Twitter Restores Blasphemous Content in Pakistan It had Blocked Last Month


Twitter has announced that it is restoring the access to blasphemous content in Pakistan that it had blocked last month on the request of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Twitter had blocked the access to blasphemous content in Pakistan which was inline with its Country Withheld Content tool that Twitter announced in 2012.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had written to Twitter to block several tweets and certain twitter accounts. These tweets involved blasphemous content, anti-Quran tweets and messages against Islam from anti-Islam bloggers and an American porn star.

Twitter had then said that it blocked the access to such specific content after thoroughly investigating the type and nature of tweets.

But today, Twitter took a U turn as said that it is restoring the access to such tweets.

“We have reexamined the requests and, in the absence of additional clarifying information from Pakistani authorities, have determined that restoration of the previously withheld content is warranted. The content is now available again in Pakistan,” Twitter stated in an email response that is produced on ChillingEffects.

Pakistani internet activists have shown their satisfaction over restoration of blasphemous content in the country. They believe that the procedures in place for determination of blasphemous content is inappropriate and that government or no-one else should be given a right to get any content blocked.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • My question is who are these activists btw?? Are these kaafir in muslim’s costume?? I wanna sue them in court!

    • Im one of them, blocking something can never solve a problem if it did Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would have changed his route when a lady threw garbage on him daily. Labelling someone as kaafir is one of the biggest offenses, so next time you should use your head before issuing a fatwa. Lastly Islam is a religion that believes in freedom of speech which is why after the conquest of Makkah people were allowed to follow whatever faith they wanted, in the khilafat of Umar Ibn Khattab separate courts were established all over the kingdom which btw was one of the kingdoms ever to cater the needs of non muslims Jews,Christians and so forth.
      Feel free to label me whatever you want but if your definition of a muslim is intolerance then i’m surely following some other religion which is not just full of mercy but compassion, humility and justice.

      • My question to you is that why we want to view such anti islamic content in our country when we can still block it. And we all can live without twitter and facebook.

        • That’s not even remotely the issue. You haven’t thought about it at all.



          Because if you have paid attention in the past few months, you would know that many MANY sites have been blocked by the PTA or ISPs that not in any way anti-Pakistan, anti-Islam, anti-ANYTHING.

          Right now, someone in the PTA can contact Twitter and Facebook and ask them to hide content from us. Or PTA can block sites. Any NO ONE CAN EVEN QUESTION THEM. Who is doing the blocking? The employees have no face, no name. What is the criteria for blocking? NO ONE WILL TELL US.

          THAT is the big issue.

          You can live without Twitter and Facebook? good for you!
          What about wikipedia? Can you live without that? I constantly find pages that are not anti-Islam or anti-Pakistan or pro-Taliban that are blocked on Wikipedia. What about IMDB? What about rollingstone website? What about disqus (YES even disqus was blocked for one week).

          Tell me, how do you feel about the Ministry blocking ANTI-TALIBAN pages but not blocking PRO-TALIBAN pages on Facebook? Do you like that? Because that is what they are doing.

          Even when we are in a war with the Taliban, the government lets them promote their hatred online.

          • Ok i got ur point but why the anti a.erican and anti indian pages or the fact revealing pages about anti muslims gets deleted by facebook or twitter? They are not even banned by their governments but they are deleted by facebook or twitter. Bro there is no freedom of speech at all. Its just an illusion of freedom of speech. They just want us to think their way.
            And about the pakistani govt or PTA they are no more different than them..

            • Anti-American pages DO NOT get deleted. Why do you say that? Same with Anti-Indian pages. I searched and found pages like “I hate India” and “i hate modi” and “anti obama” and “bush war crimes”

              ((And now my search history will make facebook suspicious ha ha))

              Secondly your point about freedom of speech and equal with PTA is 100% wrong. Here is why: when facebook blocks or bans page, then you can go somewhere else to get the same info. when PTA blocks it, they can affect ALL the sites you visit. Remember, PTA has the hardware installed to filter ALL your unencrypted internet traffic. They can see what you have been doing. Who knows if someone criminal gets access to PTA’s data, then what will happen? Can someone blackmail you?

              • Very well said. I myself have NEVER seen any anti-christ/anti-american/anti-indian page blocked on the internet. Yes, pages which promote extremism are blocked, and the ones which aren’t SHOULD be blocked, but as a free person, I can have my views against US/India and I have a right to say what I want, and where I want, and it should remain there without being filtered, which always is. I can find 100s of anti-american/anti-indian posts on facebook, most of which are made by my friends, etc. I’ve never known them to be filtered.

            • Sorry bro…u are abslouetly right but what do u think, that they had started such services to defame or show their actual being to the rest of the world. Its their net, their services and they can block anything which doesnot suits them

          • Criteria Should be Islam, and all the True Muslims will agree with Islamic Laws.
            Other so-called muslims may have different gods and they advocate the views of their own gods, for example, god of nudity, god of america and god of liberalism.
            wow the paki so-called muslims have even more gods then the hindus.

            • Funny that you say that. So if a site like twitter or youtube or facebook is blocked by ONLY ONE MUSLIM COUNTRY (Pakistan) and open everywhere else, then in that case, who is the God of Muslims in Pakistan? Is it different from the God of Muslims in other Muslim countries?

            • And who will decide who is a True Muslim? The Taliban, or people themselves?

        • I am against the views of Anas Saleem, Ali and AcerQuantum.
          I will ask them when their parents or loved ones will be attacked on the world wide web and made fun of, how will they react then. By the way it doesn’t matter how they react, they all can be bay-Ghairats.
          Law matter and in this case Shariah Law is what matters and decides, not the views of some satan follower enemies.

          • Where in Shariah Law does it say that they can block wikipedia? or disqus or youtube? You say you are a Muslim you say you support Sharia law so EXPLAIN.

            The losers at PTA also even blocked Google Scholar, which all it has is 100% links to academic papers and research documents. Is that against Sharia?


          • Who gives a sh*t if a Taliban like you is against normal Muslims’ views? Go to your cave and live peacefully there, and leave us alone. Please.

          • Sharia Law is extremely flexible and its not what is generally propagated, if you spend a little time researching the first four caliphs of islam you would find that they changed the rules according to their wisdoms. In the khilafa of Hazrat Umar Ibn Khatab new taxes were established for social welfare, policing and etc…. If blocking and closing the eyes was the way muslims were to follow we wouldnt have a community of 2 billion, if your way is to be followed then every child born to a muslim family should be abandoned or blocked the day that child says something insulting to their parents and vice versa.
            My brother its time you opened your eyes. Islam is not against progress, innovation or different opinions, its a religion that believes in progress to a point that it has challenged its followers to achieve whatever greatness in whichever field they can, its a religion that believes in progress to a point that it actually encourages its followers to go to distant lands for knowledge and lastly its a religion that believes everyone is different so it has flexible rules and regulations for everything so much so that if you cant pray standing you can sit, if you sit you can lay, if you cant even do that then eye movement is enough. We have a perfect religion which if followed correctly is actually going to make our enemies love us even though they are our enemies

      • the dajjali anas saleem have just pointed out one side of the history and have not mentioned the events and Hadees which cleary shows that it is blasphemous to insult the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W)
        This is the exact example how shaitan deceive people.
        Just like the media and adverts, only tells half truth.

