Twitter Restores Blasphemous Content in Pakistan It had Blocked Last Month


Twitter has announced that it is restoring the access to blasphemous content in Pakistan that it had blocked last month on the request of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Twitter had blocked the access to blasphemous content in Pakistan which was inline with its Country Withheld Content tool that Twitter announced in 2012.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had written to Twitter to block several tweets and certain twitter accounts. These tweets involved blasphemous content, anti-Quran tweets and messages against Islam from anti-Islam bloggers and an American porn star.

Twitter had then said that it blocked the access to such specific content after thoroughly investigating the type and nature of tweets.

But today, Twitter took a U turn as said that it is restoring the access to such tweets.

“We have reexamined the requests and, in the absence of additional clarifying information from Pakistani authorities, have determined that restoration of the previously withheld content is warranted. The content is now available again in Pakistan,” Twitter stated in an email response that is produced on ChillingEffects.

Pakistani internet activists have shown their satisfaction over restoration of blasphemous content in the country. They believe that the procedures in place for determination of blasphemous content is inappropriate and that government or no-one else should be given a right to get any content blocked.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK