its 4G what i want

    • Out standing thing, i was today thinking to go to Telenor but now i will not.
      I can wait for few weeks, 3G is not rocket, its 4G what i want

        • Why to go with slow 3G speed as compared to 4G when we know that something bigger is coming!

        • till then he will use Warid EDGE service, just tell him your location :D

          • hahahhahahaha…!! Believe Me!!! If all people know the speed of Warid EDGE then every customer of every operator will get rid of their network. I guess!

            • You are right … I am using Warid EDGE which is fantastic.. Skype calls are smooth :) the speed is much better as I have used all the networks and I have preferred Warid’s EDGE

          • Aamir bhai…why EDGE when we have PTCL Broadband yet. BTW I am from Lahore :)

            • PTCL broadband is not available on mobile.
              I use EDGE service, and I make, skype video calls (one side video). Viber calls, use facebook and check emails.But you have to use one app at one time like have to kill background process of other apps but normal use is fine for me.
              If I have to download torrents on mobile, I will go for LTE sure ;)

              • Ohoo Dr. sahib….WiFi modem b lag jata hai. Ajkal to suna hai k free wifi modem dey rahey hain PTCL waley new connection k sath.

            • I live in Nowshera Cantt, there is no EVO, no PTCL, no Wi-Tribe etc.That’s why, I have been using Warid EDGE since 2 years.

      • Yup, don’t take decision in hurry. For now just wait and see. When Ufone 3G packages were announced then alot of people criticized. But alot appreciated Telenor packages. So better days are coming ahead….We hope so!

  • if every customer get 5-10 mbps i think i will goOd enough to make smoOth skype video call???

    • phr to mian Canada sa live dharna bhi da sakta ho or altaf bhi ko bhot faida ho ga.

      • Altaf bhai to abi tak landline use kerty hen.pehle 2G to ker lain phr 3 or 4G pay ajaen

      • kitna sakoon ho ga na … ap canada se video call karo gaay aur logo gharon main baith ker ap ko dekhain gaay …. hamara D chok fatik chok nahi banay ga :-)

        • *correction* Main Canada main bhato ga or log D chowk main

  • I was thinking with the arrival of 3G/4G ptcl will decrease price of it’s pakjZ but de have done oppozite to dat they have decreased data limit from 3o gb to 20 gb per month????
    and for unlimited wingle bundle they have decrezed data limit from 50 gb to 30 gb per month????

  • Door kay Dhool suhanay Warid to jab aye ga Dekha jaye ga Filhal Telenor is giving awesome speed in a v resonable Rate ;)

  • Door kay Dhool suhanay Warid to jab aye ga Dekha jaye ga Filhal Telenor is giving awesome speed in a v resonable Rate :D

    • That is great speed, if they can continue to offer such speeds, their 50 rs max charge per day offer is best, but if they don’t put a cap on per day usage.

      • I am fucked up just recetnly shifted to postpaid i told them to activate 3g bundle they didnt and i just used 39mb and my bill is above 400 :]

        • This is just a stunt to retain some customers after everyone else shifted to next generation technology. I doubt any chances of any customers getting any real value from warid’s 4G LTE. BTW, time will tell.

  • when mobilink was in 3G trials they were clocking at 10.35Mbps speed but when they have launched it, the speed does not even go above 1Mbps

    • It depends upon many factors i.e. the number of users at that area, signal strength and the distance from the nearest 3G tower etc. When you will check your speed test in others cities, the speed will be different.

  • A bit off topic…. PTCL has enforced a FUP of 30GB on all unlimited evo nitro, wingle and cloud. What a shame!

    • dam what we gonna do now? i think only broadband is left to be used. or have they applied a limit on it as well :(

  • – Lab Test
    – On Intranet

    So people, before you start drooling over these speeds, make sure you account for the circumstances … which are NOT worth drooling over.

  • As we all know warid don’t have right spectrum, these speeds are not going to hold up longer, specially after launch.

    • LOL that made my day :P 5MHZ is giving 10Mbps speed (Below screenshot) and 8.8MHZ is not right spectrum to give this kind of speeds.. you must be kidding dude…

      • You have not got the point. Unlike other operators who have got the new spectrums, they are dedicated to data. Warid is using this 8mhz already for voice. So they can only free up a portion of this spectrum, means they can only support few users or many users with low speeds.

        • I can not debate on it yet again as I have already done in previous articles so the best thing would be that we should wait and see what happens..

  • Lot of challenge ahead for Warid when it enters in practical field to satisfy customers

  • 4G LTE ka Kya Faida Har Kisi ke Pas 4G Mobile Nahi hai, 3G Mobile Mushkil se hai Awam ke Pas..

  • Just spotted a crane in front of the Warid franchise at H block DHA (which hosts Warid’s tower on its roof). Looks like some work is being done at the cell site :)

  • close