        • He quoted a famous story. have u replied with any authentic Hadths? sare he satan hain siwaye apke??? :p

        • Let me tell you the “other side” that you neglect: from the day Islam was publicly proclaimed and preached, there has always been blasphemy against Islam.


          The Qur’eish was almost completely against Islam. Know what insults they gave to our Prophet? And How he reacted? And in the end how many ended up converting to Islam peacefully???

          The people of Taif STONED our Prophet. And you know how he reacted? And in the end, what happened to them???

          You speak about “one side of history” but then why don’t you read ALL side of history? Even if you ONLY look at it from Muslim point of view you can see our Prophet how he treated those who committed blasphemy, and how he treated them BETTER than you do.

          And all you are crying about is words on a screen that cannot hurt Islam. They can only affect those of weak Imaan.

          • Who are you trying to explain, mate?

            They are pure Talibans who DONOT care what our Prophet did. They donot care about Islam. They are simply people with no brain and a motto and you cannot change them, no matter what you say. The best a Taliban will do after a reply like the one you made would be a personal attack, and cursing you/your family. That’s the most you can expect from them. They don’t have the brains to listen or understand Islam. They have made their own religion which has NOTHING to do with Allah (swt) or Prohet Muhammad (PBUH) or Islam.

            P.S. Your reply is fabulous :)

            • Correct your views about talibans. Talibs are extremely humble people, they might have a different ideology but they are not inhumane or bad. Dividing against them is not the best way to solve our problems and this is not the first time islam has seen a group going rouge the first group that went rogue was in the era of Hazrat Usman and how did he treated them, give your muslims brothers the benefit of doubt. No one likes to take an innocent life nor does anyone likes to do something unislamic. So its our duty as there brothers to educate them, try to show them the wrongs and help them cross over.
              P.s Im not saying my side is right or theirs is wrong, im simply saying killing is not justified no matter what your belief or faith is

              • I agree with your comment. The thing i’m trying to say is, I’m against that Ideology. Name it what you want. Be it Shahbaz Sharif killing innocent civilians, or be it Taliban. Killing innocent civilians is wrong, and having such stereotype thoughts is wrong too, but the worst is trying to FORCE others to follow what they are selling, via terrorising them, as the understanding we have of Taliban, due to their actions is, that they are brutal killers, who have no values, and who have no links to islam. Hence I am using the term ”Taliban” and advocating against that ideology that is followed by Taliban mostly, and in a recent example, has been followed by CM Shahbaz Sharif.

                • My dear brother how many talibs do you actually know? How many have you listened too?
                  you would be amazed when you meet the real talibs they are nothing like you think, they dont kill nor do they try to impose their thoughts. Most of them are highly educated people, masters is a degree that is so abundant that you would be baffled and phds are common too amongst them.

                  • I think most of us are always waiting for these “good” talibs to speak out when the “bad” talibs kill Muslims.

                    • Good talibs are the only talibs the rest are just using the names. Just like mosts muslims condemn attack on twin towers but yet muslims are blamed for it

                  • Yes, Yes, I’ve heard this from many many people. All I can say about this. Actions speaks louder than words. If such well educated people are friends with taliban and are under their tag, they are kuffar. My dear brother, if there are such educated people dual or tri-PHDs, they should separate themselves from such a militant anti-state group that brutally slays innocent civilians. If they are a part of that group, they are EQUALLY responsible for the actions of that entire group. Even our Prophet (PBUH) has said that if you’re there where the wrong things are happening are you are quiet, you are a PART of it, they are worst as they are UNDER THAT BANNER OF TALIBAN. I don’t care if they are all PHDs, .. There’s no point of being extremely well mannered and having multiple degrees if you can’t chose your friends wisely, or more like apprentices. I wont be baffled even if they are even scientists, as long as they are under that tag and a part of such mass murder and human genocide. We aren’t really discussing how talented and well educated those murderers and criminals are, we are simply talking about their actions that are a disgrace to humanity.

          • true i agree but u should also tell the whole truth…Our beloved prophet also asked suhaba to kill certain person…and why is that because he was crossing the what so called freedom of speech…

            • Ok but he also let several such people LIVE.

              So why did he ask for some to be KILLED and why did he let others LIVE?

              Now who’s not telling whole truth?

            • Yes the Prophet (pbuh) asked the companions to kill a few people but never out of hatred, it was always to protect Islam. How can a man who is just and honest to a point that his enemies even call him that be so devious that he orders to kill out of hatred. If you look through history ull find that when Prophet (PBUH) migrated from Makkah he left Ali behind to give back the belongings of the people if he was honest then why did those who were out to kill him let him keep there stuff and knew that they will get it back. In one of the battles (sorry i m not sure if it was uhd or badr) the muslims were out numbered, out weaponed and morales were down, when the Prophet(PBUH) ordered the men to stand in a straight line a man who had a loose belly stood with his back arched and his belly popping out, the Prophet (pbuh) walking by him hit his belly with his stick which enraged the man and he said that the blow was unjustified, instead of shutting him up as the leader or the person with the power the Prophet (pbuh) immediately lifted his shirt exposing his belly and gave the man the stick and told him to hit him to be even. Now either we are talking about two different men or i just proved that Prophet(PBUH) was the best mankind and thus he couldnt have killed anyone for merely insulting him or would have preached his followers to do it

        • Dajjali nice one bro,
          Quote a hadith that says that and ill be the first to get armed.
          I never said its alright to insult the Prophet (pbuh), it hurts me too when i see someone saying something about him that is not true but should i let my anger get the best of me or should i follow the teachings of the person i love. My brain which is logical and believes that anger never solves a problem says i should go with the later just like Prophet’s (pbuh) cousin Hazrat Ali did when he was about to kill a kaafir and he spat on his face. Ali was ready to strike a fatal blow but before he could that man spat on his face and in that moment Ali lowered his sword and said that i stopped because i feared that the blow would have been because of my anger instead of love for Allah and I cannot afford to kill someone out of anger for that is something Allah will not forgive. Now who was Ali and what is his rank, he was one of the four caliphs of Islam, Cousin of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in blood, Son in Law and father of the two of the most celebrated muslims i.e Hassan and Hussain. I cant even imagine myself to have such ranks nor can i ever be that close to the prophet (PBUH) or Allah so i prefer to follow an example that is recorded in history and is authetic

      • app ne sare gali dene aur kafir kahne walo ko chup karwa diya hai. so true ppl r following some other religion. Islam dont spread such intolerance.

