Aims to Become Online Booking Destination for Pakistanis

Truth be told! For us movie lovers, getting a cinema ticket has never been a hassle free task.

Whether having to drive to the cinema to book tickets in advance or standing in those seemingly never ending queues is what we had to go through until.

NOW! The good news is, Faizan Aslam; CEO of Macro Pak Solutions has created an app called BOOKME.PK in order to save ourselves the trouble of wasting our time and money on such petty issues.

With this app, you can get all the information of the happenings within the country, up coming events, transport and cinema ticketing.

Not just that! You can also opt for the option of online advance booking if desired for any of the mentioned services simply by tapping your device.

A BIG RELIEF init? Just switch on the app and welcome yourself to a whole new online booking experience.


Well several websites are offering their services for online booking these days, rivals include Showtimes Pakistan and Stubdo, what set apart is the fact that they are slightly more comprehensive. allow their customers to book any number of things online while other apps exclusively focus on their one particular service, like the mentioned above services do on cinema listings.

Moreover, they are aiming to become one stop booking destination and are now targeting the hotel and restaurants industries. for all Cinema Freaks offers exclusive tickets for premier shows and regular shows as well. It indeed has made the whole online booking process quick, easy and worry free. First select a movie you want to watch and then choose the desired cinema. Starting from Lahore, is offering movie tickets for the following cinemas:

  • Royal Palm Super Cinema
  • Cinestar
  • DHA Cinema
  • Cine Gold

Once you have decided the Cinema, choose the time of the movie from the schedule provided and enter the number of seats you require.

The system will then calculate the total amount payable. You can buy tickets via either Cash on Delivery or online bank transfer.

Another unique thing is, this website/app offers a list of movies that are currently playing in local cinemas with their reviews, synopsis and trailer; an easy answer for your confusion, read the review, watch the trailer and if it triggers your interest go ahead and book the tickets.

Oh another good news! You can also reserve the desired seat. Go grab the front seat but first you have to book it on and the ticket will be delivered to you at your doorstep.

Travel services

The second service allows users to book buses online, check bus timings and get tickets. Though the two mentioned services are quite in contrast with each other but it all makes sense according to the idea envisioned by Faizan Aslam, the CEO of Macro Pak Solutions, which created He stated:

I want to see with everything for which we need to buy a ticket. It can be related to transport, entertainment or anything.”

So the founders of the app essentially see it one day becoming “a synonym for online reservation in Pakistan.”

The service is currently available in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

The transport service links to Faisal Movers, who deliver the cinema tickets to your doorstep in addition to taking bus bookings.

Plan 9 Incubation & Macro Pak Solutions

Plan 9 was initiated by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) in August 2012. It is a tech incubator which allows Pakistani upcoming startups to develop, by immaculate mentoring and assistance.

Macro Pak Solutions is one such team, which made the best use of Plan 9 incubation and is the result of it. It started at small scale but now own its exclusive 3 offices in major cities of the country.

The team is made up of some enthusiastic individuals like Faizan Aslam (@faizanaslams), Abdul Wahab, Asrar Anwar, Fakhra Irum, and Mohammad Shoaib.

Since their inception, they have reached on considerably high grounds. During their time at Plan 9 they focused on developing If we talk about their future plans then is also gearing up to provide the SMS functionality to the users.

Now what are you waiting for?! Download this 5star reviewed app on your android gimmick from Google Play Store.

Update: coverage is only in Lahore for now. In the mean time they are planning to expand their network to other major cities of Pakistan. Source: Faizan Aslam