PTCL Caps EVO Customers with 30GB Monthly Data Limits


PTCL has announced that it has capped all its new and old EVO customers with a data limit of 30 GB per month, down from previous data limit of 75GB.

This new data limit is applicable on both Rev.A and Rev.B (EVO and Nitro) devices including EVO Wingle, EVO 9.3, EVO 3.1, EVO Tab and EVO cloud devices.

It must be noted that a data limit of 20GB is applicable for all those customers who are paying less than Rs. 2100 per month, i.e. all those customers who have bought EVO devices against any promotion and are paying lesser than Rs. 2100 rental per month.

These new data limits are applicable from June 1st, 2014.

PTCL has explained that these new data limits will ensure continuous high-speed wireless broadband connectivity at all times and across all geographic terrains and empower customer to achieve more.

However, customers are obviously not happy with this significant slash in the monthly data limits.

PTCL has over one million EVO customers, who enjoy wireless broadband on the go with its EVO services. Majority of these customers use EVO as their primary broadband solution as faulty lines don’t support high-speed DSL broadband.

After these new data limits the situation might not remain the same.

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  • In what capacity does PTCL offer this service? Does it have a 3G license?

    Age old question but never found an answer!

  • What kind of clowns running PEEEtcl. You forgot to mention that if we exceed limit it will be RS 150/GB. Be prepare to get 5000 6000 bills :/

      • once you will run out of data net will stop working. its mention on their website
        Package validity shall depend on the volume consumed or usage in terms of days, whichever comes first.

        • NOT ANYMORE. From now on, Postpaid OR Prepaid, both will be charged Rs. 150/GB. No more speed reductions.. No more blockages. Was such a loyal PTCL customer, always used to pay my bill by the 5th, even though the due date was 18th, but now I HATE PTCL. Shame on PTCL.

          • Same here
            despite paying bills even before time.
            ptcl is keep reducing monthly limit and increasing charges.
            Now i loose connection to internet at every month because of bandwidth consumption.
            I wish i could sue ptcl for that.

  • They are keep screwing their customers …Wont be using wingle anymore… PTCL is worse ISP ever…. Thanks for the information.

    • Usage limit is something that can’t create any problem. In fact, it will enhance speed than before..FUP implementation is better.

  • Wow! And with that they just lost another wingle customer. Congratulations Ptcl :D

  • can they do that legally as they committed to provide me 1250/pm for 75 GB for life how can they reduce it we should complain to PTA as 20 GB is nothing

    • Ptcl ko kuch mat kaho ye to baghairti ap logon ki ha jo hazaron rupay ki device lay laitay ho security do witribe qubee lagvao paisay barhain ya data kam karain to recharge ya bill pay na karo. Jab burj 20 rupay ghatay k hisab say business karay ga to baki companies rate to barhaen gr bhai cartel banaya ha in logon nay

    • This reduced data limit will help to boost speed for all evo package users.By the way Evo is mostly used as on the go gadget, so data limit doesn’t matter so.

    • LOL! Please send this conversation to Spider and @internet magazines. They will publish this joke in the Tech Toon section :D

  • bad bad ptcl, they always let us down. I had purchased a nitro and also a 3.1, the later one under new year offer, coz 30 GB for 500 for a year was reasonable. It was a promise ptcl done with its customers, feel bad to see them breaking promises. I hate ptcl from day one for pathetic support and blackmailing.

    • Then why you do not leave PTCL forever? People blame PTCL but not give up their connection? Funny :D

      • Well, some people do give up on PTCL. I for one is leaving PTCL, and I know for a fact that 35+ of my co-workers are doing the same and moving on to Qubee/Wateen or local ISPs.. I’m sure many others will do the same… Specially people who use Wingle as their primary broadband connection.

        • Wateen is preparing itself to announce new devices so if they offer some wingle like device then that would be a more logical choice.

      • If there is any problem with PTCL, so just leave instead of crying over it..To have high speed with Evo package is necessary instead of getting more of GB within your package………….

      • I have non ptcl dsl at home but their new year offer was attractive, I thought i can compromise on bad support but who thought they will play with promised data limits.

