IMDB Gets Blocked in Pakistan [Updated]

IMDB Gets Blocked in Pakistan, the largest database of information on movies, TV and celebrities, is mysteriously blocked in Pakistan.

While we can confirm that website is not accessible throughout Pakistan, the reason behind the blockade is not known yet.

We have asked the concerned authorities to share with us the details of the ban on

Apparently, as decided by courts earlier, if there was any objectionable material (read blasphemous) available on the website then only objectionable pages(S) was/were supposed to get blocked, not the entire website.

Inter-ministerial committee, that is the sole body responsible for taking decisions on blocking any website in Pakistan, should have considered better alternatives, such as blocking only objectionable pages – if there are any – as banning the entire website will only earn bad press for Pakistan and nothing else.

The time has come when there needs to be a regulation for censoring the internet. This Inter-ministerial committee should make public all the blocked websites and must explain the reasons for any bans to avoid misinformation and bad name of course.

We will update this post when we will have any further information (from authorities) available with us.


Apparently, there was a mistake on part of the committee that decided the ban. A tweet from Mr. Basit Alvi of Brain Telecommunication, reveals that access to IMDB has been restored now.

While we are not fully clear about the whole development, it can be safely said that decision was made in a hurry and was hurriedly reversed.

Mr. Basit mention that restoration of IMDB made possible by a Director General at PTA. Here’s the tweet:

Thanks to Shahid Saleem for updating us about Mr. Basit’s tweet.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Budh Jumirat

    Can someone please block Internet in Pakistan? There is so much blasphemous content on here,

    • Jumirat Juma

      I wish this could happen……….. :)

      • Juma Hafta

        Haey Haey Asay to na kro bhaiiyyooooo !!!

        • Bilal Iqbal

          bhai yai Hafta Itwar ab band kro.. because itwar is closed holiday… lol

    • Imran Hameed

      someone should do it. Lets move to Mars or Jupiter or something.

    • M.Aswad Mehtab

      Sarcasum ?? :P

    • anonymous

      might as well.

    • Javed Khan

      Pakistan is a blasphemy in itself.

      Burn these heretics.


      • PPAK

        I am curious, plz explain your comment/opinion with your highly Intelligent brain.

        • PPAK

          sarcastic or non sarcastic side of it, im listening

    • Jumma Hafta

      Baat soch samhaj kar kiya karo…agar hamari Ministry ne tumhari post parh li to wo seriously bhi le saktay hain :-S

  • Shahid Saleem

    I warned you.

    I wonder what will you do when someone decides to block disqus for blasphemous comments, as can be seen on some Right Wing/Religious websites in the West. Will you enjoy going back to manually moderating all comments?

    • Javed Khan

      They will use the excuse of “blasphemous & objectionable” content to block anything & everything that doesn’t suit them.

      I say lets stop using all of our internet connections for a few days, stop paying the bills. Then see how they will come crawling and begging to come back to them. Tareeqa tou sahi istimaal karo apni baat manwanay ka. Chawaliyaan marney mein hamara koi saani nahi :/

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    This could be a temporary blockage as seen few week ago in case of torrents and some other websites but its time to remind PTA and sole bodies to introduce content filtering system.

    • Shahid Saleem

      It IS their content filtering system at work. It’s working perfectly: they block content AND NEVER TELL YOU WHY.

      • Rizwan Yaqoob

        Content filtering system should block specific content not whole website. Its just their ordinary way of blocking websites nothing else.

        • Imran

          In fact their system is so perfect that they wanted to block one page and the entire website is blocked.

          • Rizwan Yaqoob

            perfection and performance that outshines! :p

  • DukhiAwam

    stopped reading the article as i reached on word “blasphemous”

    • Syed Aqib Shah

      install word web on your pc :)

  • I’d love to see how all the censorship apologists justify this ban!