        • The weird thing that people don’t realize is this simple very simple case:

          #1. a certain website posts anti-Islam content
          #2. PTA blocks the site
          #3. MUSLIMS IN PAKISTAN ONLY cannot curse the site authors.
          #4. MUSLIMS OUTSIDE PAKISTAN are free to curse and report and flag content on the site.

          Who loses? Just Pakistanis.

            • It works. Visit some rationale and orthodox Facebook pages you will find evidence.

              • Facebook has clearly taken a different route.

                What about Twitter? YouTube? Google?

                Can you report content there and does it get blocked? I wish they did — and we wouldn’t have been discussing this whole saga today.

                • We centennially fails to meet the requirements. Interestingly all blasphemous contents are backed (as reference) by our own scared books. We need to look and cure ours’ own shortcomings first then these reports will work.

                  I am with Twitter, Google, Youtube & Internet nothing should be blocked since its merely a medium to find counter view and opinions. I want to access, read and know everything.

                    • If knowing/watching everything is your right, do you have access to child pornography? Just asking.

                    • Yes I must know child pornography too. You want to ban Medical books too?

                      [ask anything]

                    • so how do you watch it? I know its its not available.

                      Do you protest upon its unavailability?

                    • “Watching” is a word added by you, I ignored it earlier too. Don’t try to put your words in my mouth :) All my comments and concern is about knowing and acknowledging.

                    • Can you know a thing without watching it? Especially if written content isn’t ellborative enough.

                    • Yes if written things lack well illustration try video for broader gauge of understanding. You making wrong comparison by the way.

                      Emotions count no values when it comes to an academic discussion.

                    • Woha that was quick. You just said you wanted to know everything… You turned pretty quickly.

                    • Still hold my words. I want to know everything, obviously it is subjected to my will.

                      I just responded to “child-pornography” example initiated by you. :) Its never been my area of interest. You could come with better example.

                    • :D its included everything SUBJECT TO MY INTEREST AND WILL.

                      I want to read read IT blog but don’t want to read a Political one (as no interest) but I want it available for its fan.

                      You don’t write for Newspaer since its not your area of interest (I am amusing)

                    • That’s exactly I was saying. Even if child pornography isn’t your interest — even then you should want it to be available for those who are its fan.
                      But clearly you don’t want such a thing, or at least you don’t shout for it.

                    • LOL! Please ponder again! its a basic right to know everything. Internet is today’s medium.

                    • You miss-fired. If that’s the case then why child pornography isn’t freely available?

                      CP also comes under everything I suppose.

                    • Sorry if I offended you. I was totally calm. If local rules about CP are respected, practiced, then why local rules of Pakistan about blasphemy aren’t respected?

                    • We are just raising voice against these laws academically and trying to educate people though social media.

                    • Do you have to watch a mad man to understand clinical psychology? Or is reading enough? Maybe the written content REALLY IS elaborate enough.

                    • It’s not only clinical psychology in question, it can be anything and it is one’s discretion to watch something to better understand.

                    • Discresion????

                      The whole issue of filtering and censorship is because people are not EXPECTED by the government or by supporters of censorship like you to rely on their own discression. If people use their discresion, NONE OF THESE CENSORING FILTERS ARE NEEDED.

                    • Its available.. Dark net is full of it, then you have other ways to access it.

                    • Why dark net? Why not available on Google, like every other topic is available there.

                    • lol its available on google too. you just need to search properly ;)
                      try using google custom search and i can assure ull find it

                • Have you seen the replies by our muslim brothers and sisters on youtube. I can name atleast four channels that are working hard to teach people what islam really is and answering the questions by the people who are insulting the religion instead of closing there eyes

            • Yes, it works. The same “activists” that you love to hate flagged anti-Muslim twitter accounts just this month, and had them removed.

              No government intervnetion needed.

                • Um, how can I point to accounts that were removed? They’re removed.

                  You can ask Jehan Ara if she remembers.

                • I can point out hundreds of such Facebook account, page and groups that are removed. So naive; just join some rationale, anti-rational, orthodox and counter-orthodox pages/groups at Fb, you will find many example.

                  • we are talking about YouTube and Twitter Sir. Facebook is clearly not from the league.

                    • And disqus? Is disqus in the different league as well?

                      So a direct answer, please. Why do you use disqus service when you know anti-Islam blogs also use disqus and thus disqus hosts anti-Islam comments? That never bothers you but the “activists” do?

                    • you didn’t answer the original question, does flagging work? Coz you said if we let the content open we can flag them. How is flagging helpful?

                      Don’t deviate from the question please, thought that’s what you are master of.

                    • I answered it: ANTI-ISLAM TWITTER ACCOUNTS WERE DELETED. They were deleted by flagging.


                    • Your answer isn’t backed by any evidence. What if you are lying?

                      Show me any one Twitter handle that is blocked due to anti-Islamic content.

                    • You can share the URL of handle… not the content I am asking for. When twitter blocked some account last month, we had their URLs that we tested and confirmed before reporting.

                    • Earlier ProPakistani was against Fb and quit using it but then taken a U-turn. This time Twitter and Google is questioned likewise. If you don’t agree with social media policy, term and conditions then stop using it, are they forcing you?

                      To install an application/software you do have to agree with its term and conditions.

                    • Seriously, it goes way beyond that.

                      Where is this blog hosted? NOT IN A MUSLIM COUNTRY.
                      Who gets the monthly hosting fees for hosting this blog? NOT A MUSLIM COMPANY.
                      Which blog comments software is used? NOT ONE THAT PREVENTS ANTI-ISLAM COMMENTS.

                    • Social media let us preach, praise, question and criticise Islam and all other religions as well. In my opinion they are doing there job well, we are able to scrutinised everything. Just think that Jews are allowing you to preach Islam, do you have courage to let the Judaism preach in your country?

                    • They can preach it, I wouldn’t have any problem with that. But mocking others’ religion is insane. Do you agree?

                    • Well, preaching Judaism is practically totally unacceptable, PTA even had banned lots of Rationale Muslim (Quranist etc) websites, pages and blogs. See this example of, its a Muslim page and you are saying to allow Judaism preach.

                      Mocking is bad but there is no agreed definition of blaspheme and mocking, it varies person to person. Many of us consider questioning religion’s basic tents as mocking. Moreover a very low retarded percentage is indulge in mocking, mostly people ask intellectual questions but Folks Pakistani and PTA treats everyone like blasphemous.

                    • I wouldn’t mind a question about Islam, even if challenges my basic belief.
                      I am committed enough, or i should be committed enough to settle anyone’s doubts and questions.

                      At the same time I wouldn’t bear any mocking cartoons of my prophet.

                      If there are extremist Muslims then we have more extremists among non Muslims too. You should question them too, instead of cursing Muslims only.

                    • For you questioning basic tents isn’t blasphemy but many consider it vice-versa. Similarly people opine about Cartoons.
                      Cartoons are pictorials of what is written in our own books. Its is strange and hypocritical when we call it blasphemy.

