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Choosing a specific study line and the decision to pursue it further for your professional future prospect is one of the toughest bid anyone has to come across.

Whether you are doing O-Levels or matriculation, no one is exposed to the ways of handling such difficulties but eventually you’ll have to when the time comes.

Not everybody can be a doctor or engineer, neither everybody wants to be, so when opting for a different degree program we seek guidance.

Parents impose their choices on you, teachers on the other hand are pretty neutral about it and you don’t have that much exposure which can allow you to take the best decision for yourself. So, who is going to satiate our psyche with a clear cut choice in that regard? This is where comes in. is an online portal that offers career counselling to everyone for free.

YES! Though there are schools which offer career counselling but only to the students studying there and there are other paid counsellors who personally I don’t find satisfying plus wasting my money on them is not something I would side with.

No need to panic! Just go to and try to find answers to all of your problems regarding degree choice for a better future.

MeriTaleem contains all the important information needed to make such a decision. Go to the information section of the website, there you can find a detailed info of all the Pakistani universities. All you need to do is type in the degree level, the program you want to pursue and the city you want to study in – the website will search the universities in that particular city, offering the specific programme.

This will save you your effort of going to each and every university, standing in long queues, bearing the scorching heat just to gather information.

You can apply to the universities of your choice or get the forms that too with a few clicks on

There is a list of considerable subjects, clicking on them will display the universities where you can enroll yourself. For example: if you want to go for Media Studies, click on Media and favourable city and you will be automatically directed to the list of universities offering it in the specified city.

Then there is a rather impressive section labeled as “Student Handbooks.” Here you will find all the information regarding what a student of FSc/A-levels can do, what options are available to a student if he plans to go abroad for further studies, what are the student visa requirements he should fulfill and if not what other options are available within Pakistan which he can take under consideration.

There is a scholarship section too, which provides you with the information of various options you can avail in order to finance your studies along with the deadline to apply and procedure. If you can’t decide for yourself, you can always seek a counselor on from Mon-Sat from 9 am to 6 pm.


The best institute of any particular country give its student the benefit of getting selected for the best job offers thus everybody wants to be a part of such institutes. provide the HEC based rankings of all the institutes for your convenience now hope it is easy for you to choose the best though its stereotypical but is practical too. They are still populating this list and according to the website:

These rankings are based on HEC’s grading criteria, graduates’ employ ability ratio and industry feedback. We have also consulted leading education experts in the country in making these rankings for your convenience.

They have their own kind of social network for which you have to Sign up to talk to other kindred students looking to get into programs that are in accordance to yours. This will let you talk your heart out to other fellows which will result in a mutually helping discussion.

Expert members on the website provide career guidance to make sure you are headed in the right direction based on your aptitude, and you can even get specialized answers to your queries.

Final Verdict indeed will prove helpful to students regarding their academic decisions — giving them the authentic information about the institutes and their degree, accreditation for professionals.

But as the Internet has become more widely available, there are other hubs serving as career counsellors and are competitive so shining in that aspect might be hard card for

Besides they should add information about all the competitive exams happening or are in the line in our country along with their on-line forms, procedure and requirements to apply.

The platform has the potential to become a one-stop information hub on which one can rely on. At the same time we as a nation must grow and adapt to new facilitates and we should accept these changing trends with open hearts.

  • The same happens with me..!! I wanted to study ICS due to interest, but my father imposed me to study Pre-Medical.

      • I wanted to do software engineering.In my PC, there are 60GB of software and I know how to use them. Few month ago, though ADFLY I earned 48$ and transferred these money into my brother account. I have enough knowledge in the field of computer…!!!

  • Great effort, some parts of the website still show lorum ipsum. Not nice for a version 2.0

  • paid post detected.
    this idea will never flourish here.who needs counseling when you have parents and best friends :P

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