    • I heard this pathetic news today, and after confirming the authenticity from CS. I quit my Wingle right away. Paid off my Qubee outstanding bills and subscribed to 2mb package with No CAP @ 2000

      • I’m about to throw wingle in the trash can and buy Qubee within 2 days, can you please let me know what is the upload speed of 2mb pacakage at qubee? A speedtest result would be great. :)

    • I live in Alberta, Shaw provides my internet, i pay $40 for 7.5 down and .60 up, a cap of 20 gb per month.

  • This is totally rubbish move from PTCL

    PTCL should focus on improving quality of service instead off making their customers


  • At the launch of azadi wingle offer…many ppl pointed out that one day this will happen that PTCL will limit the data……well the point came true ….cheap tactics by PTCL.

    • What if this step is taken to ensure continuous speed across all packages? Evo is a device good for on the move connectivity under which GBs limitation doesn’t affect you..

      • 2.5 times decrease in data limit silently without any mention by ptcl anywhere,
        First still if one thinks so fairly that they did so for ensuring continuous speed, PTCL was bound to tell the users and another thing Ptcl should improve its bandwidth at the back end….instead of adding more users on the same price with limiting data of users.
        Its worth mentioning here that on the move connectivity is not only the use of evo in a country like ours where many areas still don’t have proper lines for Dsl.

      • So fair of you for thinking so for a company who didnt even bothered to inform the users of data limit.

    • News is ONLY News. Good or Bad, that depends upon how you see it. Kabhi Mubashir Luqman ka program ARY par dekho, GEO se zyada bad news deta hai :D I think propakistani is doing really great as they are atleast making us aware. GEO TV was/is a biased TV channel, so nothing compared to propakistani.

    • O bhai kuch din ki bat hai mobilink aur zong ko 3g launch ker lene do ye khud he 100gb in Rs.500 mei dein ge

    • Probably eating and sleeping.. Wish we could sue them for changing data caps without informing their customers. They don’t change their prices, just volumes.

        • I can guarantee PTA has their hands in this. No company in the history of Pakistan would ever do something like this. PTCL was becoming a monopoly by providing 10 times more data limits compare to the competition and they must have forced their hand.

  • Maine abhi helpline p MDN bata kar confirm kiya hai , 1250/pm wali wingle per 30GB data limit hai , ooper galat likha huwa hai.

      • woh bhi 30 GB , unhon ne kaha jo bhi 75GB limit walay thay ab 30GB ho gaye hain.

          • haan bhai uper galat likha huwa hai

            “It must be noted that a data limit of 20GB is applicable for all those customers who are paying less than Rs. 2100 per month all those customers who have bought EVO devices against any promotion.”

            • This is correct. It’s not wrong. Unless you’re using azadi package, this statement is absolutely right.

    • u sure? unless its the azaadi package, the limits have been revised to 20GB for all packages under Rs. 2100.

        • If u have 1250pm wingle, like I do, then ur FUP is revised to 30 GB. or upar ”regular” packages ke barey mein likha hua hai. NOT about special offers/promos, therefore upar ‘technically’ sahih likha hua hai for regular customers.

  • Thanks God i havnt recharged now wingle useless for me never had satisfied from speed now limitation

  • ptcl evo close he jaye tu acha hai, abi tu ho skta broadband ke limit b 100gb kr dye yah es sa b km

  • “Charji” is coming all I can say. That’s why they put new limits so people can buy charji devices. Shitty ptcl.

    • I am thinking the same, .. they did the same last year when they were about to introduce wingle. Reduced the FUP on Nitro devices from 100 GB to 50 GB without informing their customers. They don’t realize that if a customer has moved on to another connection, there’s no way they will be coming back to PTCL, even if they bring ”das jee”

  • is there any body lawyer here?
    he/she should case ptcl in consumer court as azadai package is for life time.
    that is 75GB in 1250 for life time

    • I wish everyone would. Hate then now. Purchased Nitro 9.3 1.5 yrs back, 100GB FUP, within 3 months they reduced the FUP to 50 GB and introduced wingle with 75GB FUP, now they are probably launching some other shit or just trying to promote Ufone 3G and hence reduced their prices again for NO DAMN REASON. And the best part! They NEVER inform their customers for changes. Yes, they can send me 5 – 6 texts every month to pay my bill, even if I have paid my bill.. but they can’t inform me of their policies and then charge PTCL customers for excessive usage. I can’t believe who is the incharge of PTCL .. how can ANYONE abuse 75GB of FUP????!!!!!