                    • Not only you, many other religions also don’t bear pictorial representation of prophets, gods.

                    • Its merely a faith, dogma or priesthood interpretation. Many Muslim (even) and other theists disagree with it today. Movies on these prophet and gods are available.

                    • Yes, there are religions which keep evolving with time. Their rules keep changing based on need and time, or when they get influenced by outsiders.
                      Islam doesn’t.

                    • Can you show me a rule in Hadeeth or Quran regarding IVF or stem cell research? If not, then how can religious scholars give a fatwa on them?

                    • Islam doesn’t is JUST a baseless claim made by every second Muslim possibly its due to lack of historical, religious knowledge (I am sorry). Please go through and study properly you will find hundreds of surprising things which will drive you to an other world of understanding and new dimensions of wisdom.

                    • Islam is a religion that was sent for entire humanity and it will be followed till the end of time. If it cant change then how in the world can it be followed by so many with so many views and be practical for people in so many places. If the rules cannot change then my brothers who are living in canada are going to have to sacrifice there limbs because waddu in the cold will surely freeze them or my brothers living in somalia will never be able to enter jannah because there finances clearly dont give them a chance to perform Hajj……….. Quran is a living text which can be interpreted differently based on the needs of time, refer to my earlier argument of new taxes that were imposed by one of the 10 companions who were given the glad tidings of Entering jannah in there lifetimes

                    • who told you that Waddu is necessary for Namaz, when its not viable? Also who told you that Hajj is mandatory for every Muslim?

                    • Im just answering you. I know they aren’t mandatory which proves that in different settings different rules apply which in turn means that islam is not rigid but flexible and capable of catering to different needs and settings

                    • These flexibilities were introduced in first version, and were not introduced later.

                    • Correct me if im wrong but in the era of prophet there was only one tax i.e zakkat then in the era of umar ibn khattab new taxes were imposed and introduced. Now my history is a little weak but im pretty sure umar got khilafat after the prophet died? and what about the quran itself, it was compiled in the era of Hazrat Usman, who ironically came to power after umar and abu bakr had passed away.

                    • taxes are against the services that you use. You are paying tax for calls you make — Now Islam allows rational charging mechanism for things, services, products and so on. This can be charged by individual, organization or a government.

                      Zakaat is different thing — its a money that you earn for others. You can’t ask for a service against the Zakaat you pay.

                      About compilation of Quran, it was compilation, not the revelation, unlike you tried to pose.

                    • i wrote compiled…… and many were against it at that time with the argument being that the prophet did not do it so it shouldn’t be done
                      if rational changes are allowed it means its a religion that changes according to the needs. And if you look through history you wont find one prosecution for adultery in the time of all of the fours caliphs now either the humans in those era were extremely loyal which is extremely unlikely or they were not prosecuted because laws can be changed. In the era of umar punishments were abolished such as hands being cut off because he believed that people stole because there werent enough jobs so he choose to provide jobs instead of cutting hands.

                    • Awww! Seriously! If I tell you that Nimaz is an administrative system and not a ritual. Haji is not like what has been told. Again, I request you to study rather than just believing.

                    • I would question muslims first, as to why they reacted. If they would have left it alone or drew something beautiful about the Prophet they would have diffused or even managed to convert people but instead they showed the world that they are fools who will lose their sanity on something as silly as a cartoon.
                      The answer to that cartoon was so simple a cartoon which showed how when abu bakr once thought to beat umar in doing good, Umar who was the caliph at that time. So abu bakr followed umar one morning and saw him entering a house after a short while umar left so abu bakr went inside the house and he saw an old blind lady, he asked her who just left her house she answered that i have no idea who it was but all she knew was that whoever it was used to come by every day to clean her house.
                      Now according to historians Umar is known as a stubborn man before he converted to islam. Now please correct me if im wrong but my head says that Allah sent the Prophet and the Prophet preached which resulted in Umar converting so if we follow the dots we would come to a conclusion that Umar who was so stubborn that he hit his own sister for converting to islam and then as a caliph was cleaning a house without ever mentioning who he was, clearly changed and corrected his ways after islam and the Prophet came into his life and thus proving that the maddening reaction to the cartoon was nothing but a foolish mistake by the muslims

                • @aamir7:disqus bhai its a pointless talk with Mr @shahidsaleem:disqus . Again i have to say that there is no any freedom of speech in the whole world. If there is something like that than why NSA is monitoring all our activities? Why USA is spying on the whole world through internet?

                  • I am nearing his/her end on this discussion. Thank you for bearing pointless arguments, but one has to silence this guy.

                  • Who cares about US? I don’t live in US, you don’t live in US, neither of us vote in US elections.

                    Important issue is why Pakistan is spying on the whole Pakistani population with their “filtering” systems?

                    • @Time and @shahidsaleem:disqus if someone uploads a video related to your personal life on internet. If you can get my point. Than you will also allow their freedom of speech? Or if someone blackmails you by uploading such a video on internet than what? Have you ever thought about that? Those P**n websites could contain anything that’s why the had to be blocked and so does these blasphemous websites

                    • I have no way of stopping anyone from uploading pictures or videos of me. I drive around this city, think I check if anyone driving next to me or behind me is holding a camera and making videos??? Or if I am walking in shopping centre.

                      Let’s not forget the CCTV all around us, lots of private CCTV cameras inside and outside stores. Even my neighbourhood corner pepsi shop has one pointed at the street (there was a robbery last year in the next shop).

                      But let’s forget that “real life” stuff. Let’s talk about “internet”.

                      Funny that you make such claims. Do you know who is 100% CAPABLE of doing such things in Pakistan?

                      It’s the PTA. The same authority with the ability to filter traffic has the ability to snoop your traffic. If you upload a family picture or video and don’t use secure http then PTA can get a copy.

                      They have the ability and computing power to do this because people like you gave it to them. Did you really think that asking them to block some kinds of websites was all they would do? They went farther much farther.

                      Every aspect of your internet life (and your family’s, and your cousins and your other relatives and THEIR friends and …) is now trackable and copyable by PTA. THANK YOU, UZAIR! WELL DONE!

                  • everyone has a right to protect. USA has its values which it follows so NSA is justified. Plus bypassing NSA is possible too most hackers do it.

            • Why do you even bother to flag it, if its anti islamic give them an islamic reply. Look through history of this religion, a lot of people converted because of how muslims are, case in point the journalist who was captured by the taliban. They kept her a hostage and when they released her she accepted islam instead of hating them. Muslims are supposed to composed people so much so that we are advised to walk with grace when on our way to the masjid, even if we are late we are not told to rush (expect for jummah). If you look at islam neurologically you would find that its a religion which engages the brain in the best of ways.

      • If they (west) and you are so fond of freedom of speech then why not believing in holocast is an imprisonment offence in all over the west. First do your research and then try to become cooooooooool.

        • Not believing in the holocaust is not and has never been a jailable offence.

          Key word: “belief”.