  • Imran

    I think its because of upcoming movie on Hazrat Noah (A.S) they should block that specific page

    • Usman Saeed

      We don’t live in the middle ages anymore people. Besides the movie respects Hazrat Noah (A.S.). There are already many such movies, would you get them banned too? Grow up people grow up, please this is the 21st century.

    • Shahid Saleem

      I don’t believe that theory.

      Google for “Noah”. Even before you click on any link, you will see a huge section on the right side of the page describing the movie, actors, related movies. So what is the purpose of the block?

      Even if the imdb link is blocked, one or two links down from the imdb page is the Wikipedia page **for the movie**. That is not blocked.

      #3: The movie comes out in March. What possible reason is there to block the site in NOVEMBER??? And if the movie is the reason for the block, then how will they block the hundreds or thousands of sites that will be discussing the movie before and after it is released?

      #4: Lastly, they never blocked any internet site for movies like this for any other Prophet. And yet I have never heard anyone call Noah (PBUH) So important to do anything like this.

      Have they never heard of the “Streisand Effect”? By trying to ban it, they have only made it more interesting to people.

  • Ehtesham Opel

    They are systematically eradicating any and all venues for online representation of Pakistan by Pakistanis. The only country in the world that completely blocked YouTube is Pakistan. This idiocacy started from Redman Malik the jackal and is continued by Anushae Rehman the buffoon. When exactly are we going to wake up and fight for our freedom and liberties?

    • Shahid Saleem

      It does make you wonder. If they can get away with blocking innocuous sites like imdb, then they can block anything.

  • Faisal Mahmud

    Please recheck again, after reading this news i have logged on to, its working perfectly fine.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Convener ISPAK has just confirmed that ISPs were issued a directive by #PTA on November 19 for the blocking of #IMDB #Pakistan #Internet

      • LifeH2O

        It is not accessible here, on ptcl landline, islamabad

    • Guest

      It is not accessible here, ptcl landline, islamabad

  • usman

    Imdb app is working on cellphone but website is not opening in browser

  • HPSheikh

    The excessive increase of anything causes a reaction in the opposite direction.

  • Ayaz Bazme

    I think the reason is Pakistani Movie “Waar” thats was getting higher rating on IMDB than anyother bollywood or hollywood movie.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Sometimes you people come up with the strangest cinspiracy theories.

      • Javed Khan

        People make conspiracies as much as the farts they produce in a day :p

  • Truth teller

    Good step taken from PTA and thanks for blocking youtube also.

  • Stone

    Quite a disappointment seeing IMDb is blocked.
    P.S: Its “IMDb” , not “IMDB”

    • PeeDroid

      Oh.. We Got A Smartass Here..

    • Stone

      LOL fake Stone alert :p did PP put this up? I really should sign up……

  • Akash Kumar

    Its blocked in ptcl only imdb works perfect in other isps.

  • Geekpk

    Culturally and intellectually decaying nation its is no wonder.

  • Asad

    i am sure the BIBI handling ministry of IT don’t even know what for used for..GOD BLESS PAKISTAN!!

  • Royale

    There is no need of Martial Law in Pakistan. Every government sector do what they want to do without explaining the reasons. Pathetic!

  • Shahid Saleem

    NEWS UPDATE tweet from Basit Alvi (of Brain Internet):

    #imdb restored in #pakistan … Special thanx to #pta and to director general who requested not to disclose his name.

    tweet from bolobhi:

    Convener ISPAK says “#PTA has sent order to restore #IMDB immediately. They acted rightly & promptly on our complaint” #Pakistan

  • Shahid Saleem

    I am SO UPSET about this. OK, so the PTA has ordered it to be unblocked now (not opening for me on PTCL DSL but maybe that will fix itself in a few hours).


    Is suddenly all the “anti-state” “anti-Islam” “anti-religion” stuffs deleted from the site? Magically?

    WHO was responsible for this block?
    WHO has the POWER to block any site and issue an OFFICIAL notification from PTA to block sites like this? Only to have blocks removed by some “unnamed director general of PTA”? In fact, how many “director generals” are there in PTA/MoIT???