    • 70% of their customers cant use wingle anyway now. boycott ki zaroart he nai :p

    • 70% of their customers cant use wingle anyway now. boycott ki zaroart he nai :p

  • Badmash PTCL. They should join hands with bhatta khor MQM. R I P PTCL.

    I have azadi package. I use 85+ GB always, as I finish my 75 GB downloads in less than 20 days, and as I have postpaid connection, I was never charged more but speed was downgraded to 256kbps, still am able to D/L as much as I want.. but after this shit of 30GB, i’m throwing this device in the trash can and moving on to Qubee (2mbps 70GB FUP Rs.1.500/m) or Wateen (2mbps TRULY UNLIMITED FUP Rs. 2,999/m) … PTCL SUCKS BIG TIME!! i’m tired of evo disconnections and purchasing new antenna cables every few weeks (as I have to keep moving evo from work place to home and vice versa hence the CRC9 cable gets loose and eventually is destroyed) now I can hopefully enjoy with Qubee or Wateen and Telenor 3G on my mobile.. RIP PTCL. Excellent move to reduce FUP after the launch of 3G, so everyone gets rid of you and moves on to another connection.. I heard Qubee reduced their prices after 3G was launched, and retarded PTCL reduced the FUP. and these mentally unstable people also have introduced a policy of charging Rs. 150/GB on ALL CONNECTIONS (prepaid/postpaid) and no more speed reductions.. Retards.. Really wish we had another operator for providing landline/broadband and wireless dongles with decent rates..

    I was waiting for propakistani’s post concerning PTCL’s FUP. Good Job Aamir bhai! I hope every signle EVO user throw their device in the trash can and send PTCL to hell. Hate their monopoly and badmashi.

  • In other countries data goes down to up but in pk data is going up to down.
    Let’s Compare pk govt vs private.
    Govt school vs private
    Govt hospital vs private
    Govt TV chanel ptv vs private
    Govt ptcl phone service vs private
    . Govt has not been doing anything well but pulling money from our pocket in the name of taxes.
    Ptcl use tricks by introducing new new packages with very bad quality and they should
    improve quality rather than introduced new packages
    Ptcl such big name with such a stupid service. Shame on ptcl

  • i have evo and am paying 500/month
    i called customer center and they are saying my limit is 30gb, which is previously also 30gb.
    i think they are lying????????????? dont they??????

  • So whats the difference between wingle power and wingle unlimited now. Both offering 30GB with 2100 and 2500 rs.

  • Hey Hey Hey… r we living in Somalia…r we competing with India , no we even cannot compete with Afghanista or Somalia .
    PTCL is reacting like this nation knows nothing,
    its PTCL playing with its customers… Actually they are not able to provide, Ptcl failed to deliver…. now they are just teasing their precious customers…
    i am sure n coming days they will limit it to 30MB per month..
    Oh man i am going to through my evdo device…its useless…will go for 3G/4G. far more better than PTCL EVDO..
    Telenor giving very reasonable packages, Zong has to be jump in the pool soon by wondering all its customers with reasonable reliable packages, Warid launching Pakistan’s fastest ever internet(LTE) in few days.
    dont know about Mobilink and Ufone also failed to impress its customers, ufone just running itself on commercials.
    its time to say good bye to PTCL and Ufone…( HUM HE TO HAIN ).

    • TIme to buy Qubee 2Mb shuttle connection for 1500 Rs with FUP of 70 GB :P. I know 2Mbps isn’t much but atleast better than EVO crap. PeeeeeTCL

      • Just planning on doing the same. Any idea on Qubee’s upload speed? I had Wateen 2.5yrs back – 1 mpbs connection, used to get perfect download speed, but upload speed never went over 0.10mb (as per speedtest) need a connection that has decent upload speed, atleast 0.25 mb:1 mb (1:4 U/L:D/L)

        • I am also using Wateen 1MB (thunderbolt device), am pretty satisfied with it.

          Qubee & Wateen merge hogaye hain I think, search for qubee on propakistani, you will find that article.

          • Naah, both are different companies.. Wateen is owned by Abudhabi Group (also owns Warid Tel/Bank Al Falah) whereas Qubee is a part of Augere Group.

        • Just got Qubee. Left PTCL for good. Wateen is also a good ISP but its 3000 per month for 2Mb.

          Lahore speedtest.