          Also, in some Western countries, denying the holocaust occurred IS an offence and in other countries it is NOT an offence. You can freely find people who say it never happened or things like that in many European and US countries — people who have never gone to jail for saying that.

          You should do more research.

        • Why would i deny it, what happened was wrong and i feel sorry for those who lost their lives. My heart bleeds when i think about the people who were killed in it, just like how my heart bleeds when i read about how muslims were butchered in the streets of iraq when Ghangiz khan attacked or when i read about nuclear bombings that took place in japan or when i read about how school girls were taken hostage in africa by bokko haram.
          As a muslim my duty is to protect the innocent, i can guarantee you that quran or hadith never said that as a muslim im supposed to look out only for muslims but it orders me to make sure that i dont hurt even a tree. Rules of engagement in islam clearly state that if im in a war i need to protect vegetation as well and in my dictionary humans have a higher value then vegetation so it is obvious that im to protect them by default even if they follow a different religion or dont follow one at all

      • let me ask u then…i am sorry in advance for saying that but what if u r going with ur family…and someone on the road say bad things about ur family members without any reason…now if u ignore them and they stop then fine but what if u ignore them and beside stopping they follow u and say bad things about ur family members what would u do???may be u and i can tolerate what people say about us but i am sure u and i cant tolerate if someone say bad things about our sister or mother or any female member of our family… the answer to ur freedom of speech is freedom of speech doesnt mean u can go ahead and start abusing someone that is not freedom of speech….and HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) did go to the old lady house and there are many examples when our beloved prophet forgive the people for their misbehaviour but there are also example when our prophet asked SUHAABA to kill the certain person as he was crossing his limits (in freedom of speech) now dont get me wrong we shouldnt be the one to go and kill someone..its should be our law enforcement who should punish if someone abuses the law…and what our law say go read it for urself

        • #1: Our law doesn’t apply to people outside Pakistan.
          #2: If our Prophet ordered the death of some peoples but NOT the death of other people, then shouldn’t you stop and ask the obvious question: why? Why differentiate the two groups? What did the people who were killed do that was different from the ones who were allowed to live?

          The problem is you never ask that question so it remains unanswered in your mind. And thus your comment is weakened.

          • We wanted Twitter to be blocked in our country only. That’s where our laws are applicable.

            • Yes, and also wanted blocked Wikipedia and IMDB and Youtube and Facebook and Blogger and fastly and …

              • I have objected unlawful filtration of non objectionable content for personal gains.

                You are expert in mixing and comparing the good deeds with bad deeds.

                • BS. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT BS.

                  Not one word has been written in your blog about the filtering of anti-Taliban material by our government when they let pro-Taliban content untouched.

                  NOT ONE WORD about the 100+ Facebook pages blocked by our government request this month. NOT ONE WORD about the famous band page that was blocked and then reopened.

                  NOT ONE WORD about blocking and reopening of fastly CDN which affected sites like kotaku and engadget.

                  You have NOT used your own blog to object to any unlawful filtration. In fact, after YEARS AND YEARS of asking for filters, promoting pro-censorship blog posts, etc etc, you have NEVER even bothered to raise the issue of abuse of the system.

                  I HAVE.
                  YOU HAVEN’T.

                  The evidence is before everyone.

                    • I specifically listed bigger cases where you were silent (and still are silent). I specifically did not say “one word” about imdb.

                      But even better. You said in your imdb post:

                      The time has come when there needs to be a regulation for censoring the internet. This Inter-ministerial committee should make public all the blocked websites and must explain the reasons for any bans to avoid misinformation and bad name of course.


                    • I have repeatedly insisted the need for a proper mechanism for censorship, instead of blindly blocking it or keeping us blind about the blockades. Should I give you references?

                      But on other hands, you insist for no blocking at all. Despite, there is a lot of internet that is censored in almost every country.

                    • You cannot find one place where I said internet should not be censored. Because I have never used the word “censorship” for it.

                      You can find many places where I said “block all you want but don’t look at my traffic” and also several warnings that you cannot deploy filtering system without looking at traffic of all users.

                      I can give you six links where I said stuff but you have to disable JAVASCRIPT to view them on your own blog because disqus has not imported the comments.

                      bit .ly/I3qLu0
                      bit .ly/I4NpWj
                      bit .ly/I3Eh4D
                      bit .ly/JIxeJi
                      bit .ly/JjcTxh

                    • You never objected censorship, coz you didn’t use the word. But you are celebrating the restoration of content by Twitter — no?

                      Here’s the question: Do you approve restoration of blasphemous content by Twitter or not?

                    • That is a BLATANT FALSEHOOD. I have not celebrated the return of twitter’s tweets. I have only pointed out that OUR GOVERNMENT FAILED US when they did not follow up with Twitter.

                      It was our government’s responsibility AND THEY FAILED IT.

                      As for the restoration:

                      #1. I never looked at it before it was blocked.
                      #2. I never looked at it when it was blocked.
                      #3. I never looked at it after it was opened again.

                      The restored tweets/accounts does not AFFECT my life because I can simply stick with reading tweets from people who either do NOT hate Islam or who promote Islam, and I have been doing that for YEARS AND YEARS. I am not a fool to think that there is any way using technology to block blasphemy.


        • First off i would ignore the person, if that doesnt help i would use non violent ways to get rid of that person, if that fails ill resort to means that involve people of authority. And then if that fails ill resort to violence but after doing that ill go and ask for forgiveness from Allah because that person took the best of me and i would feel ashamed for losing control and will never try to justify my act instead i would accept my wrongs whenever i can and try to amend them. I m not a good muslims, but i try to follow it the best i can.
          Now on the part where you claim he ordered out of anger or hate or rage well point me to one event where he did that out of one of those three things. If he was such a man he would have surely ordered mass killings for the people of makkah when he entered the city victorious after 10 years of exile instead the city of makkah was ringing with echoes of mercy mercy

      • حضور اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کی حیاتِ طیبہ کے مطالعے سے ہمیں معلوم ہوتا ہے کہ آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کے جسم مبارک پرکچرا بھی پھینکا گیا، اور دیگر ایذائیں بھی دی گئیں۔ اور جواب میں آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے نہایت عمدہ اور اعلیٰ اخلاق کا مظاہرہ کیا۔ ہمارے لئے آپ صلی اللہ علیہ واٰلہ وسلم کےان مبارک اعمال میں نفس کو مٹانے کی واضح تعلیم موجود ہے۔

        چنانچہ ایک جنگ کے موقع پر حضرت علی رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ ایک کافر کی گردن اڑانے سے اس وقت رک گئے جب اس نے آپ رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ کے چہرہ مبارک پر تھوکا۔ اپنا ہاتھ روک لینے کی وجہ حضرت علی رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ نے یہ بیان کی کہ اب چونکہ اس نے میرے نفس پر حملہ کردیا ہے لہذا اس کو ہلاک کرنا نفس کے غصے کی وجہ سے ہوگا جس کی اجازت نہیں۔ یہ واقعہ کس طرز عمل کی طرف اشارہ کرتا ہے؟