    These people are OUT OF CONTROL.

    IMDb is owned 100% by Amazon. Any infos that are against Islam on IMDb are **SOLD** by Amazon. Amazon was not blocked.


    • I’m just curious as to how do they come up with the bans. Is there a meeting and sites are brought up in the discussion or is it just on a whim?

    • PeeDroid

      STFU.. Stop Typing In Capital Letters!!

  • mansoorz

    No, its still blocked with me, I am on EVO Wingle..

  • Seroesh

    Imdb is still banned on my internet :/

  • Anas

    Still not working on my ptcl DSL

  • Umer Draz

    can someone block moulvis in Pakistan?

    • Shahid Saleem

      I do not think moulvis were behind this. There are many MANY people who do not know Islam properly and are ordinary people. Some apparently work for the government at high positions in MoIT.

      • mansoorz

        these idiots should stop goofing around and go home

    • lamo

      Can someone tell you that you will die some day and moulvi nay tumhara janaza bi parhana hoo ga…Moulvis ko block kar diyea tou kya justin bieber ka gana souna kay tumhain qabar mein outarain gaey :P

      • Shahid Saleem

        Can anyone else practice Islam for you?

        Simple question. Can anyone else practice Islam for you? Is it your job or someone else’s?

        Then why you think we need a maulvi to lead Janazah prayers? ANY MALE MUSLIM CAN LEAD SUCH PRAYERS.

  • Sajid

    Can someone block Pakistan from pakistan?

  • Ali Sharif

    [Youtube Blocked], [imdb Blocked]. .

    next is very much likely to block [Wikipedia] and all known informative webs.


    • Shahid Saleem

      On some ISPs, if the Wikipedia URL has the name Muhammad in it, it won’t work. I have personally seen this on Worldcall in Lahore months ago (I stopped using them so I don’t know if they still do it).

      Amazing, I cannot even see Jinnah’s page because of that block.

      • Shocked to see that (Page with Muhammad name not opening) happening with my ISP too. Its a local cable net from Transworld Associates!

  • vanillla sky

    Fasten your seat belts guys…we are ready to travel back in time…hilarious actions taken….

  • vanillla sky

    Near future we will have 100 MB speed with all the sites blocked due to one or another reason religious, cultural, social, political , racist, reasons

  • owais

    Its still blocked………

  • mein

    Block Pakistan from the rest of the world, and start living in the stone age.

  • LifeH2O

    they are bunch of bitches. It is still not accessible

  • LifeH2O

    they are bunch of bitches. It is still not accessible

  • Bilal Iqbal

    actually these people are making their day WORK FULL… lol.
    first do some thing and report it as a work..
    then they realize that it is WRONG.. they UNDO it and report is a work again..
    and they are paid for this WORKING…

  • PeeDroid

    Where Is My Credit??
    I Told You This In The First Place!!

    • TomTom

      Where is my credit??
      I told you that your pamper is Wet…peepoo baby :D

      • PeeDroid

        Where Is My Credit??
        I Made You.. With The Help Of My PeePipe.. :D :B :P

        • TomTom

          Thanks Dad :)
          I LOVE You!!

          • PeeDroid

            But I Love Your Mom :)

            • TomTom

              Its Ok Dad :)

  • janab

    wrong update ,its working in pakistan

    • Shahid Saleem

      WAKE UP, JANAB. You slept through the entire event.

      It was blocked starting on the 19th and opened today. No reason whatsoever was given for the block.

      Else you have some other explanation for what Basit Alvi owner of Brain ISP tweeted that it was being opened?

  • sick of poor system

  • ibmtechie

    Aahista aahista internet ki bhi loadshedding kardo! ek din kholo, phir do din band!

  • now is not working on ptcl dsl .. lolz

  • sahil_00150

    Stupid Decision

  • qasimji

    every non apple weirdo knows how to use tor

  • imran is working fine