          • Wow. Thanks. Thats amazing. I’m going to get this asap. Perfect 1:4 ratio, D/L:U/L. Thanks alot for sharing! :)

            Wateen is great, specially as they offer 2Mb ”truly unlimited” Yes, no FUP. You can literally download 500 GB data. My problem is that my work requires heavy uploading, and wateen offers 0.10 Mb/s U/L on a 2Mb connection, hence I’m avoiding it. For now, I think Qubee shall do. :)

        • Just got Qubee. Left PTCL for good. Wateen is also a good ISP but its 3000 per month for 2Mb.

          Lahore speedtest…..

  • Now What should I do. Filing complaint against PTCL on PTA website causes an error!!!!!

    • Lol! Doing the same! btw, the photo in this article states ”there’s no end to it” it should be changed to, ”now it’s end is near” I’m sure many evo users will discard it pretty soon..

  • PTCL will soon lunch EVO Supper 3G service @ 36 Mbps unlimited* package.
    *Fair usage policy 3GB applies

  • Why are people whinning? Everyone was complaining about evo speeds all the time. Does FUP even matter then? Those who were d/l porn or HD movies all the time got a nice slap and PTCL rightfully electrocuted their balls.

    They shall now give PTCL network leaving enough room for sane internet users. Internet is described by quality of service, uptime and latency. To hell with rest of the marketing gimmicks.

    We have hardly 1.7 submarine cables carrying bandwidth to Pak. The ‘unlimited’ circus has to end. If a crazy pervert degenerate still wants to d/l the whole of internet, he should spend more and get 8mb, 16mb or 50mb dsl. Who is stopping these putrid otters?

    • I am a computer programmer. I have been using PTCL since 1.5 years, and all I can say is, that either you are a PTCL employee who’s paid to say this sh*t, or you’re some nut job who has nothing to do, but browse a few emails. Do u even realize that sh*t you’re saying? At this time, decent Skype video calls consume over 30 GB of data. Rest, uploads/downloads for normal people (not perverts like you) consume at least 25 – 30 GB. Which adds up to 50 – 60 GB. Hell, I talk to my parents daily using Skype (Voice Calls only) which consumes at least 3 – 4 GB a month. If you use your internet for porn, doesn’t means all others do the same. My father and other relatives use EVO in the village, and they use it ONLY to talk to the relatives living abroad or myself. Most of my family members are in Canada/UK and so the FUP of 75 GB was really useful for my family to communicate. I know this for a fact that my family hasn’t done ANYTHING apart from Skype calls. NOT even any emails. Purely Skype calls. They have a chrome book which they use for this purpose. Now, I should at least make your retarded brain aware that downloading songs (very few a week) and watching a little bit of daily motion consumes data as well. Not everyone lives in the stone age like you do, and most people don’t watch porn. I hope people like you R I P along with PTCL. You guys are like ridiculous. If there’s a family of 5 and they eat 2 roti’s each, they require 10 rotis. If someone is making 6 rotis and then everyone complains they cannot get enough roti, that DOES NOT means kill 2 – 3 people so the rest can eat. The only answer is to improve the services, and thats it. period. Worldwide companies are introducing ”truly” unlimited data. Recently UK introduced ”truly” unlimited 4G Data for mobile for £15. Yes, that is truly unlimited, without a FUP. Services are improving everywhere. The retarded sh*t you’re saying means no one should use 3G internet so that a limited few like yourself can use that? Why not ask the company to update their services. They are being paid for that service, they aren’t giving us voluntary services.

      P.S. You don’t make sense. There are not 1.7 submarine cables carrying data. Perverts and Porno watchers use DSL which is STILL kinda unlimited (300GB FUP) The only thing PTCL did was to harm users that are using Evo in remote areas where DSL is not present. They haven’t reduced the FUP for Broadband…

  • Does this apply to my Evo too?? i got it on Student package (1K /Month)
    my data usage limit was 40 GB.

    • BTW all those package were already 30 Gb only there was speed throtting in placed before and now they gonna charge 150/GB

  • Just called ptcl helpline. Shouted them a lot as i can for this bulshit. What the hell is going on and PTA seen no where on the earth.