        دیکھئے اسلام پر جب حملہ ہوا تو حضرت علی رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ جہاد میں شامل ہوئے اور اس کافر کی گردن اڑانے کو بالکل تیار تھے۔

        اور نفس پر حملہ ہوتے ہی آپ رک گئے۔

        ہمیں اس فرق کو سمجھنے کی بہت زیادہ ضرورت ہے کہ کہاں ہمارے نفس پر حملہ ہو رہا ہے اور کہاں اسلام پر حملہ ہو رہا ہے۔

        حضور صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کی ذات مبارک پر گستاخانہ حملہ درحقیقت اسلام پر حملہ ہے اور اس کا جواب جہاد ہے۔ جبکہ اس کے جواب میں عموماً آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کی حیاتِ
        طیبہ کے وہ واقعات پیش کر دیے جاتے ہیں جونفس کی تربیت سے متعلق ہیں۔ اگر کوئی کافر آپ کے چہرے پر تھوک دے تو آپ بلاشبہ اس کو معاف کردیں، آپ پر کچرا پھینکے درگذر کردیں۔ لیکن اسلام پر حملہ ہونے کی صورت میں جہاد بھی تو کریں۔ جہاد کس کی ذمہ داری ہے؟ یا کم از کم ایسے لوگوں سے ہمدردی تو رکھیں جو جہاد کر رہے ہیں۔ یا کوئی بھی ایسی کوشش کریں جس سے اسلام اور حضور صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم سے حمایت اور محبت کا اظہار ہوتا ہو۔ حکومت یا پی ٹی اے اگر ان ویب سائٹس کو بلاک کرنے کی کوششوں میں مصروف عمل ہیں تو یہ انہی جذبات کا اظہار ہے کہ ہماری محبتیں، ہمدردیاں اور حمایتیں اسلام کے ساتھ ہیں۔ اور ان کوششوں کو سراہنا چاہیئے۔

        • I appreciate what you said but what you are forgetting is that engaging in war is not the first solution to a problem, islam is all about peace. Have you tried all other means before you engaged in war? By blocking something you are actually making things escalate instead if you let them say what they want and let muslims reply to them then you have a better chance of converting people. Maybe the authors wont but those who read will surely be intrigued to read about the man we all so proudly Follow and some of those readers will surely respect that man and then some of them will surely pick up the book we so proudly call perfect i.e quran and from those some will surely convert

          • جہاد کا مطلب کوشش کرنا ہے اور کوشش تو اپنے دائرۂ اختیار میں رہ کر بھی کی جا سکتی ہے۔ جیسے اسلحے کا استعمال پی ٹی اے کے دائرۂ اختیار سے باہر ہے اور تربیت یافتہ افواج کی ذمہ داری ہے لہٰذا پی ٹی اے نے اپنے اختیارات کی حدود میں رہتے ہوئے گستاخانہ ویب سائٹس کو بلاک کردیا۔

            پی ٹی اے میں مسلمان افراد کام کرتے ہیں اور ہمیں ان سے اچھا گمان رکھنا چاہیئے کہ انہوں نے اسلام کی حمایت میں یہ قدم اٹھایا ہے اور ہمیں بلاوجہ کی الزام تراشی اور بدگمانی سے بچنا چاہیئے۔

            اور مجھ خطا کار اور کم علم شخص کو تو اس قسم کے مباحثوں اور مناظروں سے بھی گریز کرنا چاہیئے کیونکہ یہ علماء کرام کا کام ہے۔

            اللہ تعالیٰ ہم سب کو سیدھا رستہ دکھائے اور گمراہی سے بچائے۔ آمین

      • Okay, good reply.

        But do you remember the hadith in which Prophet Muhammad pbuh asked every muslim to follow land rules weather muslim or non muslim?

        According to Pakistani rules as a country, and an islamic state, no one can allow you to entertain people w/ content which is prohibitted.

        If goverment can not intervene, can a common men have powers? Please note that so called flag system does not work!

        There are many occasions in prophet life when he asked sahaba to stop if the matter was related to him but he also fought many wars if the mattrr was related to other people and ofcourse islam. He was kind what people did with him but not with what people done against islam!

        • Who made this rule? whats the origin of this rule? Quote me an authentic hadith or a passage from the quran that says that? How many people were slaughtered by the Caliphs for the same crime in there era? How many were killed in the era of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?

    • The fault was NOT activists.
      The fault was NOT twitter.

      The fault was 100% OUR GOVERNMENT. Twitter asked them for clarification
      after blocking the twitter handles and tweets, and our government FAILED
      to respond. So twitter unblocked them.

      I am now waiting eagerly for your lawsuit against the MoIT and PTA.

      Unless you are just an ordinary coward sitting behind a computer, you will not delay, you will FILE THE PAPERWORK IMMEDIATELY.

      • You use disqus to write comments. Anti-Islam blogs use disqus, too. So, disqus hosts anti-Islam comments and it doesn’t bother you, but those websites bother you???

        • facebook,google,twitter insist to show blasphemous content even after voice raised by muslims, so i boycott them.

          I dont know the official policy of discus managment,.

          • Oh, so ignorance is bliss? Just because you don’t know it exists, it doesn’t bother you?

            Well, I am telling you it exists. And if you search you will easily find it.

            It is now your moral duty to either leave disqus or change your beliefs to match the same for other websites. Otherwise you have one rule for google, twitter, etc. and one rule for disqus.

            • give me the link where discus management issued their policy statement regarding this issue.

              • What issue? Man, THEY DON’T EVEN BOTHER WITH IT. Just google for “disqus terms of service” and click. It says

                You agree not to post User Content that: (i) may create a risk of harm, loss, physical or mental injury, emotional distress, death, disability, disfigurement, or physical or mental illness to you, to any other person, or to any animal;

                Do you see anything in there about religion? I don’t.

                Once again, if you just search a bit on google, you can find lots and lots of anti-Islam comments stored on disqus in blogs. So, disqus hosts anti-Islam comments and it doesn’t bother you, but those websites bother you??? What a fool you are.

  • “Pakistani internet activists have shown their satisfaction over restoration of blasphemous content ”

    Laanat hai Aese Logon Parr

    • It’s a cheap story and fake statement from admin.

      Let’s look at the reality. Admin says: “They believe that the procedures in place for determination of blasphemous content is inappropriate”

      Well, I ask you one thing. The same thing the “activists” asked the government, MoIT, PTA, everyone. The question is: WHAT ARE THE PROCEDURES AND WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR IMPLEMENTING THEM AND UNDER WHAT LAW?

      The Procedures according to the government: SECRET
      Who is responsible for implementing them: SECRET

      And you trust the secret operatons of the government??? Over activists who simply ask questions????

