Oracle Advanced Compression Helps NIB Bank Reduce Database Storage Requirements by 41%


Addressing its need to support rapid data growth and better manage storage costs, NIB Bank deployed Oracle Advanced Compression to reduce their Oracle Database storage footprint.

By utilizing Oracle Advanced Compression with Oracle Database, NIB Bank reduced their database storage requirements by 41 percent, reduced their core data backup size by 5X, and accelerated query performance of critical banking systems.

The bank upgraded its Oracle solution to help ensure it could effectively support its expansion plans.

Upgrading their Oracle Database environment improved the bank’s ability to protect from costly human error and reduced the downtime associated with routine maintenance. Additionally, the use of self-managing capabilities in Oracle Database, helped NIB Bank lower operational costs.

With Oracle Advanced Compression’s comprehensive capabilities and ability to accelerate queries, NIB Bank was able to increase resource utilization, by reducing its database storage footprint by 41 percent, which further reduced the amount of data backup size by 5x.

Query performance gained by reading compressed data faster has enabled the bank to reduce time for its “Close of Business” operations by almost half – from more than 7 hours to less than 4 hours.

“We’ve been using Oracle Database, technologies, and applications since 2001 as we believe that with Oracle’s global expertise in the banking industry, NIB Bank is in a better position to effectively manage day-to-day transactions and expand its services through a highly available and secure IT platform,” said Khurram Gul Agha, Chief Information Officer (CIO), NIB Bank.

“With reliable database innovations like Oracle Advanced Compression, we can continue to meet the needs of our customers and staff, and also to pursue our aggressive expansion plans with confidence.”, Mr. Gul added.

Ora-tech Systems, a Gold level member of Oracle Partner Network (OPN), led the Oracle Database implementation for NIB Bank in July 2013.

  • Babar Haq

    Compressions saves space (at a cost) but how can it accelerate queries? Reading compressed data should be slower hence slowing down performance?

    • Inam

      Yeah exactly. But still, they aren’t working on Big Data yet. ;) And the drawback of compression can be compensated for using Data Grid caching techniques which are widely used in high-performance database systems (I don’t know about NIB now :p).

    • Shahid Saleem

      maybe they are too cheap to buy more hard drives! ha ha!

  • Inam

    That’s OLD SCHOOL!
    Oracle’s Database Business will die rapidly if they don’t go for the new techs in the Database Realm.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Since when have you known banks to be adoptors of “new tech” in any realm?