  • Dears,
    I think evo customers really have courage then don’t use evo anymore till decision revert back- if not, then i think we appreciate PTCL Walid Irshad to have such gr8 marketing team who treats customer like this, attract customer then take benefits. I’m waiting for Zong WLL- Zong will break up PTCL market.
    30 GB still handsome for pathetic speed, which crawligly move to 30GB/ month.
    PTA is nothing a crab piece, always seen a sick management with holding Govt Interest in their mind to confirm their seats especially DG Law Enforcement w/o sense only know illegal gateways.
    Customer Care /Interest is now hollow words.
    Who can protest against these Gaints god’s
    on earth.Greedy companies wants to suck a single penny remains in customer pocket.

    • Completely Agree. I’m waiting for Zong too. I’m positive that they’ll offer much better & economical services :)

    • Completely Agree. I’m waiting for Zong too. I’m positive that they’ll offer much better & economical services :)

  • hi gus im also shoked about it now iwill not use it any more becoz i download alot azadi pakage from 75 to 30 gb slash is an acceptable now dsl is best option for me ptcl lost another wingle costmer

  • Aih ty chawal e mari…
    I will quit if 3g doungles come with better offers. Worst action by ptcl…. :(

  • The “P” in PTCL stands for Pakistan (Telecommunication Company Ltd). It is unfortunate how some people want to show their negativity by using “Pakistan” word in a very vulgar and obscene way. I prefer to see some knowledgeable and decent comments and observations.

    • No one can use bad words for our country. If you cant get the anger of people towards the PTCL then you shouldnt comment buddy. naam pakistan rakhne se her koi pakistan nai ban jaata

  • After acquisition PEE Tee Cee “Ell” have become a shittier Service Provider. :-(

  • Ager google and Facebook ne Pori dunya me satellite or drone ke zariye internet service shuru ker Di in sab ki monopoly khatam hu jaye gi .ptcl jitna gand kur le kuch salo me in ki barbadi hu gi ager yeh line pe nahi aye

  • Facebook aur google satellite or drone ke zariye internet pori dunya ko free Internet de ge kuch salu me, phir sari company line pe a jaye gi.abi jitni problem public ko de de

  • It is ptcl way of business to bluff the customers by offer altercative
    sale promotion and when they got handsome customers they immediately launches another
    new scheme to attract further market. Ptcl ever fail to provide good after sale
    service to its customers but ptcl marketing & sales team is very clever to
    attract the new customers but ptcl doest care about its old users and it is
    ground reality that in Pakistan there is no check & balance or customers
    rights or effective consumer court system that can take any legal action to
    stop this technical robbery. Most peoples have no idea about bit & byte and
    there is only trend of advance products purchasing regardless it is suitable ones
    requirement or not. Our honorable controlling authority PTA
    has became political party and forgetting its role & responsibilities.

    It is worth to mention that when we purchased wiggle 30GB @
    1500 rupee per month and now according to new policy money has kept the same 1500
    rupee per month but data has been slashed by 33%. It is really technical
    robbery & HARRAM. Therefore, PTA is requested to intervene to control such
    illegal & un-ethical offences.

  • It is perfect for my use. Still better than getting 3G internet for my phone.

  • I think this wasn’t really a bad decision. This will definitely improve their services as they will have more bandwidth to distribute.

    • Lol! Before this, I used to get 5 Mb D/L Speed, and 0.5 Mb U/L Speed and Internet used to work at least 23 hrs a day,.. Since the past 3 days, I haven’t been able to use evo for over 3 – 4 hrs a day! YES, 3 – 4 hrs. After every few minutes evo is disconnected, and the maximum download speed I can get is 0.80 Mb D/L and 0.18 Mb U/L. Seriously, the only thing they’ve done is lose a ton of customers, further degrade their services, and charge the same for less than they used to give.. Services are being upgraded worlwide, and PTCL is doing the opposite ”in the name of upgrading services” I can assure you soon they will ask 1 million people to pay money, and tell them that only 0.2 million will use evo as other people are only paying money so a few people can use ”good” services. They are supposed to UPGRADE their services, not restrict people. In a few days if evo customers grow from 1 million to 2 million, the FUP will be reduced to 15 GB and after that time will come soon when they will only have an FUP of 50 MB for providing services to 18 crore people :D Earlier at least they used to give ”somewhat” services, now they’re expecting people to pay money for absolutely ”nothing”.

  • All this craziness about this change is moronic. Who here used EVO devices for downloading movies. EVO devices are on the go internet to socialize with friends and family.