      • It’s not a cheap statement from Admin :P But, I agree with you with your question of ”WHAT ARE THE PROCEDURES AND WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR IMPLEMENTING THEM AND UNDER WHAT LAW?” Answer: It’s Talibanisation.. simples.. Hence it’s all secret..

    • wakae Lanat be-shumar shaitani la-deen liberals per.
      shaitan k pojnay aur mannay aur himmayat kernay walo per.
      Na-ferman honay ko liberalism ka naam denay walay shaitano per lanat
      Nudity ko boldness kehnay walay shitano per lanat.
      Mazahib ka mazak bananay ko ‘freedom of speech’ denay walay shaitano per lanat.
      apni behenoo ko un k bf k sath bhejnay walay bey-ghairto broad minded shaitanoo per lanat.

      • Even in the Prophet’s time, some Muslims were more strict than our Prophet and their hearts were hard as stone.

        Be careful that you do not become like them.

      • Lol. You are misguided and a weirdo. Aapke upar laanat. Not that me lanat”ing” on u would do anything..

        It is said in Quraán, that .. Don’t insult their God(s) for if you do, they will insult your (One) God. You retarded Taliban so called muslims don’t even believe in Quraán.

        The same applies here, Mantain freedom of speech/expression and don’t put restrictions, for if you restrict for less than 5% (less than 10 million) of the Pakistani’s (Non-Muslims) They can restrict the content that is pro-Islam for over 50 million of Muslims in their population. We don’t have even 10 million non-muslims living in Pakistan. The Western World/EU has over 50 million muslims (excluding Turkey) Imagine if they don’t let us practice our religion or remove all pro-Islam/anti-Christ pages from the internet (which are MORE than the number of blasphemous pages)

        God help people like you.

    • Kyun Laanat hai? I wish people like you would grow up and start living. STOP THIS TAALIBANISATION. Laanat ho aap jaise logon parr. So called Americans and British are much better people than you Taaliban’s. Do you realize how many muslims are living in US/UK/EU? Do they restrict ALL of Islamic stuff? NO, they don’t. Imagine if there were American Christian Taliban, what would’ve happened to the millions of muslims living in the western world. Everything should be accessible by everyone in the world. Muslims should have such strong faith that they would NOT see these things, rather than having restrictions over them. Lanat ho aise muslamanon par jo aisee cheezein dekhta hain, rather than laanat ho aise musalmanon par jo aisee activists par. Till we have such Talibaan thoughts living in pakistan, we will never see the light and soon we’ll be pushed to the darkness of stone age. All Islamic websites are accessible in the US, even anti-christ websites are accesible, the only thing that heppsn is that Christians don’t visit those sites, rather than the US/UK/EU government blocking them for EVERYONE. God give brains to such retarded Taliban like yourself.


    The fault was NOT activists.
    The fault was NOT twitter.

    The fault was 100% OUR GOVERNMENT. Twitter asked them for clarification after blocking the twitter handles and tweets, and our government FAILED to respond. So twitter unblocked them.

    This is the same PTA and MoIT that went to LHC and claimed they have an agreement with Facebook to block pages inside Pakistan, and then turned around and LIED to the PRESS Lied to the PEOPLE when Facebook pages were blocked by their request earlier this month.

    This is nothing but a CHEAP and FAKE story built up by admin who either has an agenda to push or DOES NOT UNDERSTAND REALITY.

    • You are right! It is our media that doesn’t want to bring the reality into the real world.These are the statement, our whole country need to know, for those who believes that every news of media is true!

      – We Pakistani are so stupid, so very naive. We believe what you hear on the radio and what you see on TV. God gave you a brain of your own. Try using it for once, without a left-right political bias.
      -If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.
      -Don’t trust the media messenger.
      -Get rid of the corporate media in your life and start seeking alternative news sources that are not tied to the mega-billionaires who control this corrupt system of ours
      -Talk to your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, anyone who will listen. Just don’t be silent. It is up to you, all of us, to educate those around us. If the media isn’t going to tell us the truth, then it’s up to each and every one of us to do their job for them.

      But Why?

      – We have been deceived by our media to such an extent, mostly because people are too trusting of our news system. They very naively believe that broadcasters and journalists would never lie to us. This trust has worked against us with devastating consequences which are unknown to most.

      Source: www dot newsfocus dot org/media_control.htm

  • The block was pointless in the first place. It only worked on Twitter’s website and it was really easy to bypass by a simple toggle in profile settings.

    • Let’s see what the PTA’s response is to that.

      And I saw a news show where YLH said he was going to go to the Supreme Court soon about the Youtube ban, let’s see if any good comes of that.

    • its not the question of whats effective or whats not.
      Its a question and test of your Faith, Love and sacrifice.
      Its a test of how much mofos love fb over Islam.
      A small test that has exposed the weekness of Muslims and have divided pakistan, infact the whole world.
      the shaitan now knows who are the easy targets and he has exposed those week muslims to the Whole world.

      • MY faith (I don’t know about yours) is NOT affected by website contents that I do not watch. If you know a site has blasphemy, then don’t visit it. If you know 0.00001% of a site has blasphemy, then don’t visit that portion. Simple as that.

        You posted your comment on Disqus. TELL ME TRUTHFULLY: did you know that disqus is also used on sites that have anti-Islam comments? Did you know that disqus is used by people who are anti-Islam?

        Yet why did you still use Disqus service for your comment?

        It seems that despite your comments, you honestly don’t care about the issue, because if you did, you would NEVER EVER use Disqus for comments.

      • And I will say it again and push it to your face: there are Muslim scholars who preach freely on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, other sites.

        You call them “mofos”.

        This is you. THIS IS YOU.

      • First of all I don’t use facebook/twitter, I deleted my account years ago. It was not because of blasphemous content or anything, I deleted it because I felt my privacy was being invaded.
        Secondly its people like you who give Muslims a bad name. Its freakin INTERNET, everyone has the right to express their thoughts and emotions, you don’t like it then move on, nothing forcing you to stand and watch it. I still don’t know for which blasphemous video’s youtube is blocked and I use youtube daily over a paid vpn. Stop playing internet police, its upto the individual what He/She wants to see and where his interest lie, you or no one else has the right to force them otherwise.
        Peace out

        • Actually I don’t need any VPN at all to access youtube. Just type https before refresh 3 or 4 times and you’e good to go.

        • This block on youtube has had no effect whatsoever on stopping the people who published blasphemous content. But it sure has caused problems for students because it is the best place to go if you need help and don’t want to bother someone else.

      • If you have faith, then you certainly don’t need any blocks in place. You wont visit/watch such a page or such a video. Simples. People like you who constantly try to force their thoughts over others should be hanged to death, as you’re the ones who have ruined the nation that was made by such a great leader for the purpose of FREEDOM. You don’t care about your religion, your Prophet or the reason this country was made. All you care is about your selfish thoughts and I can bet you would support honor killing and beating your wife.

      • P.S. Please don’t call yourself a Muslim. You make us muslims look bad. Prophet NEVER restricted people, he just guided them and showed them the straight path, and expected them to be faithful to the religion by not doing wrong things, THEMSELVES. The Prophet NEVER stopped anyone by his own hand or by placing restrictions. Only Taliban & Saudi’s do that.

        • ایک سادہ سی مثال کے ذریعے اس بات کو سمجھا جا سکتا ہے۔ مثلاً فرض کیجئے کہ ایک شخص نکاح کرتا ہے اوراس کے بعد یہ کہتا ہے کہ وہ اپنی بیوی کے اخراجات کا بالکل ذمہ دار نہیں ہے، لہٰذا بیوی کو چاہیئے کہ وہ اپنے اخراجات پورا کرنے کا خود ہی کوئی بندوبست کرلے۔ مزید یہ کہ اس سلسلے میں وہ بیوی کے خاندان یا اپنی برادری والوں کی کسی قسم کی مداخلت برداشت نہیں کرے گا۔ اور چونکہ وہ ایک آزاد ملک کا آزاد شہری ہے لہٰذا اس سے کسی قسم کی باز پرس کی ضرورت محسوس نہ کی جائے۔

          اب ایسے شخص کے بارے میں کیا رائے قائم کی جائے گی؟ یقیناً یہی کہ وہ شخص انتہائی غیر ذمہ دار، پرلے درجے کا لاپرواہ اور عقل و فہم سے عاری ہے۔ جب شادی کرلی تو بیوی کا حق ادا کرنے سےانکار کیوں کرتا ہے؟

          اب ہمارے لئے یہ بات سمجھنا آسان ہے کہ جب تک کوئی شخص اسلام قبول نہیں کرتا یعنی کافر ہوتا ہے، تو اس کو زبردستی اور جبراً اسلام میں داخل نہیں کیا جاسکتا۔ اس کے سامنے حق بات کو رکھ دیا جاتا ہے اگر قبول کرلے تو اس کی مرضی اورخوش نصیبی، نہ کرے تو آخرت میں خود ہی نقصان اٹھائے گا۔

          لیکن ایک شخص جب اسلام قبول کر لیتا ہے تو اس کے بعد اس کا یہ کہنا کہ میں کسی قسم کی پابندی برداشت نہیں کروں گا کیا معنی رکھتا ہے؟ اوپر دی گئی مثال کو اگر ذھن میں رکھ کر سوچا جائے تو معلوم ہوتا ہے کہ مسلمان ہو جانے کے
          بعد اس کے ذمہ کچھ فرائض ہیں جنہیں پورا کرنا اس کی ذمہ داری ہے۔ اور اگر وہ مسلمان ہونے کے باوجود ہر قسم کی پابندی سے انکار کر رہا ہے تو اسلامی حکومت کو یہ حق حاصل ہے کہ وہ ایسے شخص کو اپنی ذمہ داریاں پوری کرنے پر مجبور کرے۔ جیسے اس نکاح کرنے والے شخص کو برادری والے مجبور کرسکتے ہیں کہ وہ اپنی بیوی کے اخراجات کو پورا کرے، اس کے علاوہ عدالت کے ذریعے اسے مجبور کیا جاسکتا ہے، اور یوں مجبورکرنے کو برادری کا کوئی دوسرا فرد برا بھی محسوس نہیں کرے گا۔

          یہاں نکاح کی مثال اس لئے دی گئی ہے کہ جیسے نکاح میں کوئی جبر نہیں، ہر شخص نکاح کرنے یا نہ کرنے کا اختیار رکھتا ہے۔ البتہ نکاح کر لینے کے بعد اس پر کچھ فرائض عائد ہو جاتے ہیں۔ اسی طرح دین میں بھی جبرنہیں، لیکن اپنی مرضی سے اسلام قبول کرلینےکے بعد فرائض عائد ہوجاتے ہیں۔

    • IFFF you are a true Muslim then May ALLAH guide to the right path ….. or ….. damn you ASAP.

      • What you fail to understand, and I have told this REPEATEDLY, is that BECAUSE OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH and ONLY because of freedom of speech, Muslims can preach Islam on sites in the West.

        Can anyone in the WESTERN WORLD stop you from posting verses from the Quran on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, other sites?


        But our own Pakistani Muslim government can and does.

        • Absolutely true! Most people forget that what the western world does for us. All we do is have taliban thoughts and that’s the reason we are going back day by day. It should be upto the person to decide what he wants or not, the government shouldn’t be the medium who decides if someone should eat fish or chicken. It’s upto the people, and if there’s something wrong that shouldn’t be seen by paki people, they should be the ones to decide that, rather than blacking it out and pushing everyone back to the stone age.

        • and what about that blasphemous content. We Muslims pray in Western countries, We post verses on their social websites but we don’t disrespect some one’s religious beliefs like them. We never posted anything wrong about their holy books or thoughts.

          • Not true. There are Muslims worldwide who post online against Hindu gods, Jewish religious practices, etc etc.

          • U will easily find on the internet content against Hinduism, christianity and other religions disrespecting their gods and beliefs made by muslims.

      • stop being a preacher and F off!none of your business imposing your narrow mullah mindset on others!join ttp and blow your self up, the best u madrassah students can do

    • First of all, : there are zero activists who influenced Twitter to change their decision about the tweets and accounts. It was 100% the fault of our government for dropping the ball and not following through.

      After saying that, the main activists are digitalrightsfoundation, bytes4all, bolo bhi, various lawyers, various members of civil society like CTO of Lahore Stock Exchange.

      And yes, before someone accuses them of anything, all the ones I know of are Muslims.

    • You can them at social media (Facebook, Twitter) and at different Urdu/English blogs.

  • this country is going to die its own death hopefully!im will be leaving this melting pot of mullahs and extremists who just like to follow religion and have no education and developmental aspirations! as is the case, the extremists and mullahs of this state are killing their own everyday while the rest of the world prospers and live peacefully! happy living in the seventh century pakistanis

  • Don’t we realize that Muslims constitute far less than even one third of global population, why should we expect Muslim behavior from non-Muslims?

    • In fact it works the opposite. When Muslim country can you live in where you do not have to pray bribes to get a license or service from government?

      Answer: there isn’t one. But there are many non-Muslim ones.

      Makes you think, doesn’t it?

      • I totally agree with you sir. We call ourselves Muslims but the sad truth is that most of us are much worse than these “Non-Muslims”

  • Technical Reason behind this is they want to be blocked by Pakistan Government because they know when they will be blocked, users will find another ways to access it. Actually traffic from Pakistan (infact all asia) does not bring remarkable ads revenue to any website when users from Pakistan will try accessing blocked site it will not treated accessing from Pakistan this way blocking will help them generate gr8 revenue from Huge Pakistani Traffic converted into other countries

    • For your information the other ways are proxy servers and they are more often than not detected by the advertising companies and ad revenues for proxy traffic are quite low.

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