    • where the hell is this mention on there website that it’s just for socializing with people. mostly people use evo as primary internet. so don’t give bullshit reason here. don’t post fake names come with original name.

    • Do u even realize what you’re saying? At this time, decent Skype video calls consume over 30 GB of data. Rest, general uploads/downloads consume at least 25 – 30 GB. Which adds up to 50 – 60 GB. I talk to my parents regularly using Skype [Voice Calls] which consumes at least 3 – 4 GB a month. My parents and other relatives use EVO in the village, and they use it ONLY to talk to the relatives living abroad or myself. The FUP of 75 GB was really useful for my family to communicate. They only use it for Skype calls. Not even any emails. Purely Skype calls. Now, I should at least make you aware that downloading songs (very few a week) and watching a little bit of dailymotion consumes data as well. Do you expect everyone to not do anything apart from nothing and keeping an eye on data? Is everyone stupid that they would pay Rs. 500 – 2,500pm? Worldwide companies are upgrading their services, reducing the charges and introducing ”truly” unlimited data. Recently UK introduced ”truly” unlimited 4G Data for mobile for £15. Yes, that is truly unlimited, without a FUP. Services are being upgraded everywhere, not degraded like with PTCL. They are being paid for that service, they aren’t giving us voluntary services that they can do what they feel like.

  • I don’t have an issue with this. But I expect them to reduce the charges of their packages. I think they already have an offer which is 750 with a 30 GB limit.

  • PTCL k muu ko blood lg gya hai lgta hai , yeh data khor ho gae hai. limit km c km kray ja rae hai. the end will be “for the first time in Pakistan Ptcl has introduce 1Gbps internet speed….. with 1GB data limit “to ensure continuous high speed” :P

    • Getting uninterrupted speed is much better than having 80,90 GBs with speed problems.So, to make speed high, this taken step is not an issue..

      • for u this might not be an issue but for me it is. i watch live streaming so this is gona be an issue. :) and world cup is going to start. so very bad decision by ptcl.

      • Lol! I wish they gave ”uninterrupted speed”.. just to tell you, if they have an FUP of 1 GB, how long can you get that uninterrupted speed for? you wont get any speed after you’ve consumed that FUP… It’s like, we have a car that can run at a speed of 500km/hr, but it can’t travel over 200m with 1 full tank of petrol. What to do with such a car? Just keep it inside your home and boast around that I have such a car :D:D

  • Ptcl phaly sab ko harry bagh dekhatta hai.phir khae main dhakka day data hai.

  • Waqas sahib
    I agree with you.If ptcl will not reduce charges that they will lose the market. Do they think that customer are childminder.

  • on wingle advertisement PTCL clearly mentioned unlimited data volume forever. we must should go to court against this limit, as they have clearly mentioned unlimited data forever on wingle advertisement.

  • Hello the Future with 30 GB/month :(
    Rather than upgrading their systems to sustain more crowd, they’re stopping a million people to use more data

  • Wont expecting this from PTCL! It means I cannot download any movies over on my Wingle. PTCL is screwing its customers! Will be looking for some other product soon!

  • hey i used about 15 days after 30 gb limit crossed…… speed was so slow but i used about 6-8 gb so according to 150/gb will it include in my bill…?

  • GBs kam hogai par speed main koi fark nahi aaya yay sab bewaqoof bananay wali batayn hain?????????????

  • if i put a 10 gb game on torrent with evo the 10 consumed instantly? ya phr,jb tk poori game dload ni hti tb tk 10 gb utilize ni hn gy package my sy???

  • I bought wingle before few months, my package was consist on 30GB in Rs-1500.
    But Now what data limit imposed on my evo 9.3?

    Ptcl giving such a expensive packages with junk of data limit, their data limit polices are bulshitt, celluler compines are give much better data limit then PTCl, with cheap rates.

    I advised to ptcl, change their policy, and give all users to lot of data limit with cheap rates.

    NEi to apni company band kr k Ghr beth jaoOo…

  • fkkk ptcl…if they caps a limit @ 30 GB ,so then wot is unlimited …they say…fkk again…also always have speed problems whether its evo cloud ,nitro,wingle alwasys sht ti

  • I experienced of middle east wahan to esi speed or devices koi free b na ley…